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  • Packaging is a brand’s best marketing vehicle, but it also has to perform under daily use. Designers must deal with environmental compliance, faster product cycles due to social media, and new levels of mechanical stress with online commerce on the rise. Our suite of package design and visualization capabilities enables designers to create consumer-preferred packages with structural integrity and the assurance of efficient and effective manufacture worldwide.

  • The In-VitroCell ES NU-5831 Direct Heat Hypoxic CO2 Incubator can lower oxygen levels in the growth chamber down to 0.5% accurate with in ±0.25% through the use of a Zirconia Ceramic O2 Sensor.

  • The concept of the Electric Vehicle (EV) market is hard to miss nowadays. We increasingly see EVs on the streets and charging stations are becoming part of the landscape. Knowles offers an array of capacitors for electric vehicle drivetrains.

  • Dec‘s philosophy is to develop customer-specific modules and equipment. Starting with agreed project scope, intensive brainstorm sessions, strong design processes and (customer) reviews, the aim is to deliver an innovative filling solution. During the concept development, risk analysis is an important tool in the decision-making process.

  • AST’s GENiSYS® and semi-automated systems allow scientists and engineers to characterize their drug product and develop data-driven manufacturing processes in more meaningful and scalable ways.


  • The Evolution Of The Modern Medical Monitor

    How to identify, hire, and empower a modern medical monitor to help your next study proceed toward submission more productively, and with greater data integrity, than ever before.

  • Delivering On Rare Disease Trial Milestones During The COVID-19 Crisis

    At the start of the COVID-19 crisis a sponsors was facing delays in an ongoing basket trial for rare nephropathies, specifically the completion of two critical project milestones. With a impact mitigation strategy in place, Biorasi was able to meet both data delivery deadlines – keeping the trial on track and completing the first part of the study despite operational challenges caused by the COVID-19 crisis.

  • A Municipal Utility Boosts Accuracy Of Asset Data

    Facing the need to maintain aging water and sewer infrastructure while being expected to support the needs of the community and innovate with their budget, Cave Creek, Arizona, embarked on a project to implement a functional, scalable, and cost-efficient GIS. The success of the project required high-accuracy data collection which was accomplished easily with an easy-to-use mobile app.

  • Beyond The Paper Binder: Comprehensive Cancer Centers Of Nevada Adopts Remote Monitoring

    Explore how Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada (CCCN) modernized its regulatory documentation practices to enable remote site monitoring and improve efficiencies.

  • SofterWare Improves Security & Client Optimization With BI

    Over 34 years, SofterWare has grown from a small entrepreneurial business to a $35 million+ company with over 10,000 nonprofit, childcare, camp, school, and payment processing clients. Here's how a BI reporting solution provides the robustness and flexibility SofterWare needs to help realize their vision.

  • Pharmaceutical Company Quickly Transitions 28 SKUs To Comply With New Labeling Requirements

    A large multi-national pharmaceutical company needed assistance in complying with new Health Canada regulatory requirements for labeling over-the-counter (OTC) products. The project scope required bringing 28 SKUs that varied by dosage form, quantity, primary and secondary packaging, as well as therapeutic area – and each SKU had its own unique packaging demands and timeline to maintain an unaffected retail shelf presence - into compliance with PLL. Read how all 28 SKUs were delivered in accordance with the forecast timelines and the overall project was completed early.

  • Optimizing Rare Disease Trials From An Operational Point Of View

    The operational strategy for rare disease trials is markedly more complex than those for traditional pharmaceuticals. The standard responsibilities of maintaining clinical trial protocols, short and long-term schedules and milestones, and project budgets are just a small part of the burden represented by each unique rare disease and its accompanying trial. This white paper explains a three-tiered strategy to allow pharmaceutical companies, sponsors, CROs, and patients to each better their own ROI in the end result.

  • Constructing A Better Blueprint For Device Management

    The modern era of technology continues to offer the ability for companies and organizations to streamline their workflows, become more efficient and profitable, as well as extend the reach of their potential business. The changing landscape of technology in construction is continuing to shift and adapt to the competitive needs of this billion dollar industry. Colasanti has been working on continuing their 66 years of success by integrating iOS devices to assist their field employees across the country. Read below to see why they felt the need to bring more technology to their day-to-day operations, the success they have had with it, and how they have managed those devices without having an IT person need to “physically touch each one” using Jamf Now.

  • Meeting Patient Needs Through Expedited Delivery Of Phase I Materials

    To quickly deliver their product to patients in need, Reneo Pharma found a partner to provide both product development and clinical packaging services.

  • How Payspan Conquered The Unique Challenges Of NAS Migrations In Healthcare

    Complex unstructured data migration tests healthcare payments company.

  • Santa Barbara Strengthens Field Data Collection With A New Mobile GIS Workflow

    The City of Santa Barbara, California, located roughly 90 miles north of Los Angeles, supplies water to approximately 95,000 residents. Given California's proneness to droughts, state water suppliers face operational challenges surrounding conservation, water-loss prevention, and system maintenance.

  • How Ultimate Innovations Tracked Driver Behavior And Theft With Fleet Technology

    When he started his landscaping business thirty years ago, Brian Vidinhar, Owner and CEO of Ultimate Innovations, put to use all that his father, a part-time landscaper himself, had taught him since Brian was 10 years old. "My dad taught me the landscaping trade and how to work hard," Brain explains, "so I already had a good grasp of plants and working with them. But I had to learn the ins and out of the business and the management side through making mistakes and hard knocks."