• Next-generation fluorescent imaging solution for the assurance of monoclonality and automated confluence across diverse cell types

    Demonstrating that cell lines are monoclonal – or that a gene was edited as expected – can be a time-consuming and highly-subjective process when relying on conventional technologies. The CloneSelect® Imager and CloneSelect® Imager FL are a high-throughput automated solutions for imaging and analyzing mammalian cells. Tracking the formation of a colony from a single cell is effortless as barcoded plates are tracked over time. Automated acquisition and analysis provides accurate, objective, and consistent results.

  • Our robust analytical capabilities support development processes and ensure our products are well characterized, safe and meet regulatory guidelines.

  • Explore advanced spectral instruments and light sources for the telecommunications and fiber optic sensing industries, with more than 35,000 units deployed around the globe.

  • Robust quality and regulatory support protects our clients and ultimately patients.

    Focus on compliance and continuous improvement

    At the Center for Breakthrough Medicines, our quality management systems and regulatory services provide the highest level of compliance, control, and oversight for our client programs from the inception of the clinical trial through commercialization. Having a dedicated regulatory team on site supporting your program will allow for real-time process information and analytical data to be procured, evaluated, and applied to your submission filing. The requirements of an IND/BLA are complicated and can be difficult to interpret. By partnering with CBM, we can utilize our strong relationships with the health authorities and collaborate with you to make sure your filing meets the stringent requirements set forth by the agencies, minimizing any potential delays to your program resulting from the review process.

  • The 2520 series small form factor differential output crystal oscillator supports less than 100fs RMS Jitter with extremely tight frequency tolerance down to +/-20ppm. 



  • Shining A Light On Neuromorphic Computing

    AI, machine learning, and ChatGPT may be relatively new buzzwords in the public domain, but developing a computer that functions like the human brain and nervous system - both hardware and software combined - has been a decades-long challenge.

  • Let There Be Light

    Quantum objects, such as electrons and photons, behave differently from other objects in ways that enable quantum technology. Therein lies the key to unlocking the mystery of quantum entanglement, in which multiple photons exist in multiple modes or frequencies.

  • Photonics Researchers Are Developing Semiconductor Chips For Miniaturised Optical Systems

    At Tampere University, photonics researchers are developing semiconductor light emission chips for light-based sensing, LIDAR, and health monitoring.

  • Phonon-Enhanced Nonlinearities In Layered Materials

    Parametric optical processes in solids reveal critical information about a crystal's properties like optical susceptibility and band-structure, profoundly influencing nonlinear frequency-conversion. Published in Nature Communications, the study titled "Phonon-Enhanced Nonlinearities in Hexagonal Boron Nitride" sheds light on the optical nonlinearities induced and amplified by strong phonon resonances within hexagonal boron nitride (hBN).