Production Scanners


  • OSI Optoelectronics provides standard and custom X-ray detector devices for industrial, security, and medical fields. These proprietary detectors are designed and manufactured in-house with outstanding reliability. They are ideal for any X-ray scanning applications, as well as other medical and security applications.

  • The patented PFL Powderflex provides continuous and precise dosing of small to medium quantities of powder, whether the requirement is for controlled charging of powders into continuous production processes or for predetermined precision dosing.

  • The X-417 from PI is a multi-axis positioning system that delivers an integrated solution for industrial applications with high demands on dynamics and precision. XY or XYZ systems with suitable ACS high-performance controller are available with several travel ranges from 204 to 407 mm.

  • Minebea Intec offers a complete range of load cells and corresponding mounting kits for weighing process vessels, silos and tanks. The applications covered range from low accuracy inventory control up to high accuracy batching. Further applications include the weighing of vessels in areas requiring Ex certified equipment or hygienic design and the weighing of outdoor silos in earthquake prone regions.

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  • Quality, Safety, Stability: Selecting Components And A Supplier

    With increasing global adoption of injectable medicines, products in prefilled syringes and vials are steadily growing. Companies in need of these fill and finish services may be unprepared for selecting the right components and component supplier to meet their product needs.

  • Go Systems And Kodak Alaris Help New South Wales Council To Accelerate Digital Transformation

    Partnering with Kodak Alaris and Go Systems has enabled the council to become more agile to get best value out of its investment and re-engineer workflows to drive productivity.

  • Simplified 400-Gbps Cabling Deployment Solutions With Cisco Nexus 3000 Series Switches

    With the ever-expanding bandwidth needs that virtualization and cloud technologies have applied to the data center network, staying ahead of the curve is extremely important to maintain a competitive advantage. This document introduces products from Cisco and Panduit that address the associated needs. This document also maps the logical designs to the physical layout and displays those products deployed within the data center network.

  • Truck Dealer Group Drives Savings And Efficiency With Fleet Of Alaris S2050 Scanners

    Truck Country evolves from MFP-based document capture to a tightly integrated digital document management solution featuring Alaris Scanners in 20+ remote locations.

  • Mixing Technology Unrivalled In Dispersion Of Hormonal Active Ingredient

    A pharmaceutical manufacturer contacted Silverson as they wanted to develop a production process for an intravenous oncological medicine. The medicine would consist of a low viscosity liquid into which a hormone based active ingredient (AI) needed to be dispersed. The nature of the hormone was the challenge in this application as it had to be dispersed finely enough so that the suspension remained stable and didn’t separate over time, but it could not be over-sheared otherwise the associated medical effects could not be guaranteed, leaving a small margin for mixing and dispersing the AI effectively.

  • How Integrated Market Intelligence Improves Aseptic Fill/Finish Outcomes

    To offer customers both favorable outcomes and exceptional value, a CDMO must make the curation and integration of deep market intelligence a core part of its service offering. 

  • Harnessing Data Can Drive Omnichannel Efficiency

    One retail fulfillment center needs to count pallets of merchandise stacked to the ceiling to meet the surge in online orders that has come during the pandemic. Another needs to keep workers socially distanced. And with more shopping moving online every day, all retailers need real-time updates on consumer habits that seem to be evolving rapidly.

  • Outsourcing Trusted-Weight Dry Powder Chemicals To Support Expansion

    The gene therapy division of a major pharmaceutical manufacturer was looking for ways to overcome capacity constraints due to the increased production demands for process liquids and buffers. Non-core manufacturing activities, including the weigh and dispense steps in the process liquid and buffer preparation, were identified as bottlenecks impacting the overall production schedule. The proposed solution would provide ready-to-hydrate, trustedweight dry powder chemicals. Read how the customer benefited from the procurement of larger lot sizes that were not capable of being handled within their facility, resulting in annual savings for raw materials and QC testing.

  • Ontario - Modular MBR Sewage Treatment Plant

    The Detour Lake deposit is Canada’s largest undeveloped pure gold reserve, and is located approximately eight kilometers west of the Ontario-Québec border, 180 kilometers northeast of Cochrane, Ontario. Gold production at the site began in early 2013 and production at the mine is expected to grow over time.

  • Vessel Charging For IV Liquids Preparation

    A customer had planned a new facility for the production of intravenous liquids. They were facing a challenge of charging multiple vessels with salt, glucose and active carbon under controlled conditions achieving high accuracy. See what solution allowed them to create a highly automated high capacity facility.

  • Downstream Process Intensification Of Virus Purification Using Single-Use Membrane Chromatography

    The production of viruses, whether for use as viral vaccines, viral vectors for gene therapy, or oncolytic applications, requires complex processes that can translate into high costs, as well as slow development timelines and time to market. This article presents several case studies highlighting the advantages of process intensification using Natrix® single-use membrane chromatography to increase your productivity and reduce your capital and operational manufacturing costs.

  • Home Furnishing Manufacturer Sleeps Soundly After Integrating CYBRA’s MarkMagic Labeling Solution With Manhattan SCALE

    Revman International’s investment in CYBRA’s MarkMagic paid for itself in less than six weeks.