• Qosina offers a full line of quick-release connects and disconnect couplings for single-use systems. Designed with quality and economy in mind, our quick-release couplings are useful in any application where tubing requires quick and safe connection and disconnection.

  • Effective and Efficient Vial Washing
    Vial washing cleans the vials of particulate matter and microorganisms; however traditional vial washers have many moving parts, which can themselves generate particulates. SP Hull vial washers have just two moving parts in their washing chamber to ensure highly effective cleaning and their main drive is servo driven. Each vial format has a Human Machine Interface (HMI) selected recipe with specific settings for spray time to help reduce water consumption. Vials are washed without the washing needle entering the vial, thereby eliminating the risk of vials being damaged due to misaligned or bent washing needles.

  • The Model 5503 SOSA aligned high-speed synchronizer and distribution board synchronizes multiple Mercury Quartz family boards within a system. It enables synchronous sampling and timing for a wide range of multichannel high-speed data acquisition, DSP, radar, EW and software radio applications.

  • A variety of test methods exist to challenge package quality and performance. The objective of a feasibility study is to evaluate if a recommended CCI solution works and establish the optimal test parameters and Limit of Detection (LoD).

  • The pharmaceutical industry continues to bring breakthroughs in the field of new drugs and drug delivery systems amidst the increased scrutiny of the regulators. The packaging acts as the primary sterile barrier in drug delivery systems that safeguard the drug product through its life cycle. The efficiency of the primary sterile barrier and the functional components are of utmost importance to patient safety.


  • OneXpress Solution Enables Accelerated Scale-Up Of A Spray-Drying Program

    A virtual biotechnology company, focused on the development and commercialization of a product to treat advanced solid tumors, partnered for the development, clinical trial supply, and scale-up of a spray-drying program.

  • Visual Inspection On Hard Disk Drive Cases

    HDD production quality control has become more vital as product characteristics have evolved to be more complex. This case study presents how Allied Vision's G-505B PoE and Mako G-125B PoE are used in hard disk drive case quality control.

  • Advanced Plasma Deposition Improves Ultra Narrowband Optical Filters

    Narrowband filters are a critical technology for a variety of applications such as lidar (light detection and ranging), laser cleanup, chemical and gas sensing, instrumentation, and astronomy. Creating multicavity filters is a challenge for deposition process control systems. It invariably introduces undesirable ripple, resulting in signal loss in the pass band, the spectral range over which the filter has high transmittance. Alluxa uses a computer-controlled variation on the turning point method of thickness control for each individual layer, where the filter is constantly measured and variations in thickness compensated for, taking into account thickness errors associated with multiple layers.

  • Lateral-Effect Photodiodes

    In recent years, there has been a dramatic expansion of electro-optical instruments. The lateral-effect photodiode provides direct readouts of the displacement of a light spot across its active area.

  • GeoSpray® 49″ Brick Sewer Rehab In Los Angeles

    Los Angeles Sanitation collects, cleans, and recycles solid and liquid waste generated by residential, commercial and industrial users in the city of Los Angeles and surrounding communities. The system serves over four million residents. The Bureau of Engineering for the Department of Public Works is responsible for maintaining the sewer and stormwater systems owned by the city. Over the last several decades, the city has worked to rehabilitate and replace much of its aging sanitary sewer system. As the progress continues, the city is now doing more work on the larger diameter piping structures in its system. These larger diameter rehabilitations are significantly more costly than the smaller diameter repairs and many of the systems employed by the city are significantly budget constrained.

  • Innovation In AR Lens Coatings: High-Quality Coatings For High-Power Lasers

    Coatings must protect the lens and allow for the highest levels of optical performance, with low levels of absorption and a long life expectancy, while also exhibiting appropriate transparency and an acceptable cost/benefit ratio.

  • Zygo Accumold Case Study

    Accumold is a pre-eminent micro molding company experienced in fabricating precision micro, small, and lead-free injection-molded plastic components. Accumold relies on ZYGO coherence scanning interferometer equipment to maximize efficiency.

  • Revitalization Of Older Drug Products Using Innovative Formulation Technologies By 505(b)(2) Regulatory Pathway

    Revitalization of older marketed drug products using innovative drug delivery technologies or platforms can provide new marketing exclusivity and new patent protection, and thus offer an effective tool for product life cycle management.

  • How An MSP Enhances Compliance For Healthcare And Finance Clients

    Eric Gaffin is the Director of Cybersecurity and Compliance Services for Advanced Technology Group, a managed security and IT services company with a 20-year track record of delivering cutting edge solutions to clients in heavily-regulated industries. See how he’s using ActivTrak to address his clients’ compliance needs.

  • Validation Study In Adults With Lifestyle-Related Chronic Disease

    The Philips Health Band (PHB) is a wrist-worn activity and heart rate monitoring device. This study assessed the measurement performance of the PHB in adults at risk for lifestyle-related chronic disease such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes type 2 as well as adults with existing lifestyle-related chronic disease.

  • Keeping Your Additive Manufacturing Laser In Spec

    Additive manufacturing allows for more customized parts using more specialized materials, and will eventually create a more localized, rapid, and agile distribution network. This white paper discusses important laser performance characteristics, how to measure them, and how to keep the laser in spec.

  • White Paper: The Challenge Of Manufacturing Large Mirrors

    Large mirrors are a critical aspect of numerous optical systems and are used in a wide variety of important applications. For the production of high performance large mirrors, optical manufacturers are tasked with the challenge of meeting a strict set of requirements.