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  • Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) are still widely used in the pharmaceutical industry for instance in oral solid dosage manufacturing.

  • ATV630 drives for process applications for 1HP to 500HP. These are Advanced drives for fluid and gas handling applications with embedded energy monitoring, information management and process optimization.

  • We understand how challenging it is to adopt a novel approach to drug development. Pivoting to virtual clinical trials is no exception.

  • Downstream bioprocessing steps have long held challenges for drug manufacturers, particularly the chromatography step for purification of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs).

    The complexity of traditional chromatography options as well as the high cost of the Protein A resin required have driven the search for a more flexible, cost-effective and convenient alternative.

  • The Oenoflow HS system is a new crossflow filtration system for lees filtration that overcomes many of the obstacles associated with the traditional DE based technologies.


  • GIS Touches Every Aspect Of Central Arkansas Water

    From the management of underground assets, like pipes, valves, and meters, to an automatic fire hydrant inspection notification system to efficiencies in our billing system, GIS increases the quality of service our utility provides every day.

  • When Is Intelligent Healthcare Packaging The Right Choice

    When packaging engineers and brand managers imagine what they can achieve with the help of new packaging technologies, it’s difficult to know where to start since the potential use cases, goals and outcomes of product packaging have grown so significantly. What’s more, the technology itself can be confusing. This article is intended to help those involved in the conceptualization and development of healthcare packaging understand the capabilities of packaging technologies and determine the best choices for their products, as well as for patients and consumers.

  • Manufacturing Revolution In Life Sciences: Safeguarding Your Data As You Try To Get Ahead

    How can you ensure the data integrity required for quality and regulatory compliance when working with a CDMO?

  • Developing A Novel Approach To Real-Time Monitoring Of Antibody Titer

    As the industry continues to apply innovative manufacturing tools and solutions, it also needs real-time monitoring to keep up with a modern production suite. 

  • Developing TIL Therapies: Sample Collection And Processing

    While it has been advanced over many years, the process of developing TIL therapies still suffers from certain challenges. This article attempts to lay bare some of these challenges and discuss how novel technological solutions can help overcome them.

  • Biotech's Mirrored Universe: Predictive Engineering And Digital Twinning

    The biotechnology industry now can harness advanced engineering techniques that have helped save astronauts, save energy, and save countless millions of dollars.

  • How Service Providers Can Create Momentum In An Established Brand

    To promote brand growth, companies must identify which brand components are succeeding and which may be falling short, as well as understand how these dynamics manifest in the larger organization’s successes and failures.

  • Cloud-Based ELN Streamlines Med Device Development

    A leading medical device and in vitro diagnostics technology company's research & development scientists were using traditional paper notebooks to record all of their procedures, experimental results, and testing methods. They turned to BIOVIA Notebook— a flexible electronic lab notebook (ELN) hosted on BIOVIA ScienceCloud, a scalable cloud infrastructure. With BIOVIA Notebook, the customer was able to quickly replace paper-based processes across their R&D labs, speeding up workflows and improving data accuracy.

  • Global Pharma Company Dramatically Improves Collaboration, Communication, And Compliance In Trials

    A Top 5 global pharmaceutical company wanted to help sites do everyday tasks more efficiently, making it easier for site staff to adhere to the protocol and deliver high-quality data. After evaluations and pilots, the company deployed IQVIA Technologies’ Investigator Site Portal (formerly DrugDev) in a 4-phase approach that delivered benefits each step of the way.

  • Considerations In Formulation Development Of Injectable Solutions

    Injectable solutions offer an alternative to oral dosage form due to fast onset, reproducible PK/efficacy profile, high bioavailability, and suitability of administration under hospital setting.

  • Optimizing A Cell Culture Media Filtration Process

    How Parker Bioscience Filtration's Technical Support Group was tasked with optimizing and simplifying a biopharma's process for tryptone soya broth (TSB) and vegetable soya broth (VSB) production.

  • Municipal Utility Builds An Asset Management Foundation In The Cloud

    A Massachusetts municipal electric utility wanted an easier, more user-friendly way to maintain, understand, and utilize asset information. Realizing that digital transformation was within reach, the utility chose cloud-based software that contains applications and dashboards to support collection, inventory, and management of assets in its electric distribution network. Centralized real-time information enables the utility to update records upon inspection and respond quickly to unexpected events like outages.