• Is Retail Data Security Really That Tricky? The retail industry’s effort to bolster enterprise and network security is fueled by recent high-profile security breaches that have put consumer credit accounts — not to mention identities — at risk. These breaches are fueling business for many auditors and security companies. Some analysts predict significant growth for POS hardware manufacturers and software providers based on retailers’ efforts to implement solutions that lead to compliance. Used with permission from Integrated Solutions for Retailers magazine
  • PCI Compliance Case Study: MarketLive Tripwire® Enterprise provides configuration control for file servers and databases that meets the needs of PCI compliance and provides auditors with comprehensive reports that prove risk control. With Tripwire’s visibility of change for servers and databases, changes that are in exception to policy are escalated for investigation, eliminating time-consuming and error-prone rebuilds. By Tripwire, Inc.
  • Improving Global Labeling Workflow

    One of the leading suppliers of medical devices to the orthopedic market has been working with label lifecycle management solution provider, PRISYM ID to help implement a compliant label solution with validated label processes for its product portfolio. The company manufactures and delivers products with a wide range of capabilities including joint replacements, spine and micro implant systems, orthobiologics, powered surgical instruments, surgical navigation systems, endoscopic products as well as patient handling and emergency medical equipment. After looking at the company’s requirements, PRISYM ID implemented a solution to ensure regulatory compliance and the automation of the labeling functions.

  • Using WMI To Enhance Network Visibility And Streamline Operational Management Many IT departments are expected to maintain business operations effectively, but often with limited resources, leaving little time to implement proactive processes and procedures to minimize their exposure to threats.
  • Document Sharing On Mobile Devices: Securing Productivity On The Go!

    This white paper from MaaS360 by Fiberlink covers the movement of enterprise documents into the mobile space and solving the problems of securing these documents to stay compliant and maintain confidentiality.

  • Phoenix Children’s Hospital Improves Service And Timely Revenue With Verisma’s Release Of Information Technology And Expert Support

    Since the hospital’s founding in 1983, Phoenix Children’s Hospital (PCH) has provided hope, healing, and the best health care for children across Arizona. Over 80 percent of pediatric subspecialists in the metropolitan area and 50 percent of pediatricians in Maricopa County are associated with PCH’s ambulatory and acute care network.

  • The State Of Privacy & Data Security Compliance We are pleased to present The State of Privacy and Data Security Compliance study conducted by Ponemon Institute and sponsored by Sophos. The purpose of the study is to determine if various international, federal and state data security laws improve an organization’s security posture. By Sophos Inc.
  • Protecting Cardholder Data In The Enterprise Retail Market Merchants are feeling increased pressure from credit card companies to comply with security regulations such as the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) and Payment Applications Best Practices (PABP) and are being offered incentives to comply or facing harsh penalties for not complying. Submitted by IP Commerce
  • Leveraging Investigator Grant Payment Practices To Enhance Sponsor-Site Relationships

    One of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, AstraZeneca, has over 67,000 employees. Among those are about 13,000 at 17 principal research and development centers in eight countries — including the United States.

  • Securing Social Media For Healthcare

    Social media sites—such as Facebook and Twitter—can be a tempting outlet for healthcare employees to discuss patient information that should be private. Breaches of information security and patient privacy may or not be intentional, and they can be committed by an employee, a contractor, a temporary employee, or an external party. However, the repercussions to the organization of a protected healthcare information (PHI) disclosure are significant because these confidentiality breaches violate HIPAA rules about protecting patient privacy and ensuring workforce compliance.

  • Hospital Retires Outdated Forms Of Communication With Secure Texting

    Memorial Hospital of Gulfport (MHG), located in Gulfport, Mississippi is a multispecialty medical complex, supporting a comprehensive range of health and wellness services. It is one of the most comprehensive healthcare systems in the state with 445-beds, and is comprised of an inpatient rehabilitation unit, a behavioral health facility, satellite outpatient diagnostic and rehabilitation centers. Memorial offers several of the region’s most comprehensive clinical programs, such as emergency medicine, women and children services, orthopedic services, medical rehabilitation, cardiovascular services, neurosciences, oncology and more.

  • Workforce Management Solution Supports Smart Meter Rollout During the technology evaluation stage, CHED Services recognized an opportunity to derive further benefits from the launch of a proven enterprise workforce management system. By Ventyx