Featured ECM Content

  1. One Complete Patient Record

    By integrating with OnBase, information typically found outside of the EMR can be accessed from the EMR, creating one complete patient record.

  2. Bush Brothers Optimizes AP And AR, Saves $350,000 Annually

    Although Bush Brothers and Company’s high-volume financial processes were almost all EDI-driven, its AP and AR departments were engulfed in paper.

  3. How Do The Best Insurance Companies Automate Their Claims Processing

    If you were the largest Property and Casualty insurer in your state with over 170 agent offices and 15 claim locations and needed to automate your paper-based claims process, how would you go about doing it? “Good question,” you say? Well, here’s one good answer.

  4. Transforming Traditional Workflows With Intelligent Document Processing

    Automation offers end users the ability to automate larger, more complex projects, widening your client base. Pass along cost benefits when working with the right partners. According to the "The Document Disconnect," an IDC InfoBrief Sponsored by Adobe in March 2015, fixing the 'document disconnect' cloud lead to a major increase in revenue, a reduction in costs, and a reduction in risk.

  5. 6 Business Drivers Changing Claims Processing

    The healthcare industry continually faces new mandates and requirements that dramatically affect business processes and the bottom line. The Affordable Care Act (ACA), HITECH, Meaningful Use, HIPAA, ICD-10, HIT, as well as other mandates challenge both health and property and casualty (P&C) insurers to improve operational performance. They are, however, not the only drivers. Following are six additional drivers that are increasing the costs of claims processing. By Jeff Meyers, Product Marketing Director, Kofax from Lexmark

  6. Scan And Capture Technology Is Not Immune To Data Breaches

    Headlines about security breaches are commonplace. A company is hacked by someone and exposes sensitive information. Other times an employee accidentally leaves a laptop or thumb drive out in public. Regardless of the circumstance, companies that use scan and capture technology must be aware of how liable they are for data breach issues and must implement security features to protect their data.

  7. Go Green: Recycle Old Content

    When content is piling up, the best way to save time and create traffic is to reuse old content in a new light. By Katie Wike, contributing writer

  8. Do Your Homework Before Choosing A WCM System

    According to some experts, web content management systems are more likely to become obsolete faster, so do your homework before you consider investing in one. By Katie Wike, contributing writer

  9. WordPress Powers 25% Of Content Management

    Wordpress, the most popular content management system, now runs one in every four websites. By Katie Wike, contributing writer

  10. Block & Co. Future-Proofs ECM With Low-Cost Cloud Technology

    Software that is inexpensive, upgrades automatically and offers unlimited storage is usually a welcome choice for any IT professional -- especially when a change is unwanted, but necessary, due to discontinued support and a platform at the threshold of maximum capacity.