Forms Processing


  • Take a look at a redefined FSP service model that adds enhanced flexibility in timing, scope, and level of resources assigned. 

  • Ascendia specializes in the development of market suitable formulations for poorly water soluble drug substances. Based on the pre-formulation data package and the delivery requirements for the product, we recommend a comprehensive formulation development strategy. We understand that each formulation is unique and must address the specific challenges associated with poor solubility, inadequate bioavailability, and/or unacceptable physical/chemical stability. We also understand the urgency companies have for progressing their pipeline, and our approach maximizes the probability of success by exploring multiple formulation options in parallel if necessary.

  • Powerful performance in a base medium
    Gibco Dynamis Medium provides the power to achieve higher titers, faster process development, and seamless scale-up.

    • Achieved 74% higher titer compared to the next-best competitor, with highest growth in titer from day 14 to day 21 at 30% in CHO cells
    • Maintained higher cell densities and cell viabilities than competitors' media when fed with glucose
    • Supports robust growth of HEK293 cells for adenovirus production
    • Advanced Granulation Technology (AGT) dry media format enables a simple and scalable reconstitution process-just add water
  • Versatile, Reliable Inspection.
    Next generation industrial metal detector delivers high sensitivity with ease of use to deliver affordable quality control. Suitable for dry or wet product inspection.

  • V15 Label Inspection 360° System

    Compact, efficient, and reliable. This space-saving solution detects label data and quality defects on round products. Six image sensors are enclosed in a compact design that can easily be installed over existing conveyors. The V15 can be extended with top and bottom cameras.

    100% Automated Label Inspection 360°

    This cost-effective vision system is ideally suited to replace manual spot checks with 100% automated label inspection control for round products.

    Compliance Support

    The V15 supports consumer safety in offering documented label inspection in line with industry guidelines such as IFS and BRCGS.

    Reduce Waste and Prevent Recalls

    The V15 verifies labels to detect and reliably sort non-conforming products to avoid costly recalls due to false or missing declarations.