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  • Remove muddy water, sludge and grey water or transfer solid-laden liquids with this diesel-powered centrifugal pump. This pump is equipped with a vacuum-assisted priming system, with a maximum flow of up to 4,600 gallons per minute (GPM).

  • Avantor’s high purity protein A resin, J.T.Baker® BAKERBOND® PROchievA™, and expanded line of J.T.Baker® BAKERBOND® process chroma resins bring choice and efficiency to monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) manufacturing processes and protocols—from the lab to production setting.

  • Through its historical Ompi brand, Stevanato Group produces glass vials from Type I glass tube in different sizes and capacities, in bulk or ready-to-fill configuration. With full control over geometry and surface chemistry, our vials can be tailored to meet the different needs of biopharmaceutical customers.

  • As a company that specializes in troubleshooting complex systems and equipment, especially in regulated industries, we have gained expertise in Automation & Information Technology (IT) systems. These systems are the foundation of the manufacturing equipment and processes we have been commissioning and qualifying for over 20 years. Our teams work to deliver fully functional and compliant, mechanical and automated systems to our clients. Our expertise extends from specification, through implementation and startup, and into true process optimization.

  • Leave your packaging details to the experts at Jones
    We offer a wide range of flexible and custom secondary packaging services, including recovery packaging and kitting. Whether you require us to assist with package design and material specifications, provide a finished product including the packaging materials, or assemble your provided components, our facility and processes are equipped to ensure speed to market. Our secondary packaging services are provided by a dedicated Packaging Services business unit.


  • Debunking The Top Five Myths About Ransomware And SMBs

    SMBs have limited time and IT resources, and a lot on their plates – especially when it comes to cybersecurity. Unfortunately, SMBs have become the biggest target for ransomware attacks, and they need to face the harsh truth that ransomware can wreak havoc with data, budget and reputation. 

  • Maple Leaf Foods Reduces Safety Incident Rate By 60%

    A packaged meats company needed to improve food and workplace safety while aligning 32 sub-cultures into one shared safety culture. This case study explores the training and tools that let them achieve their goals.

  • Bell Food Group Ensures Quality Of Burger Patties

    This case study shows how Bell Food Group, the meat supplier for an international fast food chain, uses X-Ray inspection to ensure burger patties are contaminant free and are of the highest quality.

  • Pivot From A Struggling Industry To New Opportunities: How To Make Your Own Success

    In this edition, learn how a blockchain and AI application developer quickly adapted an existing solution focused on a challenged industry (oil and gas) to provide a much-needed solution for health care and other essential workers on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Go Systems And Kodak Alaris Help New South Wales Council To Accelerate Digital Transformation

    Partnering with Kodak Alaris and Go Systems has enabled the council to become more agile to get best value out of its investment and re-engineer workflows to drive productivity.

  • Set For The Future—San Juan Water Implements Esri's ArcGIS Utility Network And Cityworks Computer Maintenance Management System

    San Juan Water District (SJWD) has used ArcGIS Utility Network as a foundation for the organization's computer maintenance management system (CMMS) implementation, which uses Cityworks. The Utility Network and the CMMS work from one centralized database for water distribution. The field crews can access the latest information and use the networking analysis capabilities for outage events via tablets in the field or a web browser in the office. The integration of these systems has improved reporting and inspection workflows while providing a single, authoritative source of truth. 

  • Ensuring Compliance With Part 11: A Site’s Perspective

    As more sites are looking to implement technology to go paperless, improve standardization, and provide secure access to essential documents, site staff ’s experience with ensuring compliance with 21 CFR 11 (Part 11) of the Code of Federal Regulations—focusing on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) standards for electronic records and electronic signatures — may be limited. Balancing the need to maximize efficiency and ensure compliance presents a challenge, but with the right resources, the challenge is an achievable one. Gaining a better understanding of the purpose, scope, and components of Part 11 will help sites achieve their compliance goals.

  • inui Health Gets Results With EDC And eSource

    How a diagnostics startup drastically reduced timelines and costs, and easily shared data across dispersed sites.

  • One Small Box Saves The Day — Twice — In Pump System Solution

    In the middle of the night at 3 a.m. on a Saturday in the spring of 2016, Jamie Veley got a phone call. Something was wrong at the Rose Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, where Veley was Maintenance Supervisor.

  • Apps Improve Inspection Workflows And Efficiency

    The Iowa Great Lakes Sanitary District (IGLSD) is a wastewater collection and treatment facility. IGLSD's work is critical for protecting the high water quality of Iowa's Great Lakes. These lakes are part of a chain of glacial lakes that span about 15,000 acres. The Iowa Great Lakes area attracts over one million visitors a year according to the local chamber of commerce.

  • Turning New Regulations Into IoT Opportunity: How To Become A Trusted Business Partner

    In this edition, learn how a technology vendor recognized a need in the market after new industry regulations were introduced and transformed into a trusted business advisor and broader tech expert.

  • Municipal Utility Builds An Asset Management Foundation In The Cloud

    A Massachusetts municipal electric utility wanted an easier, more user-friendly way to maintain, understand, and utilize asset information. Realizing that digital transformation was within reach, the utility chose cloud-based software that contains applications and dashboards to support collection, inventory, and management of assets in its electric distribution network. Centralized real-time information enables the utility to update records upon inspection and respond quickly to unexpected events like outages.


  • Physicists Use Picoscopes To Look Inside Atomic Matter

    Light microscopes enable us to see tiny objects like living cells. So far it has not been possible to observe the much smaller electrons between the atoms in solids.

  • Engineering Seeds To Resist Drought

    As the world continues to warm, many arid regions that already have marginal conditions for agriculture will be increasingly under stress, potentially leading to severe food shortages.

  • RNA Breakthrough Creates Crops That Can Grow 50% More Potatoes, Rice

    Manipulating RNA can allow plants to yield dramatically more crops, as well as increasing drought tolerance, announced a group of scientists from the University of Chicago, Peking University and Guizhou University.

  • Solving A Natural Riddle Of Water Filtration

    For many engineers and scientists, nature is the world's greatest muse. They seek to better understand natural processes that have evolved over millions of years, mimic them in ways that can benefit society and sometimes even improve on them.

  • K-State Keeping Rural, Urban Kansans On The Forefront Of COVID-19 Knowledge

    Kansas State University is helping families in Kansas by arming them with new research, information, tools and outreach during the COVID-19 pandemic. From health and safety in meatpacking plants to food security and economic and mental health resources, K-State is taking a multifaceted approach to assist Kansans.