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  • G-CON Building Services provides host facility project management solutions to pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical clients to simplify customer cleanroom projects and provide project completion in a more timely and cost-efficient manner.​

  • The ADMV1013 and ADMV1014 from Analog Devices are ICs that operate over a very wide frequency range with 50 Ω-match from 24 GHz up to 44 GHz. This facilitates ease of design and reduces the costs of building a single platform that can cover all 5G mm Wave frequency bands including 28 GHz and 39 GHz. 

  • Syringes are complex products that require an extremely precise forming process: Stevanato Group syringe manufacturing lines include several specifications, which are normally optional, such as servomotors for controlling the most critical manufacturing phases (cone forming, total length) and flow meters for automatically regulating the burners.

  • OSI Optoelectronics’ one- and two-dimensional photodiodes, the  Duo-Lateral, Super Linear Position Sensing Detectors feature high-speed response times with extremely low noise levels and capacitance. Our state-of-the art duo-lateral technologies provide a continuous analog output proportional to the displacement of the centroid of a light spot from the center of the active area.

  • Schneider Optics' Aquamarine Series feature high resolution 1.3” C-Mount or TFL-Mount lenses that are compact, robust, and ideal for demanding imaging applications even in harsh environments. 


  • Method Development: Managing A Diverse Range Of APIs

    See how the team developed analytical methods to support pre-clinical and future GMP production under tight timelines.

  • Small Molecule APIs: Aligning Drug Strategy With Partnering Strategy

    Development of novel small molecule APIs is increasingly turned over to outsourced partners who have become the primary drivers of the product’s overall development and go-to-market strategy. 

  • Navigating The Latest ICH E8(R1) Guideline Revisions: Best Practices For Application With Increased Trial Variabilities

    This white paper highlights the key principles set forth in E8(R1), which was endorsed in May, 2019, and E6(R3), which is scheduled for publication in late 2022, illustrating how Sponsors and Contract Research Organizations (CROs) can achieve compliance. Cmed has been operating at the highest clinical research standards for over 20 years.

  • Botanical Medicines In Research

    Botanicals have been used for millennia to combat illness—but why are there so few clinical trials testing the merits of this modality? This white paper describes rationale for why IRBs should embrace botanical medicine protocols.

  • Vulnerability Management-as-a-Service: How To Improve Client IT Security And Your Profits At The Same Time

    This whitepaper was developed to serve as a blueprint to help MSPs create, sell, and deliver a profitable portfolio of vulnerability management services – a suite of offerings that are scaled and priced to meet the needs of every client, regardless of how small or how large.

  • Navigating Regulatory And Development Milestones

    This article addresses how early-stage biotherapeutic companies can avoid common pitfalls as they navigate the funding and regulatory processes to bring novel therapeutics from research to market.

  • Unified IRT And Clinical Supply Aligns Processes To Meet Timeline

    Partnering with a single vendor has been proven to significantly reduce errors, demand less time and resource from sponsors, deliver process automation to drive efficiency, and offer a holistic view of data that facilitates smart decision making and continuous improvement. Download Almac’s case study to find out how one sponsor was able to meet ambitious study milestones, thanks to the Almac ONE service.

  • Accelerating Discovery With Improved IP Management - Streamlining Lab Execution With BIOVIA

    Inefficient lab workflows and poor visibility across research data was threatening to jeopardize clinical programs, from discovery to registration and beyond for a biotechnology company. They needed to replace their legacy, paper-based processes with an entirely digitalized lab environment that supported the innovation lifecycle from target identification to compound discovery and process development.

  • Key Considerations For Selecting A Medical Pump

    Newcomers to medical device design may think pressure and flow rate are sufficient parameters to consider when selecting a pump. While this may be the case in some industrial applications, medical device requirements are more demanding and a thorough review of a medical pump's selection criteria is required to ensure the correct pump is chosen.

  • Depositing - The Future Of Hard Candy

    Hard candy depositing is a process that has developed and grown rapidly over the last 20 years. Deposited hard candies and lollipops are now produced in every major confectionery market around the world by manufacturers ranging from regional specialists to major multi-nationals. This paper will review the basic principles of depositing and discuss the fundamental aspects of design that should be considered when engineering a complete depositing solution.

  • Planned Emergency Research And Exception From Informed Consent

    This white paper focuses on key issues of interest to sponsors who may be interested in planning and designing EFIC studies, sites and investigators conducting EFIC research, and IRBs charged with reviewing EFIC studies.

  • Removing The Barriers To eConsent Adoption

    eConsent technology has existed for nearly 20 years in various iterations. Read how sponsors have taken a cautious approach to using eConsent, piloting it on individual studies but refraining from incorporating it across all pipelines in clinical operations.