• Pharmaceutical Vacuum Sequencing Receivers
    Pharmaceutical Vacuum Sequencing Receivers

    P-Series receivers are designed to convey bulk solids and meets the rigid sanitary requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Process Simulation Services For Food Manufacturing
    Process Simulation Services For Food Manufacturing

    Process Simulation can add value throughout the life-cycle of your facility: from master planning through start-up, de-bottlenecking and even day-to-day operations.

  • HST™ 30 High-Speed Turbocompressor
    HST™ 30 High-Speed Turbocompressor

    The HST™ 30 is the newest addition to the HST™ line of high-speed turbocompressors. It offers more flow and pressure at a significantly higher efficiency than its predecessors do. This translates into big savings in the energy consumed by low-pressure air compression, both in wastewater treatment and industrial processes.

  • High-Power Switch LNA Module: QPB9314
    High-Power Switch LNA Module: QPB9314

    Qorvo offers the QPB9314 highly integrated front-end module with operation in the 2.3 – 2.7 GHz frequency range ideally suited for TDD base station, wireless infrastructure, and macro or picocell base station applications. This LNA module integrates RF functional blocks such as a pin-diode based high power switch along with two LNA stages.

  • Revulytics Compliance Intelligence
    Revulytics Compliance Intelligence

    Proven compliance analytics to detect, identify, and convert unpaid software use.


  • PCI Compliance Case Study: Wesco Convenience Stores
    PCI Compliance Case Study: Wesco Convenience Stores Tripwire® Enterprise’s configuration control solution specifically addresses many PCI requirements and provides auditors with comprehensive reports that prove effective risk control. Tripwire detects and documents all changes so that IT staff can quickly troubleshoot any service incident, and return systems to a known state. By Tripwire, Inc.
  • White Paper: GPS Verification For Leak Detection And Repair
    White Paper: GPS Verification For Leak Detection And Repair The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has developed fugitive emissions compliance programs in which companies in the refining and chemical industry are legally bound to run compliant Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) programs. These programs specify criteria for record keeping and reporting, which may in turn be audited by enforcement agencies to ensure that chemical processing equipment is being consistently monitored and proper measurements are being taken. By Juniper Systems
  • Seven Considerations For Your RFID Project As more companies decide to implement RFID at distribution centers, stores, and warehouses, the likelihood of having to comply with one or more industry mandates increases for a variety of suppliers. These mandates promise extreme organizational benefits for those issuing the mandates as well as the ability to streamline an intense amount of data that will ultimately result in a super-efficient supply chain. Submitted by Domino EIS
  • Document Imaging Trend Report — Small To Medium Businesses Small to medium size businesses (SMBs) present a major opportunity for Enterprise Content Management, including the critical document imaging component as it will help them cut costs, accelerate their business processes, streamline business operations, aide with regulatory compliance and ensure the protection of their valuable information asset. Submitted by Fujitsu Computer Products of America
  • Case Study: Commercial Metals Company Centralizes AP Processes And Save 55,000 A Year With ImageSilo® When the Director of Shared Services at Commercial Metals Company (CMC) was asked to centralize the accounts payable processes of 40 metal recycling yards scattered across the country, he quickly realized that paper documents were the roots of his AP problems at the yards. By Digitech Systems, Inc.
  • The Dog Ate My E-Mail: SOX For The Midsized Enterprise White Paper: The Dog Ate My E-Mail: SOX For The Midsized Enterprise
  • Using WMI To Enhance Network Visibility And Streamline Operational Management Many IT departments are expected to maintain business operations effectively, but often with limited resources, leaving little time to implement proactive processes and procedures to minimize their exposure to threats.
  • Will Your RFID Gen 2 System Be Up to Standard? The promise of increased functionality in RFID systems created in compliance with the new EPCglobal Generation 2 (Gen 2) standard creates a foundation for a new era of RFID use in the supply chain. Submitted by Data Systems International
  • White Paper: McAfee Tackles The Complexities Of Endpoint Security Twenty-five years ago, the very first computer virus emerged. Today, computer security has changed dramatically—more than we could have possibly imagined back then. It has become far more complex and time consuming by the day for enterprises to stay safe. By McAfee, Inc.
  • Financial Services Firm Remains Compliant With ProStor InfiniVault®
    Financial Services Firm Remains Compliant With ProStor InfiniVault® Selero provides highly automated trade execution and connectivity solutions for the equities trading marketplace. The company’s solutions are designed to be fast-to-implement, fast-to-operate, and fast-to-adjust in response to real-time market dynamics. Selero’s customers include asset managers, broker dealers, exchanges, electronic communications networks, automatic transfer services, and regulators. By ProStor
  • PCI Compliance Case Study: MarketLive Tripwire® Enterprise provides configuration control for file servers and databases that meets the needs of PCI compliance and provides auditors with comprehensive reports that prove risk control. With Tripwire’s visibility of change for servers and databases, changes that are in exception to policy are escalated for investigation, eliminating time-consuming and error-prone rebuilds. By Tripwire, Inc.
  • Bausch & Lomb: Implementing A Global 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant CAPA System When Peter J. Mueller, Manager of Global Quality Information Systems selected a global CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Action) system for his company, he knew exactly what he was looking for...