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  • Our engineering and manufacturing teams create custom solutions to meet the highest technical requirements for challenging applications.

  • Bring your vision to life with Corning custom OEM solutions and services.

    Whether your research requires a customized or off-branded product, a highly specialized or complex product, specialty packaging, or design and research service assistance, Corning is committed to meeting your unique and changing needs with original, tailored solutions for today’s emerging life sciences applications.

  • Save precious benchtop space with this compact, refrigerated centrifuge that brings more versatility to your bench.

    • 3.0 L Max Capacity
    • 13,500 RPM
    • 20,412 x g
    • 10 rotor configurations
    • Operates at ≤ 56 dBA at max speed
    • Refrigerated
  • Apollo™ is an innovative platform that empowers you with real-time access to study data, milestones, documents, and program planning tools.

  • The MEQ10-45CSP1 is a passive MMIC equalizer QFN ideal for compensating for low pass filtering effects in RF/microwave and high speed digital systems. 


  • A New Approach To Cell Sorter Safety

    Cell sorting continues to be a powerful contributor in the quest to improve human health, allowing researchers to make timely advancements in drug and vaccine development. However when cell sorters are run at high pressures, they can produce aerosols with high particulate content as well as extremely small particles. While several newer sorters include systems to address this concern they continue to resemble an ad hoc solution with manual operation of air-handling controls and poor access for service manipulation, which can lead to inconsistent results and an unsafe environment. In this paper we review a cell-sorter with a design to solve these problems.

  • Fujirebio Increases Study Agility By Streamlining Clinical Operations And Data Management Process

    Fujirebio’s fast-growing U.S. Clinical R&D team was preparing for shorter studies with higher complexity. Traditional methods using paper and spreadsheet trackers were no longer adequate to meet quality goals. Learn how the group increased its agility and readiness with LifeSphere Clinical EDC and CTMS tools.

  • Service Managers’ Buyer’s Guide

    The past few decades have fundamentally redefined the boundaries, perception, and expectations of what service delivery means for the modern economy. The days of localized, disparate support have in many instances been superseded by a coherent, connected strategy, and even within those small support offerings, the options and expectations for how service would be scheduled, how parts would be allocated, and how service itself is delivered has only grown more complex.

  • Go Digital, But Make It Effortless: Pharma Recipe Authoring

    Explore some of the most commonly encountered challenges associated with recipe development and how going digital enables companies to turn molecules into medicine in a fraction of the time.

  • Utilizing Robotic Aseptic Filling Systems To Meet Industry Needs

    An aseptic filling and closing machine solution allowed Catalent to reliably process a wide range of both trayed and nested vials for their client product needs.

  • Ferring’s Strategic Approach To Content Management

    With a comprehensive software integration this specialty biopharmaceutical group created a highly connected environment for documentation in quality, R&D, and manufacturing.

  • Automatic Score-Based Treatment Path For Site Users

    A biopharmaceutical company had a Phase II study with 300 patients in 5 countries. At a key point in the study each patient’s treatment path depended on a score calculated from data collected over the previous period. Cmed was able to provide them with a solution that would enforce a workflow to ensure the accuracy of the data used in the score calculation.

  • Full IND Program: Exceeding Requirements For Submission

    Follow a compound through a full cycle of IND development, from modifications to the synthetic route to formulation development and API manufacturing.

  • Bar Screens Greatly Improve Operational Reliability

    This case study details how one system upgrade greatley impacted wastewater treatment compliance and efficiency for KC Water, simply by removing debris at the headworks before it could impact downstream plant operations. 

  • Bits To Beams: RF Technology Evolution For 5G Millimeter Wave Radios

    As the 5G ecosystem continues to evolve, Analog Devices will continue to bring to bear our leading-edge technologies and signal chain solutions to enable our customers to develop differentiated systems for the emerging 5G millimeter wave market.

  • Batch Tracking & Cycle Time Analysis

    Batch manufacturing of chemicals entails many distinct phases. Learn how one developer overcame its struggle to analyze batch phase times for process improvement. 

  • From Liability To Asset: A TMF Rescue

    The company had acquired a promising compound with data from 14 clinical trials, including a critical phase III study. During NDA preparations, they discovered that the Trial Master File for these studies was scattered across hundreds of boxes of paper and several hard drives. The document experts at Phlexglobal quickly scoped the project and were convinced they could deliver an inspection-ready TMF in the time allowed – which was fast running out.