Ultra High-Volume Scanners


  • Zetasizer Ultra Nanoparticle Size Analyzer
    Zetasizer Ultra Nanoparticle Size Analyzer

    Nanoparticle size analyzer with zeta potential measurements.

    The new Zetasizer Ultra is our most advanced system for the measurement of particle and molecular size, particle charge and particle concentration, and represents the most intelligent and flexible instrument in the Zetasizer range.

  • Sterile Fill/Finish
    Sterile Fill/Finish

    AbbVie’s new aseptic fill / finish vial line located in Sligo, northwest Ireland, is approximately 130 miles from Dublin. This state-of-the-art line supports lyophilization for potent and biologics along with liquid fill vials. Equipment installation is underway with production commencing H2 2020.

  • Packaging Text Inspection System
    Packaging Text Inspection System

    GlobalVision Text Inspection compares two unlike documents to manage the accuracy of text along the artwork, document, and packaging creation workflow. It’s perfect for making sure there aren’t any unintended changes as your text moves from your copy document to artwork to print.

  • Webroot DNS Protection
    Webroot DNS Protection

    Stop malware before it enters your network.

  • Pouch Filling Systems For Liquid And Chunky Foods:  DOSOMAT
    Pouch Filling Systems For Liquid And Chunky Foods: DOSOMAT

    To fill liquid and chunky products in prefabricated pouches. Closure via ultrasonic sealing and additional hot sealing.