• HyPerforma G3Lab Bioprocess Controller
    HyPerforma G3Lab Bioprocess Controller

    Reliable Process Control
    The Thermo Scientific™ HyPerforma™ G3Lab™ Controller can control most brands of single-use or autoclavable bioreactors or fermentors that are ≤50 L, including stirred- tank and rocking models. The controller operates using Thermo Scientific™ TruBio™ software, which provides easy process scale-up or scale-down and the configurability to modify your control strategy along with your process. The enclosure contains state-of-the-art transmitters along with power supplies, pumps, input/output (I/O) modules, and the hardware required to connect to the control network, providing maximum control capability.

  • Revulytics Compliance Intelligence
    Revulytics Compliance Intelligence

    Proven compliance analytics to detect, identify, and convert unpaid software use.

  • 0.15 – 2.8 GHz, 50 W GaN SPDT Switch: QPC1005
    0.15 – 2.8 GHz, 50 W GaN SPDT Switch: QPC1005

    Qorvo introduces the QPC1005 single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) switch operating within the 0.15 to 2.8 GHz frequency range for radar, land mobile radio, military communication, electronic warfare, test instrumentation, and other general purpose applications. The switch typically supports 50 W input power handling at control voltages of 0/−40 V for both CW and pulsed RF operations.

  • M6 Dual Wave High Performance Food Metal Detector
    M6 Dual Wave High Performance Food Metal Detector

    Designed with ease of operation, low maintenance and cost of ownership in mind.

  • Pharmaceutical Strand Pelletizers
    Pharmaceutical Strand Pelletizers

    Coperion Strand Pelletizers are ideal for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical drug products.


  • Risk Mitigation Through Patient Communication And Engagement
    Risk Mitigation Through Patient Communication And Engagement

    Patients may not provide complete information needed for diagnoses or may not follow their treatment plans, resulting in poor outcomes. Patients may transition to different providers or fail to attend follow-up visits, which can put outcomes and revenue at risk. Providers remain perpetually at risk of being sued.

  • TEDS Releases Compliance And Competencies Case Study On Dominion Resources. By Bersin & Associates' Chris Howard, Principal Analyst. TEDS, originator of the only fully integrated enterprise-wide talent management solution, recently released a case study highlighting the strength of its powerful LMS, Learning on Demand and TEDS RTC Power, a highly robust compliance and competency management tool
  • Implementing A Compliant Electronic Health Record Information Infrastructure In the late 1990s, the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM’s) study, “Computer-based Patient Record Systems—The Essential Technology for Health Care," depicted a computer-based, longitudinal, lifelong, integrated patient record that included entries from all healthcare providers. By EMC Corporation
  • Is Retail Data Security Really That Tricky? The retail industry’s effort to bolster enterprise and network security is fueled by recent high-profile security breaches that have put consumer credit accounts — not to mention identities — at risk. These breaches are fueling business for many auditors and security companies. Some analysts predict significant growth for POS hardware manufacturers and software providers based on retailers’ efforts to implement solutions that lead to compliance. Used with permission from Integrated Solutions for Retailers magazine
  • Keeping Data In Motion: The High Cost Of HIPAA Non-Compliance
    Keeping Data In Motion: The High Cost Of HIPAA Non-Compliance

    In Part 1 of this series, we outlined how HIPAA regulations impact the transfer of protected health data and how those rules apply to fax transmission. In Part 2, we will look at the high cost of noncompliance of HIPAA regulations. According to Rebecca Herold, an expert on information security and privacy, at Rebecca Herold & Associates, LLC, “The Department of Health and Human Services is increasingly aggressive and effective” in enforcing HIPAA regulations.

  • The Dog Ate My E-Mail: SOX For The Midsized Enterprise On July 30, 2002, the act of Congress known as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) was enacted into law. Since then, boards of directors of midsized enterprises have been scrambling to comply with the act. So how is the midsized enterprise supposed to "keep up" and stay compliant? This white paper will cast some light on the fears of managers and examine several points on SOX compliance that are feasible for the midsized enterprise. Submitted by Xiotech
  • Replacing A Paper-Based GMP System With An Electronic Monitoring System
    Replacing A Paper-Based GMP System With An Electronic Monitoring System

    As a trusted source of innovative solutions in clinical diagnostics, Fujirebio Diagnostics' sought to replace an its paper-based GMP record system and manual process with an electronic monitoring system.

  • Treatment Plant Modernized To Meet EPA Turbidity Regulations
    Treatment Plant Modernized To Meet EPA Turbidity Regulations

    GF Piping Systems technology and its unique approach to business are an integral part of Akron’s plant improvement plans.

  • PCI Compliance Case Study: MarketLive Tripwire® Enterprise provides configuration control for file servers and databases that meets the needs of PCI compliance and provides auditors with comprehensive reports that prove risk control. With Tripwire’s visibility of change for servers and databases, changes that are in exception to policy are escalated for investigation, eliminating time-consuming and error-prone rebuilds. By Tripwire, Inc.
  • Mitigating The Risks Of Messaging <I>By Maurene Caplan Grey, Grey Consulting</I>
    Mitigating The Risks Of Messaging By Maurene Caplan Grey, Grey Consulting Protecting the organization from the damage that non-compliance can cause is paramount in today's regulatory-ridden business environment. Many organizations start by securing e-mail for compliance purposes. We agree it is a necessary step – but a tactical one that pursues only the "e-mail-as-evidence" pain point. However, the risks are not married solely to business regulations or to e-mail as a messaging medium. Submitted by Grey Consulting
  • Seven Considerations For Your RFID Project As more companies decide to implement RFID at distribution centers, stores, and warehouses, the likelihood of having to comply with one or more industry mandates increases for a variety of suppliers. These mandates promise extreme organizational benefits for those issuing the mandates as well as the ability to streamline an intense amount of data that will ultimately result in a super-efficient supply chain. Submitted by Domino EIS
  • e-Michigan Office Renovates State’s Online Presence To Enable Effective E-Government Constituents come to government with needs and requests every day, from updating voter registration information to applying for business licenses. That's why Vignette helps you provide online processes and applications to handle these requests, empowering your users and freeing your staff from routine tasks. It worked for the State of Michigan's e-Michigan office, which increased Web traffic 250% by providing government services online. Submitted by Vignette