• Acuity: Data Analytics and Visualization

    Acuity is a powerful and flexible data aggregation, visualization and analytics platform driving actionable knowledge in real time. Acuity improves productivity and minimizes risk in clinical research by providing a clear vision of clinical and operational data. 

  • Compliance & Adherence

    PCI provides insightful and multifaceted solutions for addressing patient compliance and adherence for clinical investigational medicines as well as commercial applications.

  • Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Flooring

    Floor to Wall Integration at Airwall Corridor.

  • IDEA® Stepper Motor Drives: PCM4806E/PCM4826E

    The PCM4806E/PCM4826E IDEA® Stepper Motor Drives are fully programmable control units designed for simple use with on-screen buttons and easy to understand programming guides with its Graphic User Interface (GUI). The IDEA® Drive technology is available in several different configurations including an external programmable drive and controller or integrated with a linear actuator to form a complete package of motor.

  • Direct GPS-over-Fiber – world’s first truly copper less link

    HUBER+SUHNER’s direct GPS-Over-Fiber (GPSoF) solution is designed to enable a fiber optic connection directly into an antenna for the world’s first “truly copperless” link. This solution uses HUBER+SUHNER’s Q-ODC fiber optic interface, making it perfect for applications that have limited power resources and for use in outdoors or harsh environments.


  • Turning New Regulations Into IoT Opportunity: How To Become A Trusted Business Partner

    In this edition, learn how a technology vendor recognized a need in the market after new industry regulations were introduced and transformed into a trusted business advisor and broader tech expert.

  • Case Study: DeKalb Medical Center Secures Patient Data With Proofpoint As a medical center, DeKalb Medical Center is very sensitive about patient privacy. Recently, the organization conducted an audit of its data security and determined that outbound email was a high-risk area for protected health information (PHI) to leave the enterprise. As a first step, the medical center needed to secure its outbound email stream to ensure that PHI was not being sent out unencrypted. By Proofpoint
  • InnovaGel Gains Quick Return On Investment

    InnovaGel, a manufacturer of vitamins and supplements in the nutraceutical and OTC market, was in need of solution for its soft gelatin encapsulation machine application.

  • Payment Card Industry Compliance: Are Companies Really Compliant? The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DS ) is a multifaceted document with 12 security sections and more than 250 individual requirements contained in the supporting detailed audit procedures. Even the most established and capable Level 1 merchants have trouble translating all the requirements in order to become 100 percent PCI-compliant. By Protiviti Inc.
  • Solution Brief: New Strategies For Securing The Mobile Workforce Recent innovations in mobile infrastructure, applications, and devices have been hitting the market at an unprecedented pace. At the same time, we have seen some equally dramatic changes in working practices. By SonicWALL, Inc.
  • PCI Compliance Case Study: Wesco Convenience Stores Tripwire® Enterprise’s configuration control solution specifically addresses many PCI requirements and provides auditors with comprehensive reports that prove effective risk control. Tripwire detects and documents all changes so that IT staff can quickly troubleshoot any service incident, and return systems to a known state. By Tripwire, Inc.
  • Case Study: Healthcare Firm Enhances Operations With Enterprise Content Management Solution Iowa Health Home Care was struggling with ways to manage huge volumes of paper documents. By KnowledgeLake
  • Comparative Analysis For Non-IND Sites

    A cancer research organization that facilitates the conduct of multi-national clinical trials was deep in the planning and
    coordination of a Phase III drug trial. The sponsor wanted to expand the trial to include German sites and had established important in-country partnerships for this purpose. The trial was being conducted under an IND, and everything was going according to plan until German regulatory authorities changed the rules. Read how Advarra Consulting provided in-depth analysis of German, European, and US regulations, allowing the cancer research study to move forward.


  • Case Study: Faster Document Access Saves Housing And Finance Authority $1M Yearly CHFA’s processes were very paper intensive. A single file ranges from 300 pages for a single family loan to more than 7,000 pages for a commercial loan. Staff continue to add documents throughout the life of the loan. By Hyland Software
  • Privacy, Piracy, And Product Usage: GDPR Readiness For Software Usage Analytics

    Tension exists between a person’s right to privacy and an organization’s right to collect personal information for the protection from fraud and improvement of their intellectual property. An organization can achieve balance by considering the laws and regulations in place within the jurisdictions where the organization’s products may be used.

  • Creating Harmonized Food Safety Processes Through Integration

    The Food and Beverage industry is increasingly adapting the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) as its “stamp” of high quality and safety. The GFSI-benchmarked food safety schemes coupled with regulatory oversight are driving organizations to seek methods of enhancing visibility into their quality and safety operations. An automated Food Safety Management System (FSMS) is one of these methods.

  • Biotechnology Company Utilizes Process Data Management Software To Support Its Manufacturing Operations

    Precision BioSciences (NASDAQ: DTIL) is a clinical stage biotechnology company developing allogeneic CAR T and in vivo gene correction therapies. Without automated data acquisition capabilities, batch data is manually recorded and transcribed into an Excel file, which is then e-mailed or shared on a network folder. Data is then verified and a PDF entered into the ELN for QA. All of this requires manual workflows. Learn how process data management software automated this workflow.