• Experienced CDMOs will implement a cGMP aseptic manufacturing and sterile fill-finish policy to improve drug bioavailability. Aseptic fill-finish is a process in which the drug product, container, and container closure are sterilized separately and then integrated. Combining the drug, container, and closure in a clean room using special equipment that is self-contained in a sterile environment meets FDA guidelines related to cGMP.

  • Traditional bioburden testing (or microbial limit testing)  takes several days to grow visible colonies of microorganisms, so identifying these and initiating corrective action takes longer. The Milliflex® Quantum system quantitatively detects microbial contamination in filterable samples in as little as a third of the time it takes with traditional plate-based monitoring methods. The Milliflex® Quantum system is based on fluorescent staining of all viable microorganisms, making emerging microcolonies visible to the systemwhen they’re still too small to be seen with the naked eye. After rapid detection, the colonies can be reincubated to grow into visible colonies and be identified by any method—an approach that cleverly combines rapid and compendial bioburden testing.

  • Move your research forward with a versatile transfection reagent that is the solution for hard-to-transfection and common cell types. Proven and reliable, TransIT-X2® allows you to avoid guesswork and get it right the first time.

  • The new XR75 DualX X-Ray system can detect contaminants as small as 0.4mm and significantly improves detection of low-density or soft contaminants, such as bones in poultry and products with overlapping pieces in a pack or bag such as fries, frozen vegetables and chicken nuggets, among other food products.

  • If you were around the clinical trial industry in the late 2000s when Trial Interactive was born, you know the internal struggle of trying to digitize procedures. Most of us were still using Blackberrys or flip phones, and convincing management to abandon paper and move to an electronic document management system seemed daunting. Luckily, we don’t come across that struggle as often now.

    Instead, we strive to simplify and modernize the processes we have in place. An interoperable, connected, and streamlined platform that can manage all aspects of a clinical trial has become mandatory. If last year showed us anything about our industry, it’s that the time to push electronic technology was five years ago. Now, we need to ensure all processes are able to run and can be accessed remotely as we make up for time lost.

    The Trial Interactive 10.2 release presents another wave of technology seeking to push boundaries through machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and making the unexpected the standard.



  • Accelerating Tube Picking & Selection

    The Mohawk tube selector and picker from Ziath employs a linear rack reader and ninety-six pins that allow a frozen or thawed sample tube to be raised when a rack is scanned according to a picklist.

  • BIXOLON Demonstrates Its Latest Range Of Innovative Logistics Solutions At LogiMAT 2022

    BIXOLON, the global manufacturer of advanced Receipt, Label and Mobile printers invites you to visit stand #6D11 at LogiMAT 2022, where it will be exhibiting its growing range of printing solutions dedicated to the intralogistics market.

  • Automated Barcode Applicator For Microplates And Petri Dishes

    Porvair Sciences announce eGecko² – an automated barcode application system that provides the ideal high throughput solution for precisely applying barcode labels onto racks of plates and Petri dishes.

  • New Arm®-Based PIC® Microcontrollers Create An Easier Way To Add Bluetooth® Low Energy Connectivity

    Wireless connectivity has become a mandatory feature for many products but often increases the cost and complexity of system design since it generally must be added as part of the larger application.

  • McPhy Signs A Major Contract With Eiffage Énergie Systèmes - Clemessy For A Pioneering Carbon-Free Mobility Project In Belfort

    McPhy (Euronext Paris Compartment C: MCPHY, FR0011742329), (the “Company”), specialized in zero-carbon hydrogen production and distribution equipment (electrolyzers and refueling stations), announces that it has signed a contract with Eiffage Énergie Systèmes - Clemessy (acting as agent), a subsidiary of the Eiffage Group, to equip a hydrogen production and distribution site located in Danjoutin, in the south of Belfort in France, operated by Hynamics (hydrogen subsidiary of the EDF Group). Equipped with an electrolyzer and a station, the site will initially be used to fuel low-carbon hydrogen to a fleet of 7 buses operated by the RTTB (“Régie des Transports du Territoire de Belfort”) on behalf of the SMTC (“Syndicat Mixte des Transports en Commun”) on the urban transport network Optymo. Commissioning is expected in spring 2023