• FectoVIR®-AAV GMP ticks all the boxes to make each AAV-based gene therapy a success.

  • Revolutionizing Gene Editing: Germfree's Pioneering Cleanroom Solutions Propel CRISPR Manufacturing Forward

    Cleanroom requirements for CRISPR manufacturing necessitate strict adherence to particulate contamination and operational workflows, ensuring safety and product quality in this transformative field. Germfree’s expertise in providing specialized cleanroom solutions supports the effective production of CRISPR-based technologies and their delivery systems. Germfree provides application based fit-for-purpose facilities design to cater to the unique needs of this rapidly evolving sector.

  • Delivering on the promise of cell and gene therapy through Germfree products and services.

    Germfree Laboratories offer advanced modular and mobile facilities, equipment, and comprehensive services for cell therapy manufacturing. Acknowledging the complexity of personalized treatments, Germfree’s adaptable solutions optimize production processes, ensuring aseptic conditions, scalability, and compliance with regulatory standards. This enables efficient, high-quality cell therapy delivery to patients in need, supporting manufacturers in overcoming industry challenges.

  • BioCentriq has a comprehensive and established quality and compliance function with the personnel, systems, and procedures in place to apply phase-appropriate compliance and a quality-first approach to every program. Both Quality Assurance and Quality Control experts will be involved with your program from the very beginning as an integral part of the team starting with knowledge transfer and culminating with the release of your product. 

  • The BeamSquared® system is a compact and fully automated tool for measuring the propagation characteristics of CW and pulsed laser systems from the UV to NIR to Telecom wavelengths.