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  • Delivering on the promise of cell and gene therapy through Germfree products and services.

    Germfree Laboratories offer advanced modular and mobile facilities, equipment, and comprehensive services for cell therapy manufacturing. Acknowledging the complexity of personalized treatments, Germfree’s adaptable solutions optimize production processes, ensuring aseptic conditions, scalability, and compliance with regulatory standards. This enables efficient, high-quality cell therapy delivery to patients in need, supporting manufacturers in overcoming industry challenges.


    Millipore® CTDMO Services delivers expertise and flexible solutions for viral vector development and manufacturing to advance cell and gene therapies from preclinical through commercial production.

  • DSM Biomedical offers a variety of different medical-grade Dyneema Purity® fibers for numerous medical applications, including medical devices in orthopedic trauma, medical implants, and other uses in the human body. These medical-grade fibers are 15 times stronger than steel at a similar weight, while maintaining increased flexibility and high pliability.

  • Achieving target cost is especially important in the consumer goods industry due to fierce competition and tight margins.


  • Engineering Approaches To Respiratory Drug Delivery

    This article presents a case study that explores the material and performance properties of spray-dried and jet-milled mannitol for respiratory delivery of crystalline mannitol.

  • Successfully Navigating A Manufacturing Transfer During Global Disruptions

    Manufacturing transfer always includes technical surprises, but difficulties as a result of inadequate communication or supply chain disruption can be minimized or eliminated through transparency and collaboration.

  • Consider India For Your Next HCC International Trial

    Assess the feasibility of India as a potential venue for HCC trials as well as its epidemiology, historical perceptions, and untapped potential for international clinical research opportunities.

  • BioPharma Expands 3D Structure Portal

    Learn about the competitive advantage that helped a research-based biopharmaceutical company close the communication gap between medicinal chemists and modelers.

  • Regulatory Approval For Novel Device Achieved With Comprehensive Clinical Data Management

    Find out how data capture and management activities, programming, and medical writing for a clinical study report were supported to solve the major diagnostic challenge of distinguishing between bacterial and viral infections.

  • Hartwig Turns To Fieldpoint For Mobility And Ease of Use

    When someone needs to have their mill, lathe, grinder or CNC machine tool repaired, chances are they are turning to Hartwig, who has become one of the nation’s leading machine tool and manufacturing support solution companies in the United States. Their support of the machine tool industry has helped decrease downtimes and improve the overall efficiency of the equipment they produce, which has made them the first line of support for the machines they sell.

  • Modernizing Stormwater Permit Inspections With Mobile Applications

    In Collierville, Tennessee, stormwater inspections relied on manually transcribing data from paper-based forms into a digitally managed database. When updates to the database form were needed, no one knew how to fix it, and the budget wouldn’t support hiring someone. An easy-to-use mobile data collection app supported a digital transformation of the inspection workflow, saving time, boosting data accuracy, and reducing inspection times more than 50 percent. 

  • How A Sponsor Secured 200 High-Performing Investigators In Just 5 Days

    A research sponsor was planning to conduct a clinical trial to study a new drug to treat kidney disease. The clinical operations team anticipated needing 200 high performing investigators—and quickly. However, this was a new area of investigation for the sponsor, leaving them unable to leverage existing site relationships. Learn how with our proprietary data solution, the partners quickly identified a pool of investigators who possessed the appropriate interest in clinical research, the requisite medical experience and expertise, and the necessary infrastructure to support a clinical trial.

  • The Rise Of Risk-Based Monitoring In The Clinical Trial Landscape

    Risk Based Monitoring (RBM) is beginning to feature prominently as the go-to monitoring solution for clinical trials, combining the best of existing monitoring methods with the flexibility needed to keep studies on track.

  • Checkweighing Technology For Frozen Potato Food Manufacturers

    Read how a supplier of quick-service restaurants retrofitted its production lines with space-saving checkweighers and was able to achieve a higher throughput than ever before.

  • Integrated Lab Operations For Efficiency And Compliance

    A research-based biopharmaceutical company had recently transitioned from paper-based experimental documentation towards increasingly electronic-based systems. 

  • Resolutum Global Leverages Medrio To Succeed In A Complex Phase 1 Oncology Study

    In a recent rescue study, Resolutum Global, a contract research organization, faced the challenge of building a hybrid paper/EDC solution for an ongoing study that the previous provider had conducted on paper over 4 years. By leveraging Medrio, they were able to succeed in this task and deliver satisfaction to the study sponsor.