Business Process Outsourcing


  • ASEPTiCell┬« - Robotic Multi-Format Filling & Closing System

    AST’s ASEPTiCell® is a flexible fill/finish systems that can efficiently process medium-sized clinical and commercial batches while meeting all cGMP requirements for cleanliness and sterility.

  • ProShip Shipping Software

    Whether your company is in the healthcare or pharmaceutical industry dealing with HIPAA or hazmat compliance, a large retailer, or a warehouse fulfilling high-volume package shipments, the ProShip® Product Suite has everything you need for shipping speed, compliance and support.

  • Aseptic Filling Systems For Compounding Pharmacies

    AST provides dependable aseptic filling equipment proven within the pharmaceutical industry, but right-sized for the unique requirements of the compounding pharmacy environment.

  • Bioanalytical & ADME Laboratory Services

    Tailored solutions for your most complex challenges
    As increasing regulatory and scientific complexities threaten R&D productivity, you need a partner with scientific competence, regulatory expertise and capacity to meet demanding timelines via tailored solutions.

  • Kaseya VSA - Remote Monitoring And End-Point Management Solutions

    With VSA you will manage both endpoints AND infrastructure, scale using included automation, and increase the speed and efficiency at which your technicians’ function.



  • British Water 'Encouraged' By Utility Survey Results

    Industry trade association British Water says it is encouraged by results of its latest water company performance survey, but that improvements can still be made. The annual survey asks contractors, consultants and suppliers to rate their clients’ performance in 10 areas, including professionalism, contractual approach and communication.

  • University Of Alicante Develops A Procedure And A Cheap, Fast And Eco-Friendly Device Capable Of Detecting Bitter Almonds

    University of Alicante Analytical Atomic Spectrometry research group led by Professor of Analytical Chemistry Juan Mora Pastor, has developed a new procedure and device to detect bitter almonds based on digital image processing in real time.

  • Philips Introduces Dreamwisp To Growing Portfolio Of Sleep Solutions

    Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA), a global leader in health technology, today announced the launch of DreamWisp, the first-of-its-kind over-the-nose nasal mask that allows patients with sleep apnea to sleep in any position they want.

  • University Challenge For Lakeside At Ole Miss

    ‘Significant operational challenges’………something of a major understatement when bringing about wastewater treatment enhancements at a preeminent public international research university, that 170 years on from its establishment, continues to expand.

  • Energy Monitor Can Find Electrical Failures Before They Happen

    A new system devised by researchers at MIT can monitor the behavior of all electric devices within a building, ship, or factory, determining which ones are in use at any given time and whether any are showing signs of an imminent failure. When tested on a Coast Guard cutter, the system pinpointed a motor with burnt-out wiring that could have led to a serious onboard fire.