• The digital revolution is here, so time for your freeze dryer to join it! The SP VirTis AdVantage Pro combines a small footprint with large capabilities and the latest in digital technology.

  • Pharma 4.0 is transforming the way life science teams work, interact with their environments, share data and execute processes with the end goal of increasing speed to market. The internet brought us to Industry 3.0, while Industry 4.0 introduces the idea of converging people, systems and data within one network.

  • A sterile product is not necessarily endotoxin-free. Contec offers a full line of certified endotoxin control products, including low endotoxin presaturated wipes and dry wipes, both knit and nonwoven, as well as hydrogen peroxide cleaner and IPA, for the most critical applications.

  • The Si5403B NetSync Network Synchronizer Clock utilizes DSPLL technology and is capable of meeting the requirements of SyncE-compliant wander filtering and software adjustment of output frequency and phase for IEEE 1588 applications.

  • Say goodbye to paper and manual spreadsheets and hello to maximum efficiency, productivity, and visibility! Plex MES is the only single-instance, multi-tenant cloud-based SaaS production platform that operates at scale. This allows for a common production ecosystem that supports a real-time, single source of data. It can tie production and inventory to quality with end-to-end, detailed traceability. With Plex, you can connect people and systems, automate processes, track data from end to end, and capture and analyze information like never before.