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  • Anybody can rent a 6” pump, including us. But what sets us apart is our unrivaled ability to solve the biggest, most complex water challenges in the world. Whether you require fast-track temporary emergency response or reliable, cost-effective long-term operation, the breadth of our fleet and the depth of our expertise helps you get your work done with greater efficiency, reliability, and peace of mind.

  • Whether you need a few scientific experts or a fully-staffed function, gain flexibility and results with Veristat’s Strategic Resourcing Solution and confidently meet your study milestones.

  • Streamline data, maximize efficiencies, tighten up costs, and reach end goals faster using Medrio’s powerful and intuitive EDC tool.

  • The MIRO ALTITUDE from Gentec-EO is a touchscreen display device for power and energy measurement using single-channel, multiple outputs (USB, Ethernet, analog).

  • For the efficient and reproducible testing of your barrier system.


  • Hospital Researchers Turn To Corning To Help Scale Up Ex Vivo Expansion Of Adipose Stem Cells

    Autologous fat grafting is the least invasive method for breast reconstruction, but also has major drawbacks, including high tissue resorption rates of up to 80%. Researchers in Denmark had a hypothesis: what if you could enrich the human fat graft with autologous adipose stem cells (ASCs) to increase graft survival? But they faced a major obstacle: how do you culture a sufficient volume of stem cells to increase grafting success? They turned to Corning, who designed a scale-up solution that’s enabling them to grow the billions of stem cells required to move forward with this clinical study.

  • Introduction To Optical Prisms

    Prisms are solid glass optics that are ground and polished into geometrical and optically significant shapes. The angle, position, and number of surfaces help define the type and function. One of the most recognizable uses of prisms consists of dispersing a beam of white light into its component colors.

  • A Site Network’s Experience With eSource Before And During COVID

    Discover how the world's leading vaccine network adopted eSource during COVID-19 despite many obstacles that got in their way.

  • Beyond The Paper Binder: Comprehensive Cancer Centers Of Nevada Adopts Remote Monitoring

    Explore how Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada (CCCN) modernized its regulatory documentation practices to enable remote site monitoring and improve efficiencies.

  • The Digitalization Of Biopharma Process Development, Manufacturing

    The fourth industrial revolution is coming. Explore the three essentials of bioprocess development and manufacturing digitalization: digital literacy, digital trust, and prioritization.

  • How One Manufacturer Put Out The Fire On Its Burning ERP Platform

    C&C Power, Inc. identified that it was on a burning platform which was getting in the way of being able to make essential business changes. This is the story of how the company achieved a reduction in stock-outs by 25 percent thanks to real (not general) materials requirements planning (MRP) functionality, reduced the impact on processes associated with design changes after orders are released to manufacturing, and achieved faster order turn time and a hugely improved customer experience.

  • PWSA Advances By Upgrading To ROVVER X SAT II Lateral Launch Crawlers

    The ROVVER X SAT II lateral launch crawler allows Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority (PWSA) to traverse steep pipe inclines with ease, which previously posed challenges for the team.

  • Investigator Payments – A Critical Component In Bayer’s Sponsor Of Choice Strategy

    Year after year, slow and unpredictable investigator payments continue to be a top complaint from clinical study sites. Explore Bayer's Automated Site Payment Invoice Resolution project in the available white paper.

  • Robinson Tech Ditches StorageCraft, Takes Backup to New Level With Unitrends MSP

    In 2006, Robinson Tech was just Dan alone in a garage. Now, there are seven full-time staffers that interact with roughly 70 clients each month, with about 20 of them on full remote monitoring and management (RMM) contracts and the rest on break/fix support.

  • The Rise Of Hybrid Trials

    In this paper, we’ll define what a hybrid trial is, how it utilizes decentralized technologies and the reason for mainstream adoption of hybrid clinical trials.

  • The Potential Return On Investment Of Using ePROs Over Paper In Clinical Trials

    Industry perception is that the start-up costs of implementing an ePRO platform may dwarf the cost of printing and distributing paper diaries by as much as 10 times. However, this does not take into consideration the significant value and return on investment that adopting ePRO technology has had on overall clinical trial costs and timelines due to improvements in data quality and completeness, participant retention and compliance, and study and site efficiency.

  • Kansas Water Utility Identifies Non-Revenue Water Through Water Technology

    Mitigating non-revenue water (NRW) challenges has taken an increasing role in water utilities over the past several years. There is a saying in the water industry that ‘what gets measured gets managed’. The value of real-time accurate data such as delivered by Trimble’s digital water technology has been a useful tool for water utilities in that regard.