• Regardless of where your promising drug product is in the development process, our experienced team at Pii will seamlessly transfer the results of your efforts into our hands and quickly get to work advancing it to the next phase.

  • Transcend Design Generator (“TDG”) is a web-based, water treatment design engineering platform that enables users to rapidly generate preliminary engineering designs & proposals for CAS facilities as well as MBR, MBBR, and others.

  • Our PPM team has significant experience in assisting owners with the development of clean, compliant facilities and processes for companies around the globe. We have the proven ability to develop the design concept, the construction plan/components, and procurement strategy. This ability coupled with a deep understanding of financial analytics required to make projects a reality help us to produce successful projects for our clients. Many of our PPM team members have previously sat in the end-user chair and now are able to assist other firms, like yourself.

  • MaxiCaps® MR eliminates scale-up limitations in single-use technology.

    Pre-assembled, pre-sterilized and self-contained: MaxiCaps® MR is designed for large-scale filtration in biopharmaceutical applications. Compact and ready-to-use MaxiCaps® MR devices not only mitigate risk due to their ease of use and minimized handling as a result, but also significantly save time. MaxiCaps® MR is the only logical choice when large filtration areas are needed in single-use processes.

  • AR’s 6000W1000 is a solid-sate amplifier covering the 80 – 1000 MHz frequency range. When used with a sweep generator, it provides a minimum of 6000 watts of RF power. Like most of AR’s amplifiers, this model is ideal for applications that call for instantaneous bandwidth and high gain.


  • Maximize Consumer Loyalty & Consumer Spend With Hyper-Personalization

    In this Aberdeen whitepaper, find out the real ROI of transforming your shopper experience strategy.

  • Achieving An End-To-End View Of Your Buyer's Journey

    How to maximize the impact of your sales and marketing tech stack.

  • The Evolving Role Of The GxP Archivist

    Customers and regulators expect the highest level of data integrity. This white paper asserts that storing GLP data in the cloud is acceptable, provided certain conditions are met.

  • Patient-Centric Trials: Overcome Enrollment Challenges By Putting Patients First

    Just as patients have a stronger voice in today’s healthcare marketplace, that voice should resonate earlier in the drug development process. By adopting a patient-centric approach during protocol design and in day-to-day study management, sponsors can expect improved patient enrollment and retention, as well as a cleaner study with definitive outcomes.

  • Complete Buyer's Guide To The Modern Electronic Trial Master File (eTMF)

    Implementing an eTMF is critical for Sponsors and CROs that want to reduce burden, increase study capacity, and enable more trials. However, many organizations are not equipped with a modern solution to realize the full benefit and future proof operations. This guide serves as an in-depth overview of how a modern eTMF solution can impact your organization and the steps you can take to prepare.

  • Cubic Transportation’s Outcomes-Based Service Success

    Service organizations across the globe are painstakingly aware that the historical break/fix service model is no longer satisfying customers. Rather, customers are demanding outcomes – uptime, peace of mind, and results. The adaptation necessary to meet these ever-increasing demands is no small feat, which is why we see plenty of companies struggling to evolve. There are those, though, which have tackled this transformation with steely resolve and are leading the charge in delivering what today’s customers want. Cubic Transportation Systems is one such example.

  • 9 Pitfalls To Avoid During The Document Control Process

    In a regulated environment, the document control process can either be an obstacle course replete with pitfalls, or it can be a smooth ride to a successful product launch. If you want the latter, you need effective control in every phase of the life cycle of every important document. In this white paper we discuss common issues in every phase of the life cycle of a document.

  • The Regulatory Evolution And Data Revolution In Medical Device Development

    The Life Sciences and Healthcare industries are among the most heavily regulated industries in the world. This paper looks at the current, dynamic regulatory landscape within the medical devices sector and some of the current and future changes medical device organizations will need to adhere to. The in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) sector is also going through regulatory change - a topic that is out of scope for this paper.

  • A Complete Construction Platform: Fieldpoint’s Integration With CMiC

    Today’s enterprise-level construction companies need more than just a project management and accounting system. They need a fully integrated field service software and construction accounting system that creates a construction platform designed to handle the most extensive projects imaginable.

  • Startup Broadband Utility Uses GIS To Successfully Deploy

    To meet the needs of its new fiber utility Pulse, the City of Loveland recognized that one of its primary requirements was a need for access to near real-time spatial data to ensure the various systems and groups were talking to each other throughout the organization. One of the key considerations was fast and efficient data exchange between data formats and platforms, and between end users (office teams, construction crews, planning and network engineers, business management, marketing, and field technicians). Remote working capabilities were needed as well to provide support across multiple mobile platforms, and a way to maintain up-to-date data for crew safety and liability.

  • Is The Cloud A Safe Place For Your Data?

    Learn how life sciences organization can ensure integrity and security in a saas environment. Demonstrating data integrity and regulatory compliance is vital in the Life Sciences industry, and as technology evolves, these processes must evolve with it. This whitepaper explores the challenges these changes pose, and how to face them head-on.

  • Mapping The New Landscape Of Orphan Drug Development

    The marketplace for orphan drugs is growing, and changes in the regulatory landscape are providing favorable conditions for collaboration in the area of drug development in rare diseases. Understanding the regulatory and operational nuances of orphan drug development can help sponsors position their promising compounds for clinical and commercial success.