Ultra High-Volume Scanners


  • We author documents that support research and development and marketing needs.  Our expertise includes clinical study protocols, clinical study reports, Investigator’s brochures, briefing documents, safety narratives, and Modules 2 to 5 of the CTD.

  • Organizer is Seeq’s application for engineers and managers to assemble and distribute Seeq analyses as reports, dashboards, and web pages.

  • High-speed, cutting-edge spectral sorting and analysis. The Bigfoot Cell Sorter provides power, safety, performance, and flexibility for your lab

  • PAS-X is the market-leading MES (manufacturing execution system) for the pharma and biotech industries. It is run by more than 50 percent of the world’s top 30 pharmaceutical and biotech companies and in more than 1000 installations around the globe.

  • The Vacuum-Compatible 6-Axis Hexapod: H-850.V from PI can position heavy loads up to 80kg, featuring heavy-duty, reliable precision bearings that allow applications with long duty cycles. Fields of application are research and industry, including astronomy, optics positioning, and aerospace.


  • City Expands Use Of Advanced Vacuum Feeders To Solve Reliability And Maintenance Problems For WTP Chemical Feeds

    A municipal water quality manager reports that original use of advanced vacuum feeders for application of sodium hypochlorite (hypo), for improved reliability and reduced maintenance costs versus less advanced vacuum feeders, has now been supplemented with their deployment for phosphoric acid feed, replacing metering pumps. Still further application, for caustic feed, is now being tested.

  • The Oncology Workstation With EziDock CSV6 HPAPI Transfer For Superior Personnel And Product Protection

    The Oncology Workstation with EziDock CSV6 HPAPI Transfer was designed to provide personnel and product protection while working with powder substances. It was determined due to the high OEL that a glovebox workstation would best suit the application, and an Ezi-Dock high containment transfer system was used due to its capacity to handle hazardous chemical and pharmaceutical products.

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Utilizes Checkweighers To Identify Inaccurately Filled Product

    In no other industry is the need for product quality and process reliability as critical as in the pharmaceutical industry. Sanofi-Aventis is the global leader in core medical areas, such as diabetes/metabolism, the cardiovascular system, thrombosis, the central nervous system, internal medicine, oncology and prevention through progressive vaccines. Checkweighers check vital insulin: in the Injectables Division, where liquid drugs such as different types of insulin or drugs for emergency medicine are produced, the packaged medical compounds are subjected to final checks using a dynamic checkweigher.

  • Multiplexing: Managing Risk With Proven, Single-Use Solutions

    Instead of trying to make better predictions or erring on the side of overcapacity, developers and CDMOs should seek manufacturing flexibility.

  • High-Quality, Audit-Ready Clinical Research Driven By Digital Data Management

    A contract research organization (CRO) focused on quality needed to more thoroughly document clinical studies for sponsors, regulatory authorities and other auditors. With a cloud-based, unified IBM® Clinical Development platform, the CRO can now quickly create accurate digital records of every action taken, including granting users access and updating study protocols.

  • Global Pharma Company Dramatically Improves Collaboration, Communication, And Compliance In Trials

    A Top 5 global pharmaceutical company wanted to help sites do everyday tasks more efficiently, making it easier for site staff to adhere to the protocol and deliver high-quality data. After evaluations and pilots, the company deployed IQVIA Technologies’ Investigator Site Portal (formerly DrugDev) in a 4-phase approach that delivered benefits each step of the way.

  • New Project Keeps Water Running To Las Vegas

    More than 42 million tourists traveled to Las Vegas in 2018 to see the shows, the entertainers, and the gambling halls that make the city one of the nation’s most popular travel destinations. The Las Vegas valley is also the home of more than 2.25 million residents, easily the most densely populated region in the state of Nevada.

  • To Filter Or Not To Filter In HPLC? Now, That’s A Question.

    How do you use filtration in HPLC? Why might you not use filtration in HPLC sample prep and in-system, and when is it essential? And how can syringeless filters simplify your workflow, saving resources and time? Let’s find out.

  • Intensified Seed Train: Driving The Evolution Of Upstream Processes

    With the increased pressure to drive down manufacturing costs and to improve facility flexibility, there is a need to implement new perfusion-based approaches.

  • Developing A Scalable Process For Adenovirus Manufacturing

    To address the growing need for speed and efficiency in viral vector manufacturing, Cytiva developed a process for adenovirus manufacturing that not only meets regulatory requirements but is also scalable.

  • Robots, Lasers, And Artificial Intelligence Join Forces Undersea

    Subsea robots, lasers, and artificial intelligence have been combined into one dynamic solution that will change the methods of working underwater. The SeaVision® subsea 3D laser imaging system is used to perform high-resolution RGB laser line scanning. 

  • Improved Reliability Through Wireless Monitoring And Control

    Redundancy in electrical power components and cooling backups are the core of reliability for data centers. If an electrical or cooling component fails, it is critical that the backup takes over without human intervention and without complications. The minimum risk of repair of the failed part is dependent on an aggressive, maintainable installation that employs breakers, valves and other isolation strategies. Another critical element of reliability is capacity and the ability to conduct high density monitoring.