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  1. Dormant Content Could Be Costing You

    Sixty to 90 percent of content in content management systems is unused and experts explain keeping this data around could be costing your business. By Katie Wike, contributing writer

  2. The Various Shades Of Dark Data

    When Gartner coined the term dark data, they brought attention to a facet of information management that deserves the attention of many enterprise teams. Gartner’s definition makes it sound fairly benign: dark data refers to “information assets organizations collect, process, and store during regular business activities, but generally fail to use for other purposes.” Lack of use, however, is rarely good for anything. Cars, people, and yes, even the majority of digital data, need to be active. Inactive data can introduce risks and can also be a symptom of a much bigger information management problem that, if left un-checked, will eventually degrade business operations and decision-making. By Mika Javanainen, Director, Product Management, M-Files Corporation

  3. A Need To Standardize Scanning Hardware For Efficiency, Cost Effectiveness

    Sharp HealthCare is a not-for-profit regional healthcare system that serves a population of about 3 million people in San Diego County, California. It includes four acute-care hospitals, three specialty hospitals, two medical groups, and a range of other facilities and services. Sharp has 2,087 beds and about 16,000 employees—in addition to nearly 4,200 staff and medical group physicians—and reported $3 billion in revenue in its latest fiscal year.

  4. Seven Requirements For Managing Effective Customer Communications

    Nearly every sizable organization on the planet has at least one customer relationship management (CRM) software system.  Over the years, as these systems expand and mature, most organizations compile a wealth of customer data that can be segmented for automated, ongoing customer communications. Unfortunately, the primary form of communication is a steady stream of unsolicited emails which, over time, results in diminishing response rates and click-throughs, doing little to drive meaningful customer engagement.

  5. Extracting Value From ECM Deployments Through Shared Document Rendering Services

    Globalization, the high rate of content creation, and increasing compliance requirements have accelerated the proliferation of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technology. Managing and leveraging the ever-growing amount of content held within these repositories has become an increasing challenge to IT organizations for the last decade.

  6. Workers Waste 6 Hours On Paper Document Searches Weekly

    According to a recent survey, some workers use six or more hours of their time each week searching for paper documents. By Katie Wike, contributing writer

  7. What Credit Unions Can Learn About Competition From Ron Burgundy

    San Diego or bust! I woke up smiling to my alarm – even though it was Monday morning – jumped out of bed and drove to the airport. I was smiling because I was heading to two significant conferences taking the city by storm: D+H Connections and the Symitar Educational Conference & Technology Conference.

  8. How CIOs Are Leveraging Information Management To Stay Connected And Remain Relevant

    Flying transatlantic gives you plenty of time for reflection and deep thought. As I head to Poland to meet with industry leaders from the top insurers in the country, I am excited to collaborate on meaningful issues in the insurance sector and hear what CIOs are doing to address the wide variety of issues in the marketplace like evolving regulations, automation challenges and interest rate risks.

  9. Why You Should Keep Up With The Evolution Of Technology In Higher Education

    Right before CommunityLIVE, I received another reminder that as technology evolves, I need to work to keep up.

  10. Apps Or ECM: Which Is Better?

    Are file sharing apps a better fit than ECM software when it comes to team collaboration? By Katie Wike, contributing writer