Transactional Content Management


  • A new generation of consumer-centric capsules was specifically designed to meet the needs of a rapidly growing population that have difficulty swallowing.

  • Ready-to-Use Test Kits, Standards & Photometers for Certified Precision: your requirement for quality and ease-of-use, met with automatically recognized test kits, appropriate reference materials and photometers.

  • Travel and Sample Size Packaging Solutions for Consumers On the Go
    Jones high-speed tablet pouching lines can handle run sizes of two million-plus pouches, making them ideal for high-volume production projects.  Our pouch packaging services include liquids, creams, tablets, gel caps, granular powders for trade, and sample packs. 

  • The TruClean™ Frozen Dough Line is a high-output modular system producing every type and size of cookie dough piece for bake-off operations. It combines exceptional reliability, fast changeovers, accurate weight control and excellent hygiene standards. High production rates are maintained while keeping operating costs low.

  • With VSA you will manage both endpoints AND infrastructure, scale using included automation, and increase the speed and efficiency at which your technicians’ function.


  • eRegulatory: A Site's Perspective

    Coastal Pediatric Research (CPR) was well aware of the eRegulatory trend that was surfacing. Before CPR selected a platform, the team gave some thought to what they wanted an eRegulatory system to contain and/or provide. Learn more about the criteria for their selection and what solution met their criteria.

  • Raising The Bar For Reliability

    When a system goes down, getting that system back up and running quickly is the goal of every managed service provider (MSP). All too often however, a backup will fail, causing the MSP to lose confidence in the backup and recovery process. Lack of consistency in backup performance means MSPs have to do more work to keep customers in operation. MSPs need to know that their backups are in good standing so they can be the hero for their customers.

  • COVID-19 Clicks: How Phishing Capitalized On A Global Crisis

    As a cybercriminal tactic, phishing is not new. In fact, one of the very first records of the term appeared in an early internet “cracking” application in January of 1996. Despite its age, phishing continues to be one of the most pervasive cyber threats individuals and businesses face. When technology moves at today’s astonishing rates, why is such an old method of internet trickery still so common? The answer is simple: because it’s still wildly successful. Perhaps the more important question, then, is: why are people still clicking? 

  • Inova Health System Uses Advarra eReg Workflows And Integrations To Improve Regulatory Efficiency

    Maintaining efficient, effective regulatory management processes can be a significant challenge. At Inova Health System, the research team improved regulatory efficiency by 20% without the need for extra regulatory staff by adopting Advarra’s eRegulatory Management System.

  • Digital Lab Documentation - Improve Collaboration, Productivity, & Reduce Costs

    Laboratory organizations need an environment that facilitates and optimizes collaboration, experiment execution, documentation and data management in the different labs from R&D through manufacturing to commercialization. By implementing a digital lab solution you can bridge the innovation and productivity gaps in research, development, manufacturing and quality, and enable successful technology transfer across new product development and production operations.

  • A High Unmet Need That No One Wanted To Talk About

    What do you do when patients are too embarrassed to talk about what’s wrong with them? Recruiting “hidden” patient groups for rare disease studies is always challenging, and flexibility is the only constant.

  • Saving Money, Saving Time In Pharma Operations

    A holistic data infrastructure removes the barriers of finding, capturing, converting and organizing operational data, enabling operators and engineers to model enterprise-wide operational intelligence while reducing complexity and cost. Once this holistic data infrastructure is implemented within an organization, it becomes a foundation for building four pillars of a successful and stress-free pharmaceutical manufacturing operation.

  • Driving Company-Wide Efficiency And Accuracy With Mobile FSM

    Maxson Associates is a family-owned, third-generation business based in Charlotte, North Carolina, offering life safety, space management, and smart day lighting solutions that allow for safe, flexible, spaces for buildings. Based on the deep experience throughout the organization, Maxson is uniquely qualified to successfully tackle some of the most complicated design projects, where other companies cannot.

  • Ensuring Compliance With Part 11: A Site’s Perspective

    As more sites are looking to implement technology to go paperless, improve standardization, and provide secure access to essential documents, site staff ’s experience with ensuring compliance with 21 CFR 11 (Part 11) of the Code of Federal Regulations—focusing on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) standards for electronic records and electronic signatures — may be limited. Balancing the need to maximize efficiency and ensure compliance presents a challenge, but with the right resources, the challenge is an achievable one. Gaining a better understanding of the purpose, scope, and components of Part 11 will help sites achieve their compliance goals.

  • GIS Touches Every Aspect Of Central Arkansas Water

    From the management of underground assets, like pipes, valves, and meters, to an automatic fire hydrant inspection notification system to efficiencies in our billing system, GIS increases the quality of service our utility provides every day.

  • Industry Best Practices For Novel Biotherapeutic Entities

    As this next wave of antibody-based therapies gains momentum, biochemists have begun to create even more innovative molecules with additional modes of action including multispecific antibodies and other so-called Frankenmolecules. However, informatics technologies have not kept pace with these scientific innovations. It’s unlikely that any single life science company, technology vendor or academic group will be able to solve these issues unaided. But together we can establish systems and processes that make working with these new entities more efficient.

  • Turning New Regulations Into IoT Opportunity: How To Become A Trusted Business Partner

    In this edition, learn how a technology vendor recognized a need in the market after new industry regulations were introduced and transformed into a trusted business advisor and broader tech expert.


  • Shedding Light On Dark Traps

    A multi-institutional collaboration, co-led by scientists at the University of Cambridge and Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST), has discovered the source of efficiency-limiting defects in potential materials for next generation solar cells and flexible LEDs.

  • Scotty's Everyday Launches Its Second Product In Keto Baking Mix Line

    Following the success of its Keto Bread Mix, which launched online in late December 2020, Scotty's Everyday has announced a new product to join the family: a zero net carb, gluten-free and no nut flours Keto Pizza Crust Mix.

  • A New Way Of Modulating Color Emissions From Transparent Films

    Transparent luminescent materials have several applications; but so far, few multicolor light-emitting solid transparent materials exist in which the color of emission is tunable. Now, a team of scientists from Japan has developed an unprecedented mechanism to tune the photoemission of a solid polymeric film-controlling the flow of protons in it by applying a voltage.

  • Study Suggests That Silicon Could Be A Photonics Game-Changer

    While computer chips' extraordinary success has confirmed silicon as the prime material for electronic information control, silicon has a reputation as a poor choice for photonics; there are no commercially available silicon light-emitting diodes, lasers or displays.

  • Researchers Find Collaborative Flood Modeling Process Effective

    Community collaboration and high-resolution maps are keys to effective flood risk management, according to civil engineers and social scientists at the University of California, Irvine and other institutions.