Ultra High-Volume Scanners


  • We offer rapid delivery of GMP cell line testing for your lentiviral and retroviral products, including extended and qPCR-based replication-competent lentiviruses (RCL) assays.

  • Downstream bioprocessing steps have long held challenges for drug manufacturers, particularly the chromatography step for purification of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs).

    The complexity of traditional chromatography options as well as the high cost of the Protein A resin required have driven the search for a more flexible, cost-effective and convenient alternative.

  • Continuous manufacturing is leading to fundamental changes in oral solid dosage (OSD) production. Higher flexibility, shorter development times with minimum API usage, and a direct transfer from development to production without scale-up are among the primary requirements of pharmaceutical manufacturers. Syntegon Technology is tackling these challenges with a novel approach called Xelum. In continuous manufacturing, the processes occur one after the other without interruption, the product is charged and discharged simultaneously. The main challenge is the precise dosing of the starting materials in a constant mass flow rate of milligrams per second. Syntegon uses a different approach.

  • Ideal tool for characterizing nanoparticles

    The Corning Videodrop utilizes the principles of interferometry in conjunction with microscopy to sense, detect, characterize, and track single nanoparticles in real time. The operation of this bioproduction analytical device is seamless thanks to its intuitive software interface and efficient sample handling protocol.

  • The SL160  automated microscope slide loader will be the standard for OEMs and system integrators and allow for precise and safe loading of slides for the pathology, cytology, and screening markets.