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  • Laundry Innovator WASH Multifamily Laundry Systems Drives Field Service Efficiency And Enhances Customer Experience

    When laundry powerhouse WASH realized that a lack of access to accurate parts and technical information hindered efficiency and accuracy within their support organizations, they turned to AnswersAnywhere to create a mobile "single source of truth" for their field service technicians and customer support staff. 

  • Why It’s Critical For Businesses To Implement A Cyber Resilience Framework

    Cyber resilience, the ability to maintain business operations in the face of unending and evolving cyber threats, can be an intimidating topic for any business. Adding to the challenge is the complexity of companies’ IT footprints — which today are often a distributed web of cloud applications, private servers, and employee devices. Critical data, the currency of business, is spread across this footprint and stored in documents, spreadsheets, electronic communications, and databases. This data powers business. When access to data is disrupted, as with a ransomware attack, the implications can be crippling.

  • Is BYOD Right For Your Clinical Trial?

    Researchers are increasingly exploring BYOD strategies and while trials have successfully deployed this model for studies collecting key endpoint data, some CROs and sponsors are still hesitant because of the absence of regulatory guidance and of the unknowns related to patient acceptance. Sponsors and CROs considering BYOD should evaluate a range of factors and it is recommended you seek regulatory input early and often to get advice and alleviate concerns before selecting an ePRO strategy. In this article, we discuss some of the key considerations for sponsors who are deciding whether a BYOD strategy is right for their trial.

  • Why Biological Indicators Survive A Validated Cycle

    We review what to do should you ever find yourself in the situation where the probes indicate conditions that would render killed BIs, yet the units are testing positive.

  • The Rise Of Hybrid Trials

    In this paper, we’ll define what a hybrid trial is, how it utilizes decentralized technologies and the reason for mainstream adoption of hybrid clinical trials.

  • X-Ray Inspection Of Frozen Burgers

    Meat and convenience products processor installs x-ray inspection solution to satisfy increased customer requirements and demands in terms of quality assurance and production capacity.

  • A Site Network’s Experience With eSource Before And During COVID

    Discover how the world's leading vaccine network adopted eSource during COVID-19 despite many obstacles that got in their way.

  • SOAR®: Expanding Patient Access And Driving Efficiency By Enabling Direct Data From Source To Submission

    The process for developing and approving new therapies for patients has been under scrutiny for at least three decades; concern regarding a "broken" clinical research system has been voiced by many, including patients and caregivers. This white paper first explores current issues with clinical research and the stimuli that are aligning to address them. It then describes the System of Accelerated Research (SOAR®), a transformative model that adheres to all required regulations while accelerating the overall research process, ensuring quality and integrity and focusing on the patient.

  • Resolutum Global Leverages Medrio To Succeed In A Complex Phase 1 Oncology Study

    In a recent rescue study, Resolutum Global, a contract research organization, faced the challenge of building a hybrid paper/EDC solution for an ongoing study that the previous provider had conducted on paper over 4 years. By leveraging Medrio, they were able to succeed in this task and deliver satisfaction to the study sponsor.

  • Providing Research Participants With New Information – Is Re-Consent Always Necessary

    In an ever-changing clinical research landscape, it is critical that we are agile, flexible, and quick to adapt to change. But what if that change impacts currently enrolled study participants? How do we communicate changes to the study effectively and in line with regulatory guidance? This whitepaper provides tips and strategies for how to handle consent documentation with participants when new information becomes available.

  • Faster R&D Of Pharma Production Lines

    This use case demonstrates a solution that empowers users by connecting to all relevant data sources to visually represent batches and perform analytics with process data.

  • Secure The Cell Therapy Supply Chain From Bench To Bedside

    While current approaches can manage the existing volume of cell therapy shipments, scaling these treatments up and out will increase pressure on cryogenic logistics networks.