• Having the right balance of capacity and capabilities in all market conditions is the struggle that Contract Manufacturer Organizations face daily. Add to it the cost and complexity of maintaining a suitable parenteral manufacturing facility, the risks can be high. With constantly evolving parenteral market needs, having flexibility while achieving high utilization is key to long term success. To support these challenges, AST’s line of aseptic and syringe filling and closing machines provide adaptive fill-finish capabilities to ensure that any contract manufacturing organization has the right capabilities for any vial, syringe filling or cartridge application.

  • Our industry-leading clinical analytics experts build tools and solutions that efficiently facilitate data management and biometrics activities. We carry this out by automating and applying advancing services and technology to maximize trial efficiency, ease interpretation, and prepare your clinical trial data to quickly deliver actionable insights.

  • Data entry and manipulation is flexible and straightforward. Users of OpenFlows CulvertMaster can simply enter data in clearly labeled fields with full context-sensitive assistance and the ability to click to calculate. Design and analysis models can be navigated quickly, using tabbed dialog worksheets to edit watershed data, tailwater conditions, profile information, and more. With OpenFlows CulvertMaster, engineers can conveniently organize all the designs and analyses for the same project within a single file.

  • Single screw feeders are ideal for feeding free flowing bulk materials such as pellets and powders.

  • Low Head, Cast Iron, Bronze Fitted, End-Suction Pumps G&L Series 3656/3756 LH Group


  • Regulatory Perspective: Digital Health Technology Tools

    Digital health technology tools (DHTTs) can help capture patient experiences in real world settings. In addition to providing richer and more comprehensive information on how patients are functioning and feeling, DHTTs can help minimize barriers to obtaining patient experience data during clinical investigations. Read how these novel approaches and tools can support regulatory decision-making.

  • Fire And Life Safety And Security Industry

    New government regulations and the need to update outdated or non-compliant technology are requiring building owners and facilities managers to think about upgrading their fire alarm, security, and fire suppression systems with the latest technology available.

  • Improving Field Operations Workflows

    To simplify and modernize its processes for gathering and referencing underground telecommunications infrastructure, ADP Resources leveraged the power of a cloud-based GIS solution that includes a robust suite of mobile apps that support the gathering of the necessary field data that planning and design teams rely on to facilitate design and permitting tasks. With accurate and up-to-date information readily available across the organization, ADP Resources' ability to meet and exceed the needs of its customers was drastically improved.

  • Fine-Tuning Your Filament: 3D Printing Of Medical Implants

    In this case study, Evonik discusses how RESOMER® can be used in 3D-printed devices via Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF).

  • Designing A Complete Solution To Address Condensate In The Conveying System At A Large Confectionary Operation

    Condensation can present a significant challenge for food manufacturers when it comes to bringing sensitive ingredients, most notably sugar, into their plants. Even trace amounts of water can lead to caking/crystallization, thereby damaging valuable batches of the material and slowing down the pneumatic conveyance process.

  • Optimizing Cell Culture Media: Increase Titer With Maintained Protein Quality

    When evaluating media with the goal of increasing titers, it is important to ensure that protein quality is not negatively impacted. Here's how the process improvement can be performed reliably.

  • Basket Clinical Trial Designs: The Key To Testing Innovative Therapies Is Innovation In Study Design And Conduct

    As the science behind therapeutic interventions has deepened and grown, the clinical trial designs through which those interventions can be best tested have evolved as well. To study therapies directed against specific abnormalities, in cancer for example, it may make sense to include anyone with the target abnormality in the trial population, regardless of the location of their cancer.

  • Software Automation In The Blood And Biologics Industry

    Explore the different categories of solutions available to improve process efficiencies as well as the needs and wants that they address.

  • Ensuring Food Safety Through The Prevention Of Physical Contamination

    Incidents of physical contaminants in food can have a detrimental impact on brand reputation. This white paper explains different types of physical contamination in food and how to prevent them.

  • Take Control Of Industrial Cooling With Intelligence

    Cooling and/or refrigeration is present in some form in almost every industrial production or process facility. The purpose of industrial cooling is to cool and remove heat from industrial machines, such as welding and injection molding machines, as well as industrial processes, including dairy, chemical and fermentation.

  • Enhancing Flexibility And Minimizing Risk With Containment Solutions

    As a startup CMO grew to become a leader in gene therapy, Thermo Fisher containment solutions helped them to scale up.

  • Flexible IRT Platform Solution For National Lung Cancer Trial

    Trial design for a medicine trial to investigate treatment for non-small cell lung cancer presents unique challenges. These include the need for an IRT platform that can support the rapid incorporation of amendments and account for multiple or potential arms which require different lists of material types and dosages that could be prescribed to patients and supplied to sites. Cenduit’s highly-configurable, flexible technology platform was the solution.