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  1. Document Imaging Has Been Around For Years But Paper Still Survives. Why?

    Why? Well for one it’s low-tech, theoretically easy to use, and everyone is comfortable using paper. Maybe it has to do with a sense of trust—people like the feel of paper and holding something tangible makes it real. In an age of Internet fraud and cyber security hacks, paper somehow seems safer. So we keep using it. In fact, paper usage has increased in some areas of business, and the Mortgage and Title industry is no exception. Just look at a loan packet. Paper is comfortable, but it has its challenges, more than you may realize.

  2. Overcoming The Challenges Of Communication, Culture And Trust Between Onshore And Offshore Development Teams

    Onshore team members working closely with business are in a better situation to respond to user needs and changes in the business environment. Colocation further helps this where changing business needs facilitate interaction and quick feedback loop. You know how your users respond to situations and work environment. By Kevin Ells via the Axis Technical Blog

  3. Ugly Documents Need Love, Too.

    How one service provider delivers high quality images of the most 'interesting' documents (for less!)

  4. The Comfort Of Predictable Outcomes In Movies And Higher Ed

    It was Saturday, November 14, and the holiday music was already playing on an FM station in the Cleveland area. I rolled my eyes, bemoaned that the holidays come earlier and earlier every year and then left that station on.

  5. 5 Reasons ECM Should Be Your 2016 HR Resolution

    Every new year, organizations set their sights on new initiatives and priorities to improve the employee experience. Yet each year, as they try to put those priorities into action, many of their HR departments waste hours upon hours searching for, scanning, and refiling employee documents by hand.

  6. Build Vs. Buy – A New Software Paradigm

    Every organization, no matter how complex, will add more software over time. This is because many process improvements are best solved with computerization. If better data or a simpler technique won’t improve a process, then chances are high that we will deploy new software to handle the need.

  7. 3 Ways To Create A Clinical Content Strategy – Without Breaking The Bank

    Access to clinical content is essential to delivering the best patient care. Therefore, a proven clinical content strategy is top of mind for CIOS. But as healthcare IT leaders suffer from a seemingly never-ending supply of projects, this strategy can seem elusive.

  8. Turn New Customers Into Advocates By Digitizing Back Office Operations

    From business unit managers all the way to C-suite executives, people have come to view the ability to design and deliver compelling digital customer experiences as strategic for stimulating growth. It also is a way to respond to or even initiate market disruptions.

  9. 8 Ways HR Can Positively Impact The Bottom Line

    Strengthening your organization through HR.

  10. One Complete Patient Record

    By integrating with OnBase, information typically found outside of the EMR can be accessed from the EMR, creating one complete patient record.