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  • Your future cleanroom is the most crucial asset within the entire manufacturing environment. It surrounds critical manufacturing processes where your pharma or biotech company makes its life-changing products. The investment you make in the cleanroom facility should reduce your manufacturing risk and guarantee your performance. AES is the cleanroom expert because it's the only thing we do. Singular focus in providing the most flexible cleanroom technology solutions for over 35 years.

  • YPrime helps you decipher clinical trial complexity—delivering IRT solutions that anticipate the ever-evolving needs of the clinical development industry. Using our IRT platform, our clients can reduce the risks, burdens, complexities, workload, time and costs associated with managing all aspects of global patient randomization and clinical supply management.

  • Subcutaneous

    Low - Medium Viscosities
    < 100 cP
    1 - 10 ml

    High - Ultra-High Viscosities
    >100 - 10,000 cP
    0.5 - 3 ml

    ArQ® - Bios offers a small, simple to use package to deliver high viscosity formulations. Oval’s proprietary COC PDC technology allows us to build the device around a stronger drug container that can deliver 1ml of formulations up to 1000cP through a 25G needle in  less than 5 seconds. The ArQ-Bios  platform  also can deliver  greater volumes than 1 ml subject to matching  the formulation characteristics with acceptable patient tolerability.

  • Autoclavable component transfer bags offering enhanced sterility assurance.

  • Mini Circuits offers the CMA-83LN+ low noise MMIC amplifier operating from 0.5 to 8.0 GHz for sensitive, high-dynamic range receiver applications. The amplifier offers flat gain and a P1dB of 20.3 dBm at 2 GHz with a noise figure of 1.3 dB. It operates on a single 5 V or 6 V supply and is well matched f to 50 ohms.


  • Drug R&D Services Leader Implements A Collaborative Enterprise ELN To Advance Research

    In a demanding and increasingly distributed research environment, drug discovery alliance companies can only attract and maintain collaborations by being responsive and providing high quality results as quickly as possible. What mattered to this BIOVIA customer in meeting collaboration demands, however, was being able to rapidly collect together project information to deliver reports and data, fulfill patent submissions, or leverage and build on past work.

  • Organic Food Manufacturer Installs Vision Inspection And Checkweigher For Reduced Packaging Risks

    Staying on top of technology in a competitive market makes Crofter's Foods a leader in the organic and all natural food industries. Using the METTLER TOLEDO systems, Crofters is able to monitor and verify every product package meets their specifications and offer their customers the advanced tracking information they desire.

  • Bell Food Group Ensures Quality Of Burger Patties

    This case study shows how Bell Food Group, the meat supplier for an international fast food chain, uses X-Ray inspection to ensure burger patties are contaminant free and are of the highest quality.

  • Ensuring Compliance With Part 11: A Site’s Perspective

    As more sites are looking to implement technology to go paperless, improve standardization, and provide secure access to essential documents, site staff ’s experience with ensuring compliance with 21 CFR 11 (Part 11) of the Code of Federal Regulations—focusing on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) standards for electronic records and electronic signatures — may be limited. Balancing the need to maximize efficiency and ensure compliance presents a challenge, but with the right resources, the challenge is an achievable one. Gaining a better understanding of the purpose, scope, and components of Part 11 will help sites achieve their compliance goals.

  • Paris Community Hospital Employs Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) At The Edge To Treat IT Management Complexity, Reduce Costs, And Improve Client Services

    Paris Community Hospital was seeking to simplify the management of its IT assets and reduce the time and effort expended on maintaining the environment. With an IT department of four staff to manage 500 machines, the organization was finding it difficult to provide timely and efficient service to users.

  • Reducing Costs For Water Distribution System Maintenance

    Maintaining a water distribution system requires constant management. From leaking pipes to broken valves or even distribution expansion, there always seems to be something to do and you will never be short of work. But, are “old” ways of performing maintenance and repair creating unnecessary costs?

  • Predicting Excipient Properties: How Sanofi Accelerated Drug Formulation Design

    Developing the proper formulation of active ingredients (APIs) and excipients is almost as important in designing a new therapeutic as the APIs themselves. Sanofi’s challenge was removing the formulations bottleneck in its pharmaceutical development workflow by improving its autoxidation risk assessments of potential formulations. By implementing BIOVIA Materials Studio they were able to removed the need for “trial-and-error” driven experiments and maximized the value of scientists’ time.

  • How Payspan Conquered The Unique Challenges Of NAS Migrations In Healthcare

    Complex unstructured data migration tests healthcare payments company.

  • APG Sneeze Guards Strike A Chord For Music Stores, Keeping Employees And Patrons Safe

    A music store is more than a place of commerce. It’s a community haven for musicians who gather to discuss their favorite gear, try out instruments, and trade techniques. And it’s a place of dreams, where aspiring young musicians picture themselves playing the world’s stages.

  • Santa Barbara Strengthens Field Data Collection With A New Mobile GIS Workflow

    The City of Santa Barbara, California, located roughly 90 miles north of Los Angeles, supplies water to approximately 95,000 residents. Given California's proneness to droughts, state water suppliers face operational challenges surrounding conservation, water-loss prevention, and system maintenance.

  • Data Governance In The Clinical Trial Ecosystem

    For biopharmaceutical sponsors, clinical trial data are both the greatest organizational asset and the greatest challenge. This paper discusses the principles of data governance and how they are used to build a business intelligence framework that advances data quality, acquisition, and integration to deliver actionable information for use across the drug development enterprise.

  • Overcoming Clinical Data Aggregation Challenges

    Learn about the challenges for Sponsors and CROs when integrating a vast array of data sources, typical relational database structures and why they don’t work for clinical analytics,  as well as the ideal clinical data aggregation solutions for continuous, automatic data consolidation.