• MCP Polarimeter

    The MCP polarimeter series combines state-of-the-art technology, modern design, and high usability. Customer-specific configurations, like multiple wavelengths, provide the widest range of options to keep the polarimeter fit for the future.

  • Quality Assurance

    We establish quality structures and streamlined approaches to reduce risk and reinforce operational innovation in the changing landscape of clinical quality and compliance.

  • 2 – 11 GHz, 30 Watt GaN SP3T Switch: QPC2511

    Qorvo’s QPC2511 is a high-power single-pole triple-throw (SP3T) switch optimized for radar, communications, and electronic warfare (EW) applications. The switch is capable of operation within the 2 – 11 GHz frequency range.

  • Pharmaceutical Process Architecture Services

    Our highly specialized team of process architects - one of the deepest and strongest in the world - work with our clients to design facilities and processes that manufacture the most technically advanced, scientific products in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries.

  • Analytical Services

    PCI provides fully audited, in-house laboratories in both our European and North America locations offering a range of analytical services to support clients in the development and commercialization of new medicines.