• ibml ImageTracDS 1155
    ibml ImageTracDS 1155

    Forget everything you know about desktop scanning. Drawing on ibml’s long history in leadership in document scanning, the ImageTracDS 1155 delivers performance, reliability, and value unmatched by any other mid-high volume desktop scanner.

  • ibml SoftTrac Capture Suite
    ibml SoftTrac Capture Suite

    SoftTrac® Capture Suite delivers the robust functionality required in today’s increasingly complex capture environment.

  • a2ia mNote
    a2ia mNote

    Quickly Capture and Recognize Handwritten Notes at any time, from anywhere.

  • ibml ImageTracDS 1210
    ibml ImageTracDS 1210

    Forget everything you know about desktop scanning.

  • OPEX FalconV RED Digital Mailroom Document Scanning Workstation
    OPEX FalconV RED Digital Mailroom Document Scanning Workstation

    Regardless of your document imaging needs, FalconV RED ™ is designed to attack the most difficult and daunting digital mailroom workflow challenges. Incorporating two additional sort bins and enhanced multi-feed detection, FalconV RED combines OPEX’s innovative one-step scanning process with the most efficient mail opening and extraction unit on the market, the OPEX Model 72 ™ Rapid Extraction Desk.


  • Mobile Remote Deposit Capture Provides Ability To Bank Anywhere, Anytime
    Mobile Remote Deposit Capture Provides Ability To Bank Anywhere, Anytime

    DepositWizard Mobile powered by A2iA Mobility™: A proven Check21 compliant solution that is quick and easy to use, scalable, customizable, and reduces operating costs.

  • Network Scanning — Is It Right For You?
    Network Scanning — Is It Right For You? Before implementing any network scanning program, it is imperative to ensure access to an existing secure network that includes secure file storage. In some cases, the need for security may be determined by governmental regulation or compliance mandates, such as Sarbanes-Oxley or HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). By Vicki Amendola, Integrated Solutions magazine
  • Optimize Compliance With Worldwide Document Automation Facing a sales location increase of 273%, Wyndham Vacation Ownership wanted to automate, control and speed the sales contract process to meet the needs of an expanding company and client base and increasing regulatory responsibilities. This case study outlines how the sales team at Wyndham Vacation Ownership gains control, speed, and efficiency with a global contract management solution based primarily on document automation.
  • Are You Taking Advantage Of Distributed Scanning? Companies are discovering that strategically placing data capture solutions throughout their organizations cuts paper-handling costs and increases front office efficiency. Submitted by Integrated Solutions Magazine
  • Enterprise Content Management Enables Global Collaboration And Stronger Relationships With Customers And Partners With companies everywhere leverageing the Internet to maximize efficiencies and better serve their customers and partners, Dow Corning realized that it, too, needed to make it easier for partners and customers to do business with it over the Web. The company determined that completely redesigning its corporate website was crucial to forging stronger relationships with its partners and customers. Dow Corning needed to build its branded experience quickly while enusring that its site content was current and relevant. Submitted by EMC Documentum
  • Automate Workflow To Maximize Productivity Have you ever placed an important document on your desk only to have it mysteriously disappear among the clutter? It seems like our workstations can often turn into black holes where information gets sucked in and never comes out. Even for companies with the most organized paper processes, the physical act of shuffling paper from employee to employee is one wrought with potential pitfalls.
  • Case Study: Leading Pharma Co. Protects Its Scientific Research Data Authenticity And Ownership Bringing a new healthcare product or treatment to market can mean an investment of many years and millions of dollars for a pharmaceutical company.By Surety LLC
  • Training Content Management System Slashes Costs By Nearly $3 Million Annually Before Alteon, formerly FlightSafety Boeing Training International, was spun off from Boeing in 2000, Boeing managed and published training materials using a legacy system. This system lacked flexibility and was extremely expensive to maintain, requiring extensive custom coding and the support of 13 full-time developers. Alteon management decided from the company's inception that developing a much more efficient, cost-effective, and flexible system for creating and managing training materials was imperative. Submitted by EMC Documentum
  • ARMA 2005 Show Highlights Refined Solutions For Records Managers
    ARMA 2005 Show Highlights Refined Solutions For Records Managers The message to attendees of this year's ARMA show was to engineer an easy transition from paper-based files to electronic records management, supported with a clear and calculated plan. ARMA provided me a chance to sit down and talk with ECM vendors about the special offerings they had for solving companies' records management needs. Check out some of news and highlights from the manufacturers and software providers that were at the show.
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Demands IT Change Control And Management The changing IT compliance landscape presents companies with an ongoing need for accountability, control, and security around their technology systems. Federal regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), HIPAA, and Gramm-Leach-Bliley were created and mandated to curb corporate corruption, protect individual privacy, and strengthen overall information security. These federal regulations all require change control and management capabilities within information technology systems. Submitted by Adexis
  • White Paper: The Next Big Thing In AP: Positioning AP For The Future The rate of change is accelerating. Like all other organizations, Accounts Payable (AP) must prepare to address new challenges and opportunities. By Jonathan Casher, Casher Associates
  • Meeting Regulatory Compliance: Best Practices For Document Management We are living in a time when our nation and the world have been shaken by numerous businesses being probed for corporate improprieties such as wrongful accounting methods and records management fraud. As a result, government agencies are developing new regulations for how organizations must manage their business content. Submitted by NewWave Technologies