Production Scanners


  • X3725 Series X-Ray Inspection System

    The design of the X3725 ensures consistent product presentation thanks to an integrated conveyor and product specific guiderails, ensuring maximum detection of contaminants.

  • Complete Pharmaceutical Bottle Filler Packaging Line from Parle Global

    Parle offers Innovative Packaging Solutions for the pharmaceutical packaging industry. A versatile solution that will meet your industrial requirements for pharmaceutical packaging, tablet and capsule printing, and tube filling and sealing.

  • Integrated Drug Discovery

    GVK BIO utilizes its expertise in Medicinal Chemistry, CADD, DMPK, In Vitro and In Vivo models to provide customized Integrated Drug Discovery Solutions leading to preclinical candidates. Our strong scientific team works closely with clients to select and execute the most promising strategy to deliver project goals in the shortest possible time. We have a proven track record of providing cost effective, innovative and highly efficient solution towards delivering clinical candidates to our collaborators.

  • Can-Stack Rotary Motors: Z20000 Series

    The Z20000 Series of stack rotary stepper motors are built to provide exceptionally high torque to size ratios.  This can-stack rotary stepper motor is a 20 mm rotary stepper motor with a holding torque of up to .65 oz-in (0.46 Ncm). 

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Feeding Technology

    With over 100 years of experience in feeding technology, Coperion K-Tron development and engineering teams have created smart feeding solutions. Without consistent, dependable feeder accuracy and repeatability for your process, the integrity of any recipe—and hence the final product—will be compromised.