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  • Worldwide Clinical Trials Cardiovascular Portfolio

    Founded by physicians committed to advancing medical science, Worldwide is out to change how the world sees CROs. From Early Phase to Phase II and IV clinical trials, we provide world-class, full-service drug development services. With infrastructure and talent spanning 60 countries, we leverage our global footprint and operational excellence to execute predictable, successful studies. We never compromise on science. We’re never satisfied with the status quo. We’re the Cure for the Common CRO.

  • Warehouse Management Software

    PAS-X Warehouse Management supports production-related warehouse logistics. The system components can be configured as required, and form the basis for implementing warehouse management systems, control systems and picking systems.

  • 5 Megapixel Global Shutter CMOS Sensor: 3U5MGXS

    The 3U5MGXS is a 5 Megapixel Global Shutter CMOS Sensor equipped with a global shutter that exposes all of the sensors’ pixels at the same time. This global shutter image sensor employs a new pixel design introducing new drive readout and light guiding technologies significantly reducing noise, and contributing to a wide dynamic range with a power consumption of 500 mW.

  • Capacitors For Electric Vehicle Drivetrains

    The concept of the Electric Vehicle (EV) market is hard to miss nowadays. We increasingly see EVs on the streets and charging stations are becoming part of the landscape. Knowles offers an array of capacitors for electric vehicle drivetrains.

  • 5 GHz Sampler Extended Real Time Oscilloscope: PicoScope® 9400

    The PicoScope® 9400 is a 5 GHz sampler extended real time oscilloscope that has been designed to combine the benefits of real-time sampling, equivalent-time sampling and high analog bandwidth. It features four 5 GHz input channels with market-leading ADC, timing and display resolutions for accurately measuring and visualizing high-speed analog and data signals. It is ideal for capturing pulse and step transitions to 70 ps, impulses down to 140 ps and clocks and data eyes to 3 Gb/s.


  • Considering Options And Alternatives For The Design Of Complex Biopharma Facilities

    The movement of viral vectors, cell therapies and other antibody-based next-generation drug products toward commercialization is driving the need for new and different technologies and facilities. Engineering and design firms with the right skill sets can help you maintain the right balance in your facility design to maintain flexibility which is essential to meet diverse processing needs for biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

  • Pairing Data Connectivity, Automation Ease Tech Transfer/Scale-Up

    In biopharma, process data is used in many ways throughout process development and production phases. This article outlines how connectivity and comprehensive automation ease tech transfer and scale up.

  • Utilizing Single-Use Powder Handling To Reduce Contamination

    Read how upgrading to modern single-use powder handling gets a product to market without time wasted on complicated weigh and dispense steps, cleaning validations or powder in the air and in the suite.

  • Manage Risks In Development And Manufacture Of Potent Pharma Products

    Given the variety of potent drugs in development, outsourcing the development and manufacturing to a CDMO experienced in handling a range of products, in a multi-use facility, is an effective strategy.

  • Service Bureau Turns To Alaris To Deliver Superior, Cost-Effective Mailroom And Document Management Solutions

    High-volume Kodak i5850 Scanners backed by Alaris service and support provide the productivity and cost-effectiveness MEI Mail & Document Management Services needed to expand offerings and meet higher volume demands

  • How A CRO-EDC Partnership Got Results For Study Sponsors

    To deliver consistent results and ultimately create lasting relationships with sponsors, ARA needed fast and flexible eClinical tools. Medrio offered the ability to set up studies easily, collect data accurately, and make mid-study changes without study downtime saves their clients time and money - and increases the likelihood of repeat business and referrals.

  • Differentiating Intelligent Scheduling Solutions

    With so many scheduling solutions on the market it’s difficult to select which solution best fits your service organization. Some scheduling solutions offer routing, others offer automated scheduling, while some provide real-time schedule optimization. It’s important to recognize what type of solution is suitable for your service organization, but how do you determine which solutions are appropriate? There are many contributing factors to deciding which scheduling solution is best for your organization. This paper examines a few of those key factors.

  • POS Company Boosts Protection, Customer Retention With Endpoint Protection Solution

    AHT takes pride in offering its clients current and relevant solutions that help them run their businesses more effectively and cost-efficiently. In this vein, AHT realized it needed to upgrade and modernize the antivirus (AV) protection it provided to customers. A significant number of AHT’s clients were still running Windows XP, which made the AV product (ESET) they relied on increasingly ineffective at protecting them from malware. 

  • The Future Of REMS: The Time Is Now For REMS Training And Professional Development

    Implementing and managing a REMS program takes a distinct set of skills and expertise. Manufacturers often struggle, however, to find an organizational “home” for those responsible for administering these programs, whose roles are often spread across pharmacovigilance, drug safety and regulatory affairs functions. Read how to better prepare associates for their REMS managerial and supporting roles, and ways to bring greater awareness to REMS program design, implementation and assessment as a specialized discipline.

  • Usage Analytics: Extensis Uses Revulytics Usage Data To Embed A Quantifiable “Voice of the Customer” Throughout Development

    Extensis® is a leading developer of solutions that help organizations increase the ROI and value of their digital assets, fonts, and large imagery. Used by more than 100,000 professionals and 5,000 companies across the globe, Extensis' solutions accelerate workflows so customers can achieve their goals faster. Extensis Uses Revulytics Usage Data to Embed a Quantifiable “Voice of the Customer” Throughout Development.

  • Use Predictive Analytics To Drive Field Service Excellence

    An explosion of new technologies is changing how service organizations operate. Increasing adoption and use of connected devices provide service leaders with insights such as product utilization and service needs. Coupled with predictive analytics, companies can use these insights to become more proactive in service delivery — a necessity to excel in today’s marketplace.

  • The State Of Field Service Management

    Services shape our world — from the electricity that lights our homes to the networks that keep us connected. For the organizations providing these services, some of the most important work happens in the field — in neighborhoods, across open spaces, and along millions of last miles.