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  • Lifecycle Management Software For Life Sciences

    Intelligently manage the entire file lifecycle, from creation and active usage to archival and removal.

  • Feasibility Studies For Container Closure Integrity Testing Applications

    PTI Inspection Systems are scientific instruments being deployed for high risk packaging applications. The environments in which these systems operate is often highly regulated with test results having a significant impact on operational decisions. The reliability and sensitivity of a CCI test method is critical to assure that correct decisions are made to maintain product quality and patient safety. If PTI’s equipment is going to test your packaging, we aim to deliver the most effective solution. Feasibility studies offer a detailed glimpse into the technological capabilities ahead of critical purchasing decisions. Feasibility studies can also act as a preliminary test method for an application. The results from feasibility or method development testing can be rolled out to the production environment for rapid validation and deployment.

  • Aseptic Filling Systems For R&D Drug Development

    AST’s GENiSYS® and semi-automated systems allow scientists and engineers to characterize their drug product and develop data-driven manufacturing processes in more meaningful and scalable ways.

  • YPrime eCOA Platform For Patient Data Collection

    YPrime’s eCOA platform offers a combination of quality, speed and flexibility with the ability to support the unique needs of sponsors, sites and patient users. Design and functionality that drives better data quality, efficiency gains, faster decisions, less administrative burden, more project control and great user experiences – add up for big impact.


  • Container Closure Integrity Testing Of Sterile Injectable Product

    This article summarizes the current state of container closure integrity testing in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries and outlines possible approaches for developing a CCIT strategy.

  • Container Closure Integrity Testing: The Importance Of Sensitivity, Automation And Efficiency

    This article will explore the need for sensitive, reliable, and automated container closure integrity (CCI) testing technologies, and how existing deterministic solutions can help achieve optimum quality assurance goals in CCI for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

  • Clothing Curator Dia&Co Delivers Tailor-Made Customer Experiences With UJET

    Dia&Co’s core mission is to “spark radical self-love through style.” And while CEO Nadia Boujarwahand cofounder Lydia Gilbert understood how to meet the needs of an underserved population of women seeking fashionable apparel, they weren’t sure how to deliver a customer support experience that would delight their subscribers.

  • The Power From The Mirror

    High-power lasers can only be as strong as their optical components allow. Thus, the further development of laser technology depends crucially on the development of complex coating systems with a high damage threshold.

  • How The Olde Atlanta Club WWTP Solved Its Debris Screening Problem

    The Olde Atlanta Club is as genteel as its name implies. The Suwanee, GA community boats pristine golf courses, upscale homes, and plenty of Southern charm.

  • Denver Water Protects Customers With Data-Driven Lead Reduction Program

    Denver Water is committed to delivering a safe, reliable water supply to its customers. The water provided to homes and businesses is lead-free, but lead can get into the water as it moves through customer-owned, lead-containing household fixtures, plumbing, and water service lines—the pipe that brings water into the home from the main in the street.

  • Debunking The Top Five Myths About Ransomware And SMBs

    SMBs have limited time and IT resources, and a lot on their plates – especially when it comes to cybersecurity. Unfortunately, SMBs have become the biggest target for ransomware attacks, and they need to face the harsh truth that ransomware can wreak havoc with data, budget and reputation. 

  • How Food Companies Can Transform Data For Better Decision Making

    Business software should support the collection of more data, leading to a deeper understanding of the business. Unfortunately, the transition from collecting data to actionable insight is incredibly challenging.

  • Nodecraft Levels Up And Saves 85% With Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage

    Bleeding-Edge Gaming Platform Provider Maintains Focus on Delivering Premier Private Online Multiplayer Experience at an Affordable Price with Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage and Cloudflare.

  • BV Dairy Unleashes Growth With Epicor ERP And DocStar

    Founded in 1958 as a family farm in England’s West Country, BV Dairy is now a thriving modern business. Each year, the company purchases 35 million liters of milk from dairy farms within a 25-mile radius of their production facility in Shaftesbury, Dorset and turns them into dairy products for food distribution and manufacturing firms. BV Dairy’s range includes their award-winning Dorset clotted cream, as well as yogurts, buttermilk, soft cheese, and mascarpone.

  • Improving Performance With Real-Time Visibility And Quality

    Litehouse Foods is a leading manufacturer of refrigerated salad dressings, cheeses, dips, sauces, cider, and freeze dried herbs, with a long history of innovation and a strong commitment to their employees.  

  • How To Build A Modern Field Service Technology Stack

    To enable your field service organization to serve your customers better and faster, you need to utilize modern technology that defines and supports the execution of established processes and provides the flexibility required to evolve when those processes change. Doing so improves operations and customer satisfaction immediately, but it also positions your field service organization for long-term growth.