Business Process Outsourcing


  • AST's line of aseptic and syringe filling and closing machines provide adaptive fill-finish capabilities to ensure that any contract manufacturing organization has the right capabilities for any vial, syringe or cartridge application.
  • The quality, safety and effectiveness of drugs significantly depends on their proper packaging.

  • The SentinelPro is a class-leading dynamic image analyzer that is ideal for applications where particle shape, not just the particle size, may be critical information for predicting raw material quality and to maintain a high level of process control.

  • YPrime’s eCOA platform features an exceptional user experience for sponsors, investigator sites, and patients. This advanced technology enhances clinical trial efficiency, increases site satisfaction, and improves patient compliance. YPrime’s eCOA platform ensures the delivery of cleaner data, streamlining the clinical trial data collection and approval process. Our platform delivers even the most complex protocol seamlessly. Developed to integrate intelligently with your other technologies, all modalities are available for site- or home-based trials.

  • If you were around the clinical trial industry in the late 2000s when Trial Interactive was born, you know the internal struggle of trying to digitize procedures. Most of us were still using Blackberrys or flip phones, and convincing management to abandon paper and move to an electronic document management system seemed daunting. Luckily, we don’t come across that struggle as often now.

    Instead, we strive to simplify and modernize the processes we have in place. An interoperable, connected, and streamlined platform that can manage all aspects of a clinical trial has become mandatory. If last year showed us anything about our industry, it’s that the time to push electronic technology was five years ago. Now, we need to ensure all processes are able to run and can be accessed remotely as we make up for time lost.

    The Trial Interactive 10.2 release presents another wave of technology seeking to push boundaries through machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and making the unexpected the standard.


  • Automated Cash Management Technology Becomes A Time Saver For Pennsylvania Hardware Store

    Sometimes seeing is believing. Just ask the owners of Quincy Hardware in Waynesboro, PA, who were so impressed with a demonstration of APG Cash Drawer’s SMARTtill ® Intelligent Cash Drawer Solution that they simply had to have it. Never mind that the store had just deployed two brand-new cash drawers a year earlier.

  • Droplet Digital Polymerase Chain Reaction

    Leveraging the hyper accuracy of Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR), viral and gene therapy developers gain additional confidence in tittering assays and vector copy number determination.

  • Process And Communication: Navigating Logistical Complexity In Matched Cellular Therapy Trials

    Autologous and other matched cellular therapies hold tremendous promise for oncology and other indications, yet the development of these transformational personalized investigational products can be operationally and logistically complex. Read how clear and consistent communication among the sponsor, sites, manufacturing facilities, and the CRO partner helps sponsors and sites mitigate any issues.

  • Innovations In Clinical Trial Imaging – 2020 And Beyond

    Advancements in clinical trial imaging are largely due to the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to imaging systems and data platforms. Automation is improving virtually every stage of the imaging workflow. Sponsors can benefit from improved compliance with privacy regulations, stronger data quality controls, more accurate and efficient imaging reads, and advanced data analysis for improved decision making. The following paper outlines some of these advancements that are in various stages of development, some of which are available today and others expected to be in operation in the near future.

  • Midlantic Urology Associates Introduces Added Convenience For Patients With Rideshare Program

    Midlantic Urology Associates had been employing a single driver for all participant pick-ups. This proved to be inefficient and unsustainable, so they began utilizing taxis. This alternative was costly and unreliable – there had to be a better way. ClinCard’s integration with Lyft has not only improved the experience for patients and study coordinators but has also helped with recruitment as new patients are enrolling in the study as a result of this added convenience.

  • Preparing For Your CDMO Selection Process

    Finding the CDMO that is right for your company and project can be a daunting task, particularly if this is your first time outsourcing. Don't be unprepared from the outset of your search. 

  • How Ultimate Innovations Tracked Driver Behavior And Theft With Fleet Technology

    When he started his landscaping business thirty years ago, Brian Vidinhar, Owner and CEO of Ultimate Innovations, put to use all that his father, a part-time landscaper himself, had taught him since Brian was 10 years old. "My dad taught me the landscaping trade and how to work hard," Brain explains, "so I already had a good grasp of plants and working with them. But I had to learn the ins and out of the business and the management side through making mistakes and hard knocks."

  • New Packaging And Filling Systems Boost Sauce Manufacturer's Efficiency

    This case study explains how Tomamore GmbH, a start-up in the ready-meals market, researched, evaluated, and implemented automated packaging and filling systems to boost its processing efficiency.

  • Streamlining Accounting Activities Companywide With DocStar

    Gillette Pepsi was founded in 1937 as a struggling Pepsi-Cola franchise. However, surging sales coincided with the birth of the “Pepsi Generation” in the early ‘60s and rising popularity of soft drinks nationwide.Today, the Gillette Group of Pepsi-Cola Companies supplies 670 brands and package sizes to thousands of restaurants, grocery and convenience stores, shops, and stores based throughout southern Minnesota, northeast Iowa, and southwest Wisconsin. This is performed from four separate distribution areas continually supplying customers with brand favorites like Pepsi-Cola products, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, and Mug Root Beer, among others.

  • UK’s Cambridge Helpdesk Adds Layer Of Client Security With Secure DNS Solution

    Like many MSPs around the world, Cambridge Helpdesk was becoming more concerned about the rapid proliferation of ransomware threats in today’s security landscape. This concern was growing even more acute because Cambridge Helpdesk’s endpoint security solutions at the time (ESET and Bitdefender) were providing little or no protection against the current ransomware onslaught.

  • The Case Of The Elusive Protocol

    A client required a chart review to evaluate survivability of pediatric patients with a rare metabolic bone disorder. By trying different protocols and overcoming complex issues of informed consent that had to be resolved before the study was successfully completed, they were able to successfully deliver a final clinical study.

  • 6 Regulatory Changes Affecting Bioprocessing In China

    This article outlines six recent regulatory changes in China intended to protect patient safety as well as reduce regulatory burdens and minimize delays.