• Carbon Media Services
    Carbon Media Services

    Support services to ensure that your system equipment continues to operate reliably and economically, while also meeting regulatory requirements.​

  • Pharmaceutical Drum Lift: Uni-Hoist HPM (Hoist Pneumatic Mobile)
    Pharmaceutical Drum Lift: Uni-Hoist HPM (Hoist Pneumatic Mobile)

    The Hanningfield Uni-Hoist HPM (Hoist Pneumatic Mobile) is a portable, air-operated lifting device for the handling of containers, drums, IBCs etc. The maximum SWL (safe working load) of the Uni-Hoist HPM is 250kg.

  • DIA Medical Affairs Learning Solutions
    DIA Medical Affairs Learning Solutions

    DIA Learning offers a complete menu of solutions delivered in a variety of formats to meet your professional development needs.

  • Data Management
    Data Management

    With more than two decades of experience providing customized data management services for clinical trials to our clients, SynteractHCR is a contract research organization that has developed a reputation for high quality, cost effective solutions to fit your unique project needs. We know the importance of accurate, timely data management for clinical trials, and that’s why we have implemented the right combination of technologies with the care and insight of experienced personnel. Our clinical data managers have medical and life science backgrounds and as well as specialized programming experience. 

  • QuickDesign Label Designer
    QuickDesign Label Designer

    The FDA’s Unique Device Identification (UDI) compliance requirements likely impact you. Put your trust in the experts in printing and managing UDI compliant codes and messages.


  • Q&A: Payment Processing With Precidia Technologies
    Q&A: Payment Processing With Precidia Technologies Precidia has issued several press releases, through late 2008 and early 2009 regarding the TransNet solution. What is your strategy with this product? In introducing TransNet, we are offering the market an alternative to the established integrated payment model. Our solution addresses some of the limitations of the...
  • Top 6 Cloud Backup Challenges In Healthcare & How To Overcome Them

    This white paper examines the challenges faced by small and mid-sized healthcare providers and explains how the eTegrity solution helps solve them.

  • Retail Execution Management: Staples Streamlines Planning, Communication, Execution, And Compliance Management Using RetailAction Manager™ Staples sought a solution that could streamline the communication of tasks to stores, deliver real-time visibility into store execution and compliance levels, and improve the efficiency of their store and field managers. By Reflexis Systems, Inc.
  • Bausch & Lomb: Implementing A Global 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant CAPA System When Peter J. Mueller, Manager of Global Quality Information Systems selected a global CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Action) system for his company, he knew exactly what he was looking for...
  • FoodTronix/PathwayLINK Case Study FoodTronix is a Dallas, Texas-based provider of "economical yet secure" POS solutions and a suite of technology products to restaurant market.
  • Securing Social Media For Healthcare

    Social media sites—such as Facebook and Twitter—can be a tempting outlet for healthcare employees to discuss patient information that should be private. Breaches of information security and patient privacy may or not be intentional, and they can be committed by an employee, a contractor, a temporary employee, or an external party. However, the repercussions to the organization of a protected healthcare information (PHI) disclosure are significant because these confidentiality breaches violate HIPAA rules about protecting patient privacy and ensuring workforce compliance.

  • Allos Faced A Diverse Set Of Business Challenges Allos Therapeutics, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing innovative small molecule therapeutics for the treatment of cancer. Allos has 75 employees in offices in Colorado and New Jersey. Especially with distributed employees, a paper-based system was not meeting the company’s needs for information sharing and collaboration. By KnowledgeTree, Inc.
  • Is Retail Data Security Really That Tricky? The retail industry’s effort to bolster enterprise and network security is fueled by recent high-profile security breaches that have put consumer credit accounts — not to mention identities — at risk. These breaches are fueling business for many auditors and security companies. Some analysts predict significant growth for POS hardware manufacturers and software providers based on retailers’ efforts to implement solutions that lead to compliance. Used with permission from Integrated Solutions for Retailers magazine
  • Sprint Helps Make Just About Any Place A Workplace
    Sprint Helps Make Just About Any Place A Workplace

    Driving down costs to remain competitive can be a tough challenge for transportation companies, especially in the face of increased fuel and insurance costs. At the same time, customer expectations are rising.

  • Isn't The RFID Bandwagon Full? The RFID (radio frequency identification) space is a confusing market, and industry experts are not making it any more clear. Used with permission from Integrated Solutions Magazine
  • Obamacare And HCM — 5 Steps To Compliance

    A solution with one application and one source of data is necessary to perform the newly required analysis to determine which employees qualify for health care benefits under the ACA. The required analysis calls for one rules engine that yields one data set from real-time human capital management, which includes HR, payroll, time and attendance, and benefits administration.

  • PCI Compliance: Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Compliance With Tripwire Find out step-by-step what it takes to become compliant with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS), and how Tripwire can help your company achieve and maintain PCI compliance. Submitted by Tripwire, Inc.