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  • The ADL8150 is a self biased gallium arsenide (GaAs), monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC), heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT), low phase noise amplifier that operates from 6 GHz to 14 GHz. 

  • Per Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines for cleaning and disinfecting viruses and other pathogens, any form of disinfection necessarily follows cleaning. The process of cleaning will remove any residues that might shield any virus or pathogen from the disinfection step that comes next. Disinfection, following the thorough cleaning and rinsing, can be done with bleach solutions, 70% alcohol solutions, or other products with EPA-approved emerging viral pathogens claims. As outlined by CDC, bleach solutions should reside on surface for at least one minute and can be made as follows.

  • Xenics' XTM 640 uncooled thermal OEM module offers unique image quality and stability for a range of OEM applications including security, night vision, firefighting, airborne and land-based reconnaissance, and surveillance. For applications with increased imaging requirements, the XTM+, an improved version, offers frame rates of 60 Hz, as well as lowered 50 mK NETD detector noise.

  • Ophir Optics Group offers a family of non-ITAR MWIR f/4.0 zoom lenses with focal lengths ranging from 15 – 300 mm or 45 – 900 mm. These high-performance zoom lenses are offered with a series of extenders for superior DRI ranges, making them ideal for long range observations and surveillance system applications. The 45 – 900 mm f/4.0 zoom lenses provide the highest focal length, with a detection range of up to 24.7 km.

  • The biggest issues for faltering trials? Incomplete planning and enrollment issues  can explode into big problems if not addressed early enough. Biorasi offers a no-commitment, no-charge, fast consulting assessment that will identify and correct these issues in your study early – before they grow too big to manage.


  • From Early Adopter To Optimized Trials: Cara Therapeutics And Veeva Vault CDMS

    Cara Therapeutics shares how they handle tight deadlines, complex protocol designs, and mid-study changes easily with Veeva Vault CDMS.

  • Is Wurster Processing The Right Choice For My Multiparticulate Modified Release Dosage Form?

    Wurster processing is a common and appropriate choice for multiparticulate formats. But is it the best one? This paper outlines what you need to consider when determining whether Wurster processing is right for your multiparticulate modified release dosage form, as well as general information to assist in discussions with your CDMO.

  • Build Or Buy: 6 Advantages Of A Customizable GMP Environment

    An alternative solution to the 'build or buy' decision is the use of readily available, pre-qualified GMP facilities which can be fully tailored to suit individual needs and budget.

  • From Chaos To Order In 3 Steps: The Guide To Planning Your TMF Migration

    Knowledge and planning are the keys to successful TMF migration. This guide from Phlexglobal is designed to help you navigate the most important part of any TMF migration: project scoping and planning. Once you have a firm grasp of the three key steps listed in this brief, you will find it much easier to manage a successful TMF migration – whether performed internally or outsourced to a provider.

  • Western Virginia Water Authority Makes Asset Management Software Work for Everyone

    As the Infrastructure Asset Manager at the Western Virginia Water Authority, Jim O’Dowd has responsibility for planning, managing, direction setting, and administration of the Asset Management Program for the Authority’s water distribution and wastewater collection systems. These are made up of around 1,000 miles of sewer and 1,200 miles of water mains that serve over 200,000 people in Roanoke City, Roanoke County, Botetourt County and Franklin County, 240 miles southwest of Washington DC. Jim uses InfoAsset Manager and InfoAsset Mobile software to manage the Authority’s asset management and work order system, and InfoWorks WS Pro, IWLive Pro and InfoWorks ICM for water and sewer hydraulic modeling.

  • Overcoming Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment And Retention Challenges

    Clinical trial patients face more burdens today than ever before but calculated, compassionate use of technology can ease participation for patients and their families, improving study recruitment and retention.

  • Brand Spirits Leader Digitizes Business Operations With The SIMATIC IT Suite

    Gruppo Campari closed 26 acquisitions in the spirits industry in the past two decades to become the world’s sixth player, with over 50 premium and super-premium brands. With each acquisition, Gruppo Campari needs to integrate new products, plants and assets into its operations management systems. By 2012 they realized there was no standard workflow for document authoring and validation, and information was shared via email or phone. Using Siemens technology, Gruppo Campari has created a unified repository for all product specifications and increased the efficiency of product development and manufacturing processes.

  • Harnessing The Power Of GIS To Improve Customer Service

    The COVID-19 pandemic has rewritten the way businesses and organizations operate and serve their customers, and utility districts are no exception. White House Utility District (WHUD), Tennessee's largest water and wastewater provider in terms of geographic area served, is a case in point.

  • Precision Powder In Capsule Micro Dosing Accelerates Drug Product Development

    Advancing active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) through the drug product-development lifecycle is fraught with challenges. Development timelines are tight, so it’s crucial to determine early in the process if an API is a viable candidate for clinical testing. A key tool that has emerged to address these combined issues of tight timelines and complex molecules is precision powder micro-dosing in capsules. This paper describes the use of precision micro-dosing to prepare API powder-in-capsule (PIC) dosage forms for oral or pulmonary administration.

  • X-Ray Inspection Provides Product Safety For Ice Cream Production Lines

    To further reinforce positive customer experiences, an ice cream manufacturer challenged themselves to further minimize its already small risk of foreign body contamination by implementing x-ray inspection.

  • Clinical Data Transparency & Public Disclosures: Overcoming Challenges With Prospective Writing

    If a prospective approach is applied while preparing one document, it can support the creation of the other documents at a later stage. In this paper, we will discuss the development of document connections while preparing material for internationally regulated disclosure and how to apply this information.

  • Key Concepts Driving The Future Of Single-Use In Biopharma Production

    This article discusses four topics related to single-use bioprocessing which are commonly cited by end users as amenable to future development.