• PerkinElmer Signals Lead Discovery

    PerkinElmer Signals Lead Discovery lets researchers focus on science, not software. Powered by TIBCO Spotfire®analytics and visualization software, the Signals Lead Discovery platform frees researchers and scientists to explore the data they want, when they want, how they want.

  • Product Safety

    WCG offers the only global safety reporting solution and PV services that have been demonstrated to increase compliance and improve patient safety, while reducing cost and streamlining operations.

  • Drug Manufacturing Cleanroom Facilities

    In the spectrum of pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, injectable product manufacturing facilities represent the most sophisticated and challenging to design, build, qualify and operate, particularly when products manufactured in these facilities are rendered sterile when complete, ready to inject directly into a human. For this reason, very careful consideration must be made when developing such a facility.

  • TrialScope Disclosure Management

    PharmaCM is a clinical trial disclosure platform designed specifically for the regulated environment of Life Sciences. PharmaCM is used to manage the complex process of authoring, reviewing, editing, approving and publishing clinical trial application and disclosure data. Disclosure content is very dynamic. Clinical trial data is constantly being updated, modified and formatted for specific registries such as and EudraCT.

  • Avast Business Endpoint Protection Solutions

    All-in-one protection for devices, data, and people.


  • 6 Ways Equipment Dealers Can Maximize Parts And Service Revenue

    Aftermarket parts and service are the lucrative ‘long tail’ of revenue for the heavy equipment industry, delivering over half of revenue and eighty percent of profit, on average. While frequently taking a back seat among other priorities, leading dealer organizations have honed in on six key areas to maximize parts and service revenue and profits.

  • Rise Of The Augmented Worker

    How Enterprise Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and the Consumerization of Software will Revolutionize Manufacturing.

  • Large Valve Assessment Saves 800K By Rehabilitating 8 Large Valves Instead Of Replacing

    The City of Grand Rapids is the second largest water system in Michigan and delivers clean drinking water to the Grand Rapids area using Lake Michigan as its water source. 

  • Mortgage Lender Accelerates The Loan Approval Process Providing Improved Self-Service Automation Features

    A top ten mortgage lender in the United States has been providing loans across the country for nearly 40 years. In an effort to speed and simplify the loan approval process, a practice that is traditionally long and cumbersome, the mortgage provider enlisted mobile technology to allow for self-service automation. With the customer in control and able to provide information at their convenience, the loan process is shortened and simplified, allowing the organization to serve more customers than if they were to utilize only traditional processing methods.

  • The Importance Of A Software Development Partner For SMEs

    Small and Medium Enterprises add up to a significant percentage of the new private sector companies all over the world. Over the years, the enterprises belonging of this sector that have stood out and emerged as leaders in world economy have had atleast 2 things in common - relentless focus on the fundamentals of their businesses and an uncanny knack for identifying and riding on a market/technological wave.

  • MSP Backup Reporting Automation Optimization

    Helping customers navigate complex backup environments while reducing their costs gives you a chance to offer real customer value. By offering proactive and automated backup reporting for operations, management oversight and audits, MSPs can elevate their standing in the eyes of enterprise organizations. Data stays safe, sound and compliant. You delight, retain, and grow major accounts.

  • Five Ways Digital Solutions Can Help Small And Medium Businesses Compete More Effectively

    As a small to medium-sized business (SMB), you know that agility helps you stay ahead in a competitive environment. But to stay ahead, you need the right business tools. Increasingly, that means looking to the cloud. By 2020, 80% of US small businesses will be using cloud computing. There’s a good reason: Digital technologies, like cloud-based ERP systems with built in analytics and collaboration tools, can help you innovate more quickly, collaborate more effectively, streamline your supply chain, and keep your employees engaged.

  • Enorsul Saneamento Optimizes Olinda’s Water Distribution System, Reducing Water Losses

    Olinda's water supply system comprised 8,205 pipes, as well as storage tanks, deep tubular wells, booster pumps, flow rate meters, and other components. Enorsul used WaterGEMS to create a hydraulic model of the system and run what-if scenarios to identify potential solutions and analyze the resulting hydraulic behavior. The project team compiled metering records, conducted field surveys, and collected documents, plans, and drawings to gain a better understanding of the system and network topology. Read the full case study to learn more.

  • Taking On Both Animal Health And Human Clinical Trials With One eClinical Platform

    How a CRO is leveraging the eClinical versatility necessary to succeed in a broad array of studies.

  • Clamp-On Flow Meters From Siemens Help To Regulate Outflow From A Dam

    A utility company in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States needed to regulate the outflow of a large dam built in the 1930s. The outflow of the dam feeds a river into which the state government wanted to reintroduce a salmon run. Because of this, the utility company would need to comply with some very restrictive limits on how quickly they could change the level of the river. They were now required to account for all water flowing downhill from the dam.

  • Realizing Returns On IoT Investments Across Field Service Environments

    How are field service organizations using FSM software with IoT to drive results?

  • Partnering Solutions For Emerging Biopharma: Alternative Outsourcing Strategies

    In an increasingly complex drug development and healthcare environment, it is extremely important for companies to be able to demonstrate value, even if their intention is to be acquired or to out-license their asset following proof-of-concept. Learn more about partnering solutions available to small and emerging biotech companies.