• YPrime’s eCOA platform features an exceptional user experience for sponsors, investigator sites, and patients. This advanced technology enhances clinical trial efficiency, increases site satisfaction, and improves patient compliance. YPrime’s eCOA platform ensures the delivery of cleaner data, streamlining the clinical trial data collection and approval process. Our platform delivers even the most complex protocol seamlessly. Developed to integrate intelligently with your other technologies, all modalities are available for site- or home-based trials.

  • Understanding water quality is paramount across private and public sector globally. With a unique and patented approach, that’s EPA compliant, our KETOS Shield Fabric (patent issued) allows for providing real-time and on-demand monitoring of several ionic, environmental, water health parameters, amongst other contaminants.

  • With the ability to be utilized in many applications including materials, life sciences, and semiconductor, the PureFocus850 Laser Autofocus System by Prior Scientific is fast and easy to set up and use. This system also features the ability to autofocus on different interfaces including slides, glass bottom dishes, flow chambers and many more.

  • The ongoing R&D of PTI continues to build a powerful set of leading-edge inspection technologies that will bring patented and unique solutions to high risk packaging applications. There is continuous development in the field of creating new test methods for container closure integrity, seal integrity testing and package integrity testing.

  • Chromatography system for process scale-up and large-scale biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

    The BioProcess Modular System can be configured to meet specific downstream process demands. It has the accuracy and documentation required for use in GMP-regulated environments. The system design facilitates technology transfer and process scale-up.