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  • Trial Management

    Oracle Health Sciences Trial Management and Monitoring Cloud Service is an integrated, purpose-built trial planning and management solution for today’s complex trial environment.

  • Solutions To Improve Productivity While Lowering Your Costs

    The combination of reliable products and expertise in customized solutions.

  • Capsugel® Coni-Snap® Gelatin

    Coni-Snap® Hard Gelatin capsules, a two-piece capsule for the pharmaceutical world designed and engineered to perform.

  • 3656/3756LH Cast Iron & Bronze Pumps

    Low Head, Cast Iron, Bronze Fitted, End-Suction Pumps G&L Series 3656/3756 LH Group

  • Location-Based Services: In-Vehicle Video Solutions

    The annual accident rate for commercial fleets is approximately 20%, meaning that it’s likely that one in five fleet vehicles will be part of a collision each year. In addition to driver safety issues and property damage, vehicle collisions can also cripple businesses with long-lasting cost increases attributed to high insurance rates. To reduce these risks, fleet organizations are increasingly adopting in-vehicle video solutions to deliver driver coaching, monitor driver behaviors, and gain access to real-time visual evidence to support accident investigations.


  • The Future Of REMS: The Time Is Now For REMS Training And Professional Development

    Implementing and managing a REMS program takes a distinct set of skills and expertise. Manufacturers often struggle, however, to find an organizational “home” for those responsible for administering these programs, whose roles are often spread across pharmacovigilance, drug safety and regulatory affairs functions. Read how to better prepare associates for their REMS managerial and supporting roles, and ways to bring greater awareness to REMS program design, implementation and assessment as a specialized discipline.

  • Partnering With Your Teams To Enhance And Increase Supply Chain Efficiency

    How an emerging biopharma and a clinical services company partnered to maintain timelines and meet funding milestones when faced with a lack of bandwidth and limited global organizational experience.

  • User Acceptance Testing And RTSM System Validation

    When implementing a randomization and trial supply management (RTSM) system for a clinical trial, there is a shared responsibility between the RTSM vendor and sponsor organizations to ensure the system performs as intended according to predefined requirements. 

  • The Definitive Guide To Optimizing Home Internet For Businesses With Teleworkers

    This definitive guide is a comprehensive resource full of tips, advice, and examples to help companies optimize the use of home networks for remote workers doing business outside the walls of a normal office. Organizations that consider and understand the constraints of home internet connections can take actions to increase employee productivity and decrease downtime for critical employees working from home. These organizations have better visibility into network issues that impact their WFH teams and mitigating efforts have minimal costs that payoff in results.

  • POS Company Boosts Protection, Customer Retention With Endpoint Protection Solution

    AHT takes pride in offering its clients current and relevant solutions that help them run their businesses more effectively and cost-efficiently. In this vein, AHT realized it needed to upgrade and modernize the antivirus (AV) protection it provided to customers. A significant number of AHT’s clients were still running Windows XP, which made the AV product (ESET) they relied on increasingly ineffective at protecting them from malware. 

  • How Mixed Reality Technology Transforms Knowledge Management In Field Service

    Field service management becomes more complicated every year. Companies face rising expectations from customers who demand instant service delivery and professionalism. At the same time, businesses complain about insufficient resources to manage the tasks and young employees demanding advanced tools supporting their work. With these obstacles, delivery of excellent service and earning customers’ trust become areas of concern.

  • Delivery Management System Upgrade With New Android Handhelds Improves Delivery Driver Efficiency & Service

    With the increased willingness of consumers to shop online, e-commerce has also continued to flourish. Delivery logistics is the last mile in e-commerce supply chain. Its delivery services influence on whether the e-commerce vendors can get higher customer satisfaction or not. As a result, most delivery logistics companies provide handheld devices for their delivery drivers so that delivering goods to consumers on time and safely. In addition to displaying basic shipment information, the device can sort out the delivered goods through scanning barcodes, as well as instantly transmitting the delivery status to the back-end management system via wireless network or mobile network.

  • How AR Improves First-Time Fix And Maximizes Asset Uptime

    In the report “Video Enabled Service: Delivers Higher First-Time Fix Rates and Asset Uptime,” by Aberdeen Group, Senior Research Analyst, Aly Pinder Jr., reports on how top field service companies are improving their first-time-fix rates with the use of video collaboration.

  • Streamline Medical Device Compliance With Jama: How Jama Simplifies FDA Compliance By Improving Processes

    Instead of focusing on FDA-regulation as the driving force in product development, compliance should instead be an outcome of a streamlined process that ensures a safe and reliable product is delivered to market. Achieving compliance, and creating the documentation, is an outcome of the focus and rigor required for regulated product development. This article discusses how Jama Software can simplify FDA processes by improving development and production.

  • Brunswick & Topsham Water District Achieves Significant Cost Savings With Trimble Water's Mapping Solution

    The Brunswick & Topsham Water District had maintained extensive maps and information cards for the infrastructure of the water system. The job of surveying and mapping the hydrants, valves and other assets in the water system was a manual, labor intensive process. The District identified that automating the process would greatly reduce some of the field time dedicated to benchmarking, surveying and paper based map redlining. This data when returned to the office, resulted in the need for the data to be drafted on maps and distributed so the updates could be integrated into the card catalogs and data binders where the District tracked this information.

  • Merck Transforms Trial Efficiency With Strategic eTMF Initiative

    Merck has embarked on a company-wide mission to update its TMF processes and technology to ensure greater quality documentation and timeliness, while making it easier for study personnel to reach critical milestones.

  • Texas Cardiology Research Department Transforms Document Access, Fuels Productivity

    What drives an established and experienced clinical research site to completely transform the way they manage regulatory and trial documentation? For South Texas Cardiovascular Consultants, PLLC (STCC) it wasn’t just about paper, it was about what paper forced us to do.