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  • This multi-capillary electrophoresis system enables biopharma scientists to run multiple samples in parallel, accelerating the development and execution of sensitive, high-throughput analytical methods.

  • The BlisterJet is a fully digital piezo inkjet system. It prints on blank pharmaceutical blisters. The solvent-free, UV-curable inks print sharp graphics and text in one to two colors. The system is available for inline or near-to-line configurations.

  • Pharmatec Process Systems for Biopharmaceutical Production are designed for the production of liquid medicines. Production of pharmaceutical liquids is carried out in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks with stirring units under addition of chemicals with or without nutrient solutions. All valid pharmaceutical (e. g. USP, EP) and technical rules and standards (e. g. DIN, ASME, GMP and FDA / ISPE Guidelines) are followed and applied.

  • Make strides with a tailored, comprehensive suite of discovery and development services to rapidly progress your project and reduce time to market.