Production Scanners


  • Krämer dedusters ensure a smooth operation daily at the sites of hundreds of pharmaceutical companies, ranging from multinationals to small local manufacturers of tablets and capsules. The company's E80-N tablet deduster is Ideal for production of middle-sized charges and research applications

  • Line of Sight is a data rich set of lyophilization technologies and process analytical technology (PAT) tools designed to overcome critical lyophilization challenges during development, scale up and manufacturing of biologic products. It also enables continuous process monitoring and improvement as expected by regulatory agencies. Each element of the Line of Sight suite helps lyophilization scientists to better understand different facets of the freeze-drying process. By using Line of Sight technologies across all the different products, SP uniquely enables development scientists to create new freeze-drying cycles and transfer their products and processes quickly and confidently from one scale to the next, and even from one facility to another. Should any unexpected deviation in a production cycle occur, Line of Sight technology enables a detailed analysis of the process, allowing scientists to decide whether the batch can be safely released, potentially saving many millions of dollars.

  • Achieve cost-effective, high sensitivity detection in the most demanding pharmaceutical applications. The Thermo Scientific APEX 500 Rx Metal Detector offers the high levels of consumer and brand protection in a reliable and easy to use package.

  • Samsung Biologics is a reliable partner for seamless tech transfers, clinical and commercial manufacturing, aseptic fill/finish, and analytical testing. Committed to partnership, you will have a dedicated project management team walking you through your product’s entire development and manufacturing journey. We are committed to operational excellence in cGMP manufacturing and quality assurance.

  • Next generation feeder featuring proprietary erosion technology.


  • How Important Is mmWave To 5G?

    For 5G to deliver high expectations, it must operate across wide contiguous frequency spectrum - only available at mmW frequencies. The frequency bands in the spectrum above 24 GHz can support large bandwidths and high data rates, ideal for increasing the capacity of wireless networks. Anokiwave offers the industry's most complete portfolio of Silicon ICs for mmW 5G and is the trusted choice of Tier-1 and -2 OEMs worldwide.

  • How One Town Saved Money And Energy With A Switch To Peristaltic Metering Pumps

    The Bellevue Water Treatment Plant originally installed costly peristaltic metering pumps to inject the many chemicals used to treat the raw water.  Although these pumps were performing satisfactorily, they required frequent maintenance and expensive parts replacement, resulting in increased costs and downtime. In addition, tubing was especially difficult to order due to problems locating sales representatives, long lead times, and high prices.

  • To Filter Or Not To Filter In HPLC? Now, That’s A Question.

    How do you use filtration in HPLC? Why might you not use filtration in HPLC sample prep and in-system, and when is it essential? And how can syringeless filters simplify your workflow, saving resources and time? Let’s find out.

  • Bell Food Group Ensures Quality Of Burger Patties

    This case study shows how Bell Food Group, the meat supplier for an international fast food chain, uses X-Ray inspection to ensure burger patties are contaminant free and are of the highest quality.

  • The Importance Of Automation And Checkweighing For A Cured Meat Manufacturer

    Splendid Foods S.A.U. is a company specialized in the production of high-quality cured sausages. The need to provide its customers with the highest possible quality has always been an absolute priority for Splenid Foods. The introduction of the automated checkweighing systems played a key role in process optimization and set the quality to a new high.

  • Storage Density Problem Solved With Single-Use Bags

    Learn how a global biopharma overcame growing cold storage capacity expenses by moving to single-use bags with high storage density secondary packaging, purpose-built for freezing applications. 

  • Addressing New Chromatography Challenges With Fiber Absorbents

    An absorbent material using a novel proprietary structure overcomes the diffusional and flow limitations of packed bed chromatography purification systems and aims to address the capacity issues.

  • Maximizing Batch Yields In Aseptic Manufacturing: High Value Actives

    Advances in drug and biologics discovery have allowed the development of more sophisticated and highly targeted therapeutics, with active ingredients becoming increasingly costly to manufacture. Handling high-value, complex active ingredients requires a mindset that rigorously protects against unnecessary loss of active ingredient.

  • X-Ray Inspection Provides Product Safety For Ice Cream Production Lines

    To further reinforce positive customer experiences, an ice cream manufacturer challenged themselves to further minimize its already small risk of foreign body contamination by implementing x-ray inspection.

  • How Can Outsourcing Buffer Preparation Help Meet The Urgent Need For A SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine?

    As numerous therapeutic drug and vaccine candidates make their way through human clinical trials, companies are already planning for how to manufacture any successful molecule on a global scale. In this planning, the preparation of process liquids and buffers should be considered.

  • SCREENMASTER® CS Bar Screen To The Rescue At A Commercial Composting Plant

    A commercial mushroom composting company in Pennsylvania needed help with a problem in their compost production process. The compost, made from hay, straw, horse manure, chicken litter, corn cobs and more, is processed on an eight-acre concrete slab, also called a wharf. The runoff from the rain and water used during the compost process washes off the wharf and into a pit and then travels through a pipe that carries it to the two-million gallon lagoon behind the wharf. From there, the company recycles the water by pumping it back to begin the process again. Unfortunately, the process wasn’t as smooth as they had hoped. Sediment and pieces of the organic material were continuously washing down into the pit and traveling to the lagoons, causing major clogs. This presented a serious issue for the company as it was slowing down their process, causing downtime, and making a mess of their lagoons. That’s when they contacted Franklin Miller for a solution.

  • Relying On Third Party Organizations For Strategic Equipment Acquisitions

    One of the most critical decisions for a pharmaceutical company is the choice to outsource operations, which leads to determining the optimal supplier with which to partner. When choosing an organization, a company must prioritize risk minimization and choose a dependable supplier with a strong track record. A facility is only as strong as the equipment that it runs, and production is only as effective as the equipment operators.