• Real Residual Permanganate Analyzer

    Real Tech’s permanganate monitoring solution provides continuous online measurement of residual permanganate in the drinking water process.

  • GENiSYS Lab Vial Sealing System

    AST's Vial Sealing System (VSS) is a benchtop, semi-automatic machine used for sealing or capping pharmaceutical vials and bottles with aluminum caps. The VSS provides complete and precise control of the container sealing or capping operations to ensure the highest quality vial seal. The system’s versatility allows for the processing of a wide range of vial or bottle sizes and finishes and is ideal for small batch processing of sterile pharmaceutical and biotechnology products.

  • High-Performance MWIR InSb Camera: FLIR X6800sc

    The FLIR X6800sc is a fast, highly sensitive MWIR camera designed for scientists, researchers, and engineers. With advanced triggering and on-camera RAM/SSD recording, this camera offers the functionality to stop motion on high-speed events both in the lab and at the test range. The X6800sc has a cooled FLIR indium antimonide (InSb) detector and captures full 640 x 512 images at 502 frames per second, or up to 29,134 Hz with windowing.

  • Avalanche Photodiodes (APDs)

    First Sensor offers avalanche photodiodes (APDs), or diodes with an internal gain mechanism. These diodes are available with different housings, and components optimized for the blue, red, and infrared spectral range between 905 and 1064 nm. 

  • Process Scale-Up And Scale-Out, Closure And Automation CDMO Services

    CCRM has extensive experience in closing and automating various cell therapy processes.


  • MSP Saves Time, Management Overhead With A Tailored Antivirus Solution

    Mirus IT was plagued by all the same problems that had aggravated the IT community for years. Heavy endpoint agents were causing major performance problems, upsetting clients and frustrating technicians. Kaspersky, their former antivirus solution, was becoming a major source of support tickets in its own right. With customers and employees alike, their existing antivirus was causing major headaches.

  • Focus On Polyimides For Medical Applications

    Polyimides (PIs) occupy a particular place in commercial plastics because of their ability to tolerate and function in extremely high temperatures. This white paper discusses PI properties, their structure, and how they are synthesized for use in extreme environment applications.

  • CEFCO Convenience Stores Fuel Success With The Cybera Network Managed Services Platform

    Like many highly distributed businesses, CEFCO Convenience Stores realized that its long-term growth depended on delivering a consistently positive customer experience across its network of 225 stores in the Southeastern U.S. The company also knew it could achieve that goal only by embracing innovative new technologies.

  • Odor Control Systems

    The aromas from savory flavors are detectable even at low concentrations, and pose special challenges for companies who manufacture or use them.

  • Thin-Film Optical Components For Use In Non-Linear Optical Systems

    Bio-imaging and detection techniques that use non-linear optical (NLO) phenomena have led to great advancements, such as super-resolution images, label-free visualization of naturally occurring biomolecules, and greater freedom for working with in-vivo samples. This white paper discusses the importance of choosing thin-film optical components for NLO systems to ensure optimal signal strength, resolution, and image quality.

  • Improving Compliance While Reducing Resources

    A global sponsor organization that develops pharmaceuticals, biologics, medical devices and over-the-counter products, sought a better approach to clinical trial registration and results disclosure requirements in the US. Using templates and spreadsheets, the sponsor team was spending approximately 20 hours to draft, finalize, approve and release one initial study registration to the US clinical trial registry (www.clinicaltrials.gov).

  • Photodiode Characteristics And Applications

    Silicon photodiodes operate by absorption of photons or charged particles and generate a flow of current in an external circuit, proportional to the incident power. They are used in diverse applications including spectroscopy, beam alignment, optical communications, and medical imaging.

  • 6 Considerations When Planning Data Center Network Upgrades

    As applications like AI, 5G, and IoT continue to grow, so will the need for processing power and bandwidth in the data centers that support their associated applications. It’s no surprise that data centers are rapidly migrating from architectures based on 10 Gb data rates per fiber optic link, to ones based on 40 Gb and 100 Gb.

  • PSD (Position Sensing Detector) Characteristics

    Silicon photodetectors are commonly used for light power measurements but may also be utilized as optical position sensors. They are commonly referred to as Position Sensing Detectors or simply PSDs. This white paper discusses the different types of PSDs and their functions in different applications.

  • Raising Standards Through Collaboration

    Agreed standards will drive all industry players towards the same goal: better bioprocessing. And efforts from BPOG, among others, are leading the way.

  • Visual Inspection On Hard Disk Drive Cases

    HDD production quality control has become more vital as product characteristics have evolved to be more complex. This case study presents how Allied Vision's G-505B PoE and Mako G-125B PoE are used in hard disk drive case quality control.

  • Gaining Efficiencies In The Monitoring Visit Report Process

    Ora, Inc. is a full-service research organization specializing in pre-clinical and clinical ophthalmic drug and device development. Learn how Ora implemented monitoring reviewer comments with Veeva Vault CTMS to optimize their trial processes.