• Manufacturing And Packaging CDMO Services

    CoreRx offers diversified technical resources, capacity, flexibility, and experience to manufacture and provide pharmaceutical packaging services with strict quality compliance. Our manufacturing capabilities currently support a variety of dosage forms, with the scale to support Phase I – niche commercial manufacturing.  Our facility design, licenses, and controls allow CoreRx to support manufacturing of DEA scheduled CII – V substances as well as high potency compounds.

  • Spectroquant® Test Kits – The Photometric “Peace Of Mind” Package

    Ready-to-Use Test Kits, Standards & Photometers for Certified Precision: your requirement for quality and ease-of-use, met with automatically recognized test kits, appropriate reference materials and photometers.

  • Pediatric Drug Formulations CDMO Services

    CoreRx understands the important variables when formulating pediatric dosage forms like dose flexibility, palatability, and ease of administration.  This experience along with an assortment of technologies allow CoreRx to overcome the many hurdles pediatric products present while providing you with a distinctive development solution.

  • Asahi Gold Particle Test System-II

    Fast and reliable post-use integrity testing for Planova™ 15N, 20N and 35N filters.

  • Backup Operations Monitoring & Reporting

    Rule your backups! As data volumes increase, so does backup complexity—especially with a mix of cloud and on-premises multi-tenant infrastructures. Bocada automatically unifies all your backup data into a single console for total visibility and control, saving you time and money.


  • Explore Alternative Analytical Methods To Solve Process Challenges

    Successful and rapid analytical method development plays a key role in ensuring the development of robust processes to produce high-quality products. 

  • Specifying Plasma Deposited Hard-Coated Optical Thin Film Filters

    This paper defines major filter types and discusses how to specify key attributes while also optimizing cost. The filter types discussed include band pass types of ultra-square high cavity count, ultra-narrow and soft coating replacements, and dichroic and polychroic tilted beamsplitter filters.

  • eASIC Reduces Multi-Level Package Design Times with CST Microwave Studio

    This case study explains how CST MICROWAVE STUDIO electromagnetic simulation software helped predict the behavior of an eASIC integrated circuit and its package and PCB layout in the design phase.

  • Specifying Surface Figure And Wavefront Distortion For Multi-layer Optical Filters

    This white paper helps the reader understand where, when, how, and how much to specify wavefront distortion to ensure that functional requirements of filters are guaranteed while unnecessary and costly constraints are avoided.

  • Emerging Pharmaco’s Dilemma: Make A Deal...Or Not?

    Take a closer look at funding strategies for companies launching products for the first time. Does partnering or "Going it Alone" make more sense for emerging companies? Read the findings of a 2006-2015 analysis, including implications for research companies, their potential large pharma commercialization partners, and venture capitalists.

  • Motorsports Legend Katech Meets Evolving Customer Needs Across Multiple Channels With TrueCommerce Nexternal eCommerce

    Deploy a flexible, easy-to-use eCommerce solution to support emerging retail sales channels, including the ability to efficiently ship small orders to individual consumers.

  • TASKMASTER Aids In Biomass Research

    At CRBM Marine Biology Research Center in Quebec, Canada, researchers were in search of a grinder for a project involving marine biomass. A big part of this research project was focused on finding and extracting marine molecules that could fight against major diseases such as cancer (breast, lung, prostatic and intestinal). For the research, marine materials such as hard shells, lobster pieces, stretchable fish skin and even large and resistant seaweed needed to be ground to a homogeneous size so the research elements could be effectively extracted from the material. Getting the output size right was imperative to having a workable material for the very delicate extractions and research.

  • Las Vegas Wins Big With A Mobile Inspector App In Just Three Months

    The City of Las Vegas wanted to rapidly develop user-centric applications for its citizens and staff in order to stay competitive. The first proof of concept: a new building inspection app. The city started by restructuring and modernizing its back-end ecosystem, but needed to choose the right rapid front-end delivery platform to deliver its value to users. OutSystems enabled the city to develop the first app in just six sprints over 12 weeks, kickstarting a mission to improve all kinds of services for 600,000+ citizens.

  • Using Solid State Switching For Next Generation Wireless Test Applications

    This article will explore some of the key differences between the types of switches used in wireless test applications. Switch matrix configurations will be discussed, and a real-world switch matrix for a high-volume telecom test application described in detail.

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Utilizes Checkweighers To Identify Inaccurately Filled Product

    In no other industry is the need for product quality and process reliability as critical as in the pharmaceutical industry. Sanofi-Aventis is the global leader in core medical areas, such as diabetes/metabolism, the cardiovascular system, thrombosis, the central nervous system, internal medicine, oncology and prevention through progressive vaccines. Checkweighers check vital insulin: in the Injectables Division, where liquid drugs such as different types of insulin or drugs for emergency medicine are produced, the packaged medical compounds are subjected to final checks using a dynamic checkweigher.

  • Understanding Antireflection Nano-Texture Surface Optics

    A nanostructure pattern is created on the surface of high purity fused silica plano-convex lenses to produce an antireflection effect. Because this manufacturing process uses no thin films materials, the lens has a very high damage threshold limit. This paper talks about the different types of antireflection nano-texture products and what they offer in each application.

  • Orientation Effect: Addressing A Food Metal Detection Challenge

    Foreign objects such as small, oblong metal pieces like wires and pins exhibit “orientation effect,” a phenomenon in which the signal the metal detector sees is largely dependent on the contaminant’s alignment in relation to the detector’s aperture.