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  1. Health System Rolls Out Distributed Capture To 400+ Locations With Scanning Solution

    When your health system encompasses over 400 clinics and emergency departments, plus three hospitals covering a large portion of the eastern United States, your information management system needs to be powerful and scalable, yet easily accessible and simple to use. “As we grew, we had to address new challenges, meet new government mandates, and provide faster access to information,” recalled their Senior Manager of Technology Solutions. “And we needed to cut costs at the same time.”

  2. Don’t Forget Data Trapped In Documents And PDF Files

    Most organizations are probably familiar with the concept of Big Data and how it can help them make better business decisions. Yet until now, many have overlooked an extremely valuable source of data that can be used in the same way: paper documents and PDF files.

  3. How To Rev Up Efficiencies With Automotive Labeling

    Labeling today is complex; manufacturers and multi-tier suppliers are faced with a range of evolving requirements that complicate the process and leave many companies accepting this process as a cost of doing business. But it doesn’t have to be. By Harald Desjarlais, Automotive Industry Specialist, Loftware, Inc.

  4. Mail Company Creates New Revenue Streams, Improves Customer Value With Automated Returned Mail Services

    Returned mail presents a logistical and operational challenge for companies with large volumes of mail. Companies often have to perform a significant amount of manual work to determine the reason that a mail piece was returned, and then make additional efforts to update address information.

  5. Application Retirement — Is Documentum On Your Top 10 List?

    The concept of application retirement is simple and well-understood by most IT professionals, but for those not familiar it is the idea aging applications are eventually retired or shut-down for reasons ranging from a better, more innovative solution becoming available, for consolidation, for cost and/or risk reduction, and because of new legal (i.e., eDiscovery) and/or regulatory requirements. By Bill Tolson, Vice President of Marketing, Archive360

  6. In-House Scanners Underpin Information Management Solutions

    Service bureau boosts productivity and image quality with scanners from Kodak Alaris.

  7. Digital Transformation: Unlocking The Value Of Information To Drive Efficiency And Growth

    In every organization, across all industry sectors, the conversation about achieving core business objectives almost always turns to the DX economy or digital transformation. The reality is digital transformation is no longer just a buzzword — it’s a key business imperative.

  8. How A National Copier Dealer Transitioned To Digital Documents

    It is easy for Chris Scarff to say when the Ray Morgan Company transitioned from selling copiers to selling technology. Describing and executing that change is a little more complicated as the $37-billion industry born out of the photocopier has Ray Morgan Company focusing on its software as much as its sales pitch.

  9. Midmarket Organizations Ready To Embrace Enterprise-Level AP/Invoice Automation Strategies

    For at least a generation enterprises have deployed modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems like SAP and Oracle to support their back-end business functions including accounts payable (AP). Those legacy solutions use OCR technology to capture and archive images of the hundred-thousands of invoices and purchase orders yearly.

  10. Government Agency Moves To Digital Records Without Missing A Beat (Or Byte)

    Data Repro Com Ltd enables sophisticated implementation of scanning, storage, and active file management solution, aided by information capture technology from Kodak Alaris.