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  1. Extraction Desk Implementation Helps Control Cost And Efficiency Of Printed And Electronic Communications

    Adare Limited, part of the Adare Group is based in Huddersfield and is a classic case of a company which from formation nearly 115 years ago and via numerous aspects and subsidiaries, has evolved into a one powerful provider of end-to-end technology-led Essential Communications Solutions to private and public sector clients who need to control the cost, quality and efficiency of their printed and electronic communications.

  2. Transportable Scanning Workstation Allows Management of Hard Copy And Digital Information

    The award–winning Wincanton Records Management (WRM) has over 20 years’ experience in the delivery of information management services. The company prides itself on helping organisations manage hard copy and digital information – hence the recent installation of two industry leading OPEX Falcon™ Transportable scanning workstations.

  3. New York Times Nearly Loses All Due To Poor Records Management

    It’s never too early to convert your paper files to digital, and the New York Times almost found out the hard way when water pipes threatened to destroy their archive of front page photos. By Katie Wike, contributing writer

  4. e-discovery Brings Ease To Content Searches

    e-discovery tools can help organizations sift through mountains of information in significantly less time than employees can manage by hand - and save money in the process. By Katie Wike, contributing writer

  5. Do You Have The Right Records Management Skills?

    According to consultant and analyst Steve Weissman, there are certain skills that make a great records manager. By Katie Wike, contributing writer

  6. 10 Things You Need To Know About Mobile Collaboration

    Choosing a mobile collaboration tool is an important decision which is why there are 10 things you should consider before choosing one. By Katie Wike, contributing writer

  7. Advanced Data Extraction Delivers Tangible Results Required For Improved Interoperability

    As interoperability becomes increasingly important, healthcare organizations must adapt their processes to be smarter.

  8. Self-Service Kiosks: Supporting Branch Transformation In An Increasingly Digital World

    In an increasingly digital world, financial institutions (FIs) are shifting gears to modernize and evolve with the changing needs of their client, and as clients’ expectations evolve, the more important an FIs omni-channel strategy becomes.

  9. VisionQuest Alliance Operates More Efficiently, Reduces Time To Process Donations Working With OPEX

    VisionQuest Alliance (VQA) is a non-profit organization that provides Christian organizations with a full range of affordable, high-quality business services including donation processing, donor support, receipt production and processing, accounting, payroll, audit prep, accounts payable, and constituent database maintenance. VQA was founded in 2001. They work with mission sending, relief and training organizations ranging in size from $200,000 to $20 million per year. VQA processes approximately 27,000 donations, totaling about $4.5 million each month. The highest number of donations are generally received during December and January.

  10. 9 Ways Your Document Imaging System Could Be Vulnerable To Data Theft And Compliance Violations

    The security of information assets is increasingly on the corporate agenda. Massive data leaks and lost patient records grabbed headlines in the past year and served as a wake-up call to many organizations.