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  • ERP Software for Prepared Packaged Foods

    JustFood ERP software has been designed to help companies in the prepared packaged foods industry operate more efficiently, comply with global food safety standards and scale operations. JustFood prepared packaged foods customers are able to better manage inventory levels, process large, consistent batches and set up safety checks throughout the production process.

  • GENiSYS® R Robotic Multi-Format Filling and Closing System

    AST’s GENiSYS® R has a unique blend of automated capabilities to ensure your sterile products, whether clinical or commercial, are processed in strict accordance with cGMP requirements. The system has the flexibility to adapt to your process requirements and container options alike, and its ability to process all ready-to-fill vial, syringe, and cartridge formats allows you to bring drug products to market cost-effectively.

  • Formulation Development

    Bora formulation development team provides formulation development and solution from an early stage of new chemical entities (NCE) to generic products.

  • Flexible Filling Capabilities For Rigorous Demands

    Argonaut features state-of-the-art automated equipment for high-yield filling of sterile injectable drugs. Projects are supported by a full analytical quality control service offering, warehousing, and global shipping logistics. Equipped with advanced robotics, our automated fill line is specially designed to maximize product yield while minimizing the risks associated with operator intervention.

  • Bio-Plex 200 & 3D Systems

    The Bio-Plex System comprises all products for a complete workflow — from sample prep reagents and diluents to sophisticated data analysis — for unsurpassed sensitivity, precision, and accuracy.


  • MBR System Treats Nut Processor’s High Strength Wastewater with Ease

    The macadamia nut is indeed favored by many as a high quality nut, evidenced by its extensive use in desserts or simply as a premium stand-alone snack. One of the world’s leading producers of these delicious nuts produces more than 15 million pounds each year from its Hawaii processing plant.

  • Nordic City Gains Valuable Condition Data With Proactive Approach To Reducing NRW

    Gothenburg is Sweden’s second largest city after Stockholm, located between Oslo and Copenhagen in a low-lying estuary area near the Gota River, the primary source of drinking water for the port city. The City’s Sustainable Waste and Water Department serves a population of over 500,000, and manages 1750 km of potable water pipeline.

  • Capabilities For Clinical Studies In Contraception

    Contraception studies involve a variety of unique operational and methodological considerations that may vary at different stages of development. This paper explains those considerations as well as key risks and mitigations in contraception studies.

  • Which Real-World Research Design Is Best?

    Real-world research design is more complicated than clinical trial design, its complexity due to a multitude of factors including the differing evidentiary needs of diverse healthcare system stakeholders, the differing outcome measures available to meet those needs, and the differing methodologic approaches that can be used to collect clinical, economic and real-world data. Selecting the most appropriate and cost-effective research design can be quite challenging. Read more about a developed and tested an algorithm that has proven to be useful in structuring decision-making in the design of real-world research.

  • Advanced Clinical Achieves A Strategic Advantage With Veeva Vault eTMF

    Contract research organization Advanced Clinical leverages Veeva Vault eTMF to run faster, higher-quality trials for study partners.

  • The Importance Of An Analytical Testing Strategy For Combination Products

    As combination products evolve and a preference for self-administration systems such as prefilled syringes, auto-injectors, and pen injectors commercialize, there is a need to ensure proper testing of both the primary and secondary components in compliance with regulatory guidelines. The combination product development process to focus on the user-friendliness, or human factors, of self-administration systems, very often involves new and innovative drug products. One crucial aspect of this process focuses on regulatory submission. A foundational point that tends to be overlooked, and required for regulatory submission, is the analytical testing strategy that supports the combination product development process, whether at the stages of concept, feasibility, development, or product release.

  • Law Firm Quickly Transforms 7,000 Boxes Of Legal Documents To Digital Files

    Huge volume of records converted seamlessly via expertise of Data Repro Com Ltd. and information capture technology from Alaris.

  • Evaluation Of Filtration Media For High Rate Surface Water Filtration

    The existing water filtration facility in Clinton MA is a high rate, direct filtration process that has been on-line since 2006. The water filtration plant draws it raw water from the Wachusett Reservoir. Chemical feed systems are provided for chemically assisted filtration, pre-oxidation (potassium permanganate), coagulation, pH and alkalinity adjustment (sodium bicarbonate and sodium hydroxide), and disinfection (sodium hypochlorite).

  • Effect Of Hemolysis, Icterus And Lipemia On Chemistry Tests And Association Between The Amount Of Interfering Substances And LIH Indices

    An evaluation of the effect of hemolysis, icterus and lipemia on chemistry assays and further assessment of the association between the amount of interfering substances and ordinal values reported by the automated chemistry analyzer as H-, I- and L-indices.

  • Church Road Transfer Station - Modular MBR Wastewater Treatment Plant

    The Church Road Transfer Station (CRTS) is located southwest of downtown Parksville, British Columbia in the Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN). The facility receives organic waste, solid waste, recyclables, and construction/demolition waste from the general public and commercial haulers. Its expansion under the RDN’s Green Building Policy transformed it into a zero-waste facility.

  • Controlling Dust In Grain Manufacturing Operations

    Aging dust filtration systems present safety and quality risks and low filtration efficiency. This case study shows how new dust collectors can maintain acceptable dust levels and reduce plant downtime.

  • Accelerating Regulatory Product Development And Approval For Drugs And Biologics In The U.S.

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has created five mechanisms to presumably speed the approval of drugs and biologics that effectively treat serious diseases, especially those that are the first of their kind or those that provide increased benefit over existing treatments. Following is an overview on how to appropriately use these five programs to maximize speed of approval depending on the product type.