• When ‘Okay’ Data Protection Is Not Enough

    Contigo Technologies is a leading MSP based in Austin, Texas. While many MSPs focus on particular verticals, Contigo’s technical and service offerings have made them the “go-to” MSP for businesses across the Austin area. An example of their commitment to customer service is that they place an icon on every supported workstation that lets the user contact Contigo in a matter of seconds, whether to access support or just ask a question.

  • Use Visual Remote Assistant To Optimize Field Service Operation

    See how ADT reduced costs and decreased truck rolls with Service Cloud.

  • The Secret Sauce In Successful Clinical Trial Payments Programs

    More than 80 percent of sites surveyed want to get paid in 30 days, and many clinical technology companies offer specialized software solutions to address the site payments process. However, these systems still require a large effort by the sponsor to operate. What is the secret sauce for success?

  • AI Is The Future Of Field Service Management

    Artificial intelligence is the future of field service management, and forward-looking organizations must invest in the technology to remain competitive in an increasingly challenging environment.

  • Buyer’s Guide For CDP: Selecting The Right Customer Data Platform For Your Organization

    In today’s competitive buying market, customers have access to more content, purchasing channels, and brand options than ever before. With such an overload of information and choices available, businesses can no longer survive by simply providing the bare minimum necessary to keep customers from leaving. Instead, they must demonstrate that they both understand and value their customers, delivering exceptional experiences and outcomes.

  • Advancing Pediatric Cancer Research

    Discover how the RACE for Children Act will have significant impact on cancer drug development.

  • Connected Data Flow And Standards: A Data Management Approach

    Data management experts work with a four-step innovation process to create connected data flow and standards. Together, these steps address data challenges, while increasing efficiency and optimizing quality. Explore each step in this white paper.

  • Cultivate Innovation And Growth At Smart, Connected Facilities

    As the US and Europe continue to lead the way in addressing a growing demand for health care products, explore how the global biotechnology sector is maintaining momentum and confronting future challenges.

  • How Secure Is the Cloud for Pharma Manufacturers?

    Explore if the cloud is secure for pharma manufacturing and if the technology can really deliver on its promise to streamline operations.

  • SIP Integration Developed For KU Cancer Center

    Clinical researchers are looking for ways to reduce the operational challenges of clinical trials which can often occur by working with multiple sponsors. Some of these challenges include working with individual sponsor portals, using disparate processes and numerous platforms — each with a unique login credential – which can all lead to increased probability for error and placing patient safety in jeopardy. A cancer center turned to a Shared Investigator Platform (SIP) integration to streamline the interaction with multiple sponsors.

  • Developing A Data Strategy For Clinical Trials

    This white paper describes a standardized approach to developing a data strategy that can be customized to a company’s current needs and can be adjusted as those needs change.

  • Delivering Lifesaving Apheresis Treatment From The USA To The UK Within 24 Hours

    The goal was to perform next-day collection of temperature-sensitive tumor material for an urgent patient treatment. A flexible mitigation strategy was essential to manage short turnaround during UK public holiday.