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  • Streamline data, maximize efficiencies, tighten up costs, and reach end goals faster using Medrio’s powerful and intuitive EDC tool.

  • Are you using obsolete or aging instruments simply because they continue to work? Running your laboratory with outdated technology brings about challenges beyond just headaches. Older technology may limit your performance, increase your costs, and open your lab up to risk. It may be time to investigate the real cost of using obsolete technology.

    With the Waters FlexUP Technology Renewal Program, always work with the latest technology for optimum productivity and security.

  • Leica S9 I Greenough Stereo Microscope

    Save up to 20% inspection and rework time*

    Continuously improving production, keeping defect rates low, and fulfilling customer requests in order to stay competitive can be very challenging. Leica has developed the S9 stereo microscope series to help you cope with these challenges. With this generation of Greenough stereo microscopes operators will be able to reveal details faster as they spend less time having to adjust the microscope.

    *compared to the standard industrial stereo microscope S6 from Leica

  • More than just an electronic data collection tool, our robust clinical data management system combines an intuitive user interface, seamless online and offline data capture capabilities, and comprehensive data management for clinical trials in a single solution.

  • ATUM is building on DNA2.0's reputation for rapid, reliable and accurate DNA synthesis. Using our proprietary GeneGPS® and VectorGPS® platforms we design constructs optimized to express in your system, whether that's a single gene in E. coli, a metabolic pathway in yeast or a complex bispecific antibody in mammalian cells.