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  • Successfully Managing Disease-Specific Registries With eClinical Technology

    Healthcare technology company’s solution supports industry-academia collaborative registry and facilitates quick attainment of enrollment goals and generation of multiple publications.

  • Water Activity And Primary Packaging Selection For Oral Solid Dosage Products

    The draft of the new general chapter USP<922> states that water activity determination can be used to assess the level of protection provided by primary packaging for an oral solid dosage (OSD) product over its entire shelf life. Water activity (Aw) measurements provide unique information, and therefore expand and complement the data collected from USP<670> Auxiliary Packing Components and USP<671> Containers - Performance Testing.

  • Understanding The Full Potential Of Best-In-Class Warranty Management

    For a business to succeed in a world of increasingly powerful service technologies, getting Warranty Management right is the bare minimum. Forward-thinking firms take that a step further, unafraid to make warranty management another tool that they can use to gain and retain customers.

  • Improve Field Service Productivity With Mobile Forms

    Mobile technology has changed the way people do their jobs. Businesses engaged in field data collection are increasingly recognizing the importance of integrating mobile technology into field worker operations. Businesses who are still relying on paper-based manual processes face a number of productivity challenges

  • A New Look At PTFE And Thin-Walled Catheter Liners

    ZEUS has improved upon PTFE extrusion technology by producing an ultra-thin-walled PTFE catheter liner for the Sub-Lite-Wall® StreamLiner™ series. These liners make for a sturdier, more robust finished device while retaining sufficient functional properties such as torquability pushability, and flexibility.

  • Five Reasons To Consider Outsourcing Analytical Testing

    Leveraging external experts for analytical input provides a cost-effective route to the latest instrumentation, robust and precise measurement, and reliable data interpretation. 

  • Supporting Environmental, Health & Safety (Eh&S) Programs Through Asset And Maintenance Management

    Environmental incidents, occupational illnesses and injuries are preventable through proper training, engineering controls and management controls. Best-in-Class CMMS/EAM solutions support reliability and maintenance process improvement by providing historical data, helping control maintenance processes and functioning as a tool for implementing improvement, and to be effective, maintenance organizations need quick access to critical information to perform tasks effectively, efficiently, and safely.

  • UK’s Cambridge Helpdesk Adds Layer Of Client Security With Secure DNS Solution

    Like many MSPs around the world, Cambridge Helpdesk was becoming more concerned about the rapid proliferation of ransomware threats in today’s security landscape. This concern was growing even more acute because Cambridge Helpdesk’s endpoint security solutions at the time (ESET and Bitdefender) were providing little or no protection against the current ransomware onslaught.

  • Streamline Medical Device Compliance With Jama: How Jama Simplifies FDA Compliance By Improving Processes

    Instead of focusing on FDA-regulation as the driving force in product development, compliance should instead be an outcome of a streamlined process that ensures a safe and reliable product is delivered to market. Achieving compliance, and creating the documentation, is an outcome of the focus and rigor required for regulated product development. This article discusses how Jama Software can simplify FDA processes by improving development and production.

  • The Trade Trends Report

    Now more than ever, companies need to re-engineer processes and supporting systems.

  • How Today's Investments Shape Tomorrow's Field Service Landscape

    A multitude of emerging technologies are changing the landscape of service management. Many of these technologies — once considered luxuries — will become necessities over the next five years. This report explores how today's investments by the Best-in-Class influence tomorrow's service landscape. Most importantly, the report will explain how you can prepare your firm right now. 

  • Advancing Oncology Development With A Synthetic Control Arm Trial

    A specialized biopharmaceutical company had a breakthrough therapy that had the potential to be first-in-class for a rare and aggressive hematological cancer and had shown great potential in earlier clinical trial. In many breakthrough treatment areas, where the patient population is small, or there is overwhelming evidence of efficacy at Phase 2, it has become common for drugs to be approved based on a pivotal single arm trial – however, this is not always optimal. Read how synthetic control offers a practical, effective way to leverage real-world evidence and has been applied in regulatory approvals.