Business Process Management


  • The Applied Biosystems QuantStudio 6 and 7 Pro real-time PCR systems deliver greater flexibility to support a variety of applications and throughput requirements. The systems’ smart features are designed to reduce contamination by allowing you to set up your run hands-free. Schedule and monitor your run from your mobile device, set-up your experiment, analyze data, and share your results from your computer no matter where it is or where you are.

  • What Is Annex 1 and Why Is It Important? Annex 1 is a GMP document published by the European Commission and dedicated to the manufacturing of sterile products. All pharmaceutical companies that produce sterile products must comply with these regulations. The document is a joint initiative between the EMA and PIC/S.

  • Superior interoperability. With OpenFlows SewerGEMS, utilities and consultants can model from within several platforms while accessing a single, shared project data source.

  • Mission Bio partners with pharma and biopharma companies across drug and advanced therapy development programs to implement proven single-cell multi-omics capabilities into discovery, translational, and clinical research efforts.

  • Selecting a manufacturing partner who can manage all aspects of your product development lifecycle and associated supply chain is essential to improve efficiency and product quality.