Business Process Management


  • Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Doors

    AES Clean Technology offers a variety of specialty cleanroom doors for use throughout your cleanroom facility. Sliding doors are available as manual or automatic. Single or bi-parting sliding doors are offered as FRP, fiberglass or stainless steel, with a variety of hardware and door frame options in sizes up to 8' x 8' for manual doors and 10' x 10' for powered doors.

  • Carbonite Backup For Office 365

    Protect critical data in Microsoft Office 365 applications.

  • Remote Particle Counters

    TSI AeroTrak+ Remote Particle Counters offer cleanroom professionals top-notch reliability and no-hassle operation in measuring a wide range of particle sizes, including a 6-channel model with upper size threshold of 25 µm. 

  • Operation Performance System for Food Manufacturers

    Alchemy’s Total Operational Performance System (TOPS) is a proven process that prioritizes safety, quality, yield, and productivity objectives to optimize the operations and profitability of your organization. This is accomplished while promoting a culture that includes commitment, behavior, service, and teamwork.

  • Sales Transformation Program

    How MSPs Can Build A Formidable and Scalable Sales Engine.


  • The Future Of Retail Is All About Personalized Experiences

    When most supermarket chains were facing a downtrend of their annual sales revenue, Carrefour Taiwan bagged a 10% growth rate in annual sales revenue in 2016, and becoming Top 5 in the region on Carrefour’s global list.

  • Improve Your Traceability And Recall Capabilities

    With the release of recently updated FSMA requirements, F&B manufacturers have been forced to take a closer look at their existing processes and technology to help them achieve their business goals.

  • Digital Manufacturing Of Biologics

    In addition to an explanation of digital manufacturing, this paper covers how it can improve the productivity and robustness of existing processes and facilities. 

  • Viral Clearance: The Basics On How To Conduct Effective Studies

    Effective viral clearance studies remain one of the challenges facing manufacturers of biologics. These studies are an essential part of process validation and are critical to ensure drug safety. This article provides the basics of what you need to know when studying virus reduction of a chromatography step.

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Guarantees Traceability Withs Serialization Solution

    At Lilly Deutschland GmbH, particular emphasis is placed on safety and quality, as physicians and patients need to be able to rely on the effectiveness and safety of medicines. Due to the increasing number of counterfeit products in the pharmaceuticals market, Eli Lilly was looking for a precise and reliable serialisation solution that would enable the company to continue guaranteeing the traceability and thereby the safety of its pharmaceutical products.

  • Effective Enterprise Communication: The Foundation Of Strategic Field Service

    Do you view field service strategically? Leading organizations recognize that service is a great differentiator — stellar field service can be the path to setting your company apart, creating new revenue streams, and driving profits. These organizations are focusing on initiatives such as migrating from break-fix work to outcomes-based service models, better understanding and delivering on customer expectations, and embracing the need to continually improve operations by developing its people, processes, and technology use.

  • 3 Critical Steps To Becoming A Customer-Centric Service Organization

    Today’s leading field service organizations have recognized the importance of customer experience, and realize that to remain competitive service delivery needs to evolve to become more modern and user friendly. However, recognizing the need to become more customer-centric and actually becoming more customer- centric are not the same thing! Here are three critical steps to get you started on your quest to provide a stellar customer experience.

  • Impact Of COVID-19 On Clinical Trial Operations: How Leaders Are Changing Their Transformation Agendas

    COVID-19 radically disrupted clinical trial operations and forced an acceleration of the transformation agendas leaders had in place pre-crisis. While the acceleration of pre-crisis transformation agendas in clinical trial operations will be measurable, it will not leap to a 10+ year horizon. This blog takes a deeper dive into these changes and how it will affect the industry.

  • BV Dairy Unleashes Growth With Epicor ERP And DocStar

    Founded in 1958 as a family farm in England’s West Country, BV Dairy is now a thriving modern business. Each year, the company purchases 35 million liters of milk from dairy farms within a 25-mile radius of their production facility in Shaftesbury, Dorset and turns them into dairy products for food distribution and manufacturing firms. BV Dairy’s range includes their award-winning Dorset clotted cream, as well as yogurts, buttermilk, soft cheese, and mascarpone.

  • Maximize Global Regulatory Collaboration For Combination Products

    Combination products in the medical device industry now occupy a substantial market segment. This article focuses on the maximization of global regulatory collaboration in the marketing of combination products.

  • Healthcare’s Unique Challenge: Managing Employee Spend

    Healthcare facilities nationwide face increasing pressure to reduce costs across their organization. Providing patient care is the top priority. For that reason, healthcare executives take advantage of cost savings opportunities within administrative spend to reinvest in critical business areas. These reinvestment efforts enable them to provide better quality care.

  • Formidable Field Operations: The Internet Of Things Advantage

    The Internet of Things (IoT) has galvanized decision makers across industries to think about new ways to connect assets and devices, both internally and externally. In many cases, this enthusiasm has led to an overzealous “over-connection” of devices with little operational oversight.


  • Vodafone Launches Transformative Network Infrastructure Solution SD-WAN For Irish Businesses

    Vodafone Ireland, has today announced the launch of its software based enterprise network, SD-WAN, a virtual solution that sits over your existing or new network and gives you immediate visibility and control of network traffic. The solution will enable businesses to manage all applications, devices and bandwidth usage through a single self-service portal

  • Parascript & Redshift Partner To Automate Insurance Document Processing In Portugal

    Parascript, which supplies the digital workforce with automated data entry solutions that process over 100 billion documents annually, announced today its partnership with Redshift. An expert consulting and solutions firm in Portugal, RedShift focuses on information management using intelligent document capture technology as well as delivering cyber security and data networking solutions

  • Resonant Inc. Successfully Fabricates 5G XBAR® Filters At Fourth Foundry

    Resonant Inc. (NASDAQ: RESN), a leader in transforming the way radio frequency, or RF, front-ends are being designed and delivered for mobile handset and wireless devices, provided an update on the progress it is making with its partner, Teledyne Scientific & Imaging, in further validating the power of Resonant’s Infinite Synthesized Networks (ISN®) software platform by developing wide bandwidth, high frequency XBAR® filters with its fourth foundry for devices targeted at non-mobile applications.

  • CableFree: Huawei Achieves New Breakthroughs In Antenna Design For 5G

    Huawei recently released a new technology for antennas CableFree. The new technology will enable base station antennas to significantly improve in multiple key capabilities, including integration, radiation efficiency, and power capacity. This marks a new stage of antenna development in the 5G era.

  • Valmet And Kemira Collaborate To Bring Significant Improvements To Wastewater Treatment Processes

    Valmet and Kemira have signed a partnership agreement in developing wastewater and sludge treatment customer applications for municipal and industrial plants in Europe.