Business Process Outsourcing


  • Whether you’re looking for a handful of prototype devices or a partner that can scale to production volumes, Nordson MEDICAL can handle your nitinol needs.

  • Our scientists are specialized in adeno-associated virus (AAV), adenovirus, lentivirus, retrovirus, and herpes simplex virus (HSV) viral vector production. We provide custom development and viral vector manufacturing services as well as off-the-shelf products to support concept to commercialization.

  • Wearable Glass Devices
    Wearable devices, or smart glasses, refer to a device that contains a computer screen or display in front of a person´s eyes that uses augmented reality or mixed reality to present data. Graphics or text are overlaid onto a user’s existing environment so that they can complete a task or engage in a new contextualized experience. As a result, users can continue to operate within his or her environment without distractions or obstruction when the digital content is not needed.

  • The submersible recirculation pump type ABS XRCP is a compact and easy-to-handle pump with a wide range of applications.

  • Automated brewery software and solutions are designed to reduce the time spent managing equipment and processes so you can focus on the art of crafting beer.

    Keep Pace with Market Demands - Increase Capacity and Operational Efficiency Without Adding Costs

    As a brewer your main focus is to produce high-quality beer to meet customer demand. There are many competing pressures to running a profitable, productive brewery. Consistent quality, improving yield, and reducing production time and costs are just a few of those pressures. To build a better brewery, you need flexible processes and better insights into your processes.

    We understand the brewing industry and the challenges you face every day. Our focus on beer production optimization addresses every phase of your operation. That focus helps you address cost, quality, and flexibility to meet demand, from grain handling through waste treatment and packaging.