• If you were around the clinical trial industry in the late 2000s when Trial Interactive was born, you know the internal struggle of trying to digitize procedures. Most of us were still using Blackberrys or flip phones, and convincing management to abandon paper and move to an electronic document management system seemed daunting. Luckily, we don’t come across that struggle as often now.

    Instead, we strive to simplify and modernize the processes we have in place. An interoperable, connected, and streamlined platform that can manage all aspects of a clinical trial has become mandatory. If last year showed us anything about our industry, it’s that the time to push electronic technology was five years ago. Now, we need to ensure all processes are able to run and can be accessed remotely as we make up for time lost.

    The Trial Interactive 10.2 release presents another wave of technology seeking to push boundaries through machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and making the unexpected the standard.

  • Oral Solid Dose Bottle Filling Services
    Our 100-year packaging service excellence in the health care industry has made Jones a trusted supplier and your ideal packaging partner for solid oral dose drug. Our investment in the latest technologies and production flexibility ensure speed to global markets for a vast array of packaging formats.

  • We set the industry standard when it comes to commissioning and qualification project delivery.

  • The FlexNet EasyLink™ Reader is a portable, radio-based device used to acquire data from utility meters that utilize Sensus SmartPoint® modules and/or Itron ERT radios. The Reader is compact and portable, allowing it to be used in any vehicle providing 12-volt DC power.

  • The In-VitroCell™ ES (Energy Saver) model NU-8600 is a CO2 Incubator that uses heated water that surrounds the growth chamber to created uniform temperature conditions for cell culture growth. Water Jacket model NU-8600 also uses an IR sensor to maintain proper CO2 gas levels and produces a humidified environment up to 95% perfect for mammalian cell studies.


  • ePRO And Agile Methodology: A Winning End-to-End Solution For Oncology Studies

    In oncology clinical research, patient reported outcomes (PRO) have historically been collected on paper. This white paper describes a unique, agile ePRO deployment methodology used by a global clinical trial technology company, discusses the benefits of using ePRO in oncology trials, and explains why this agile process is beneficial for oncology trials.

  • Go Systems And Kodak Alaris Help New South Wales Council To Accelerate Digital Transformation

    Partnering with Kodak Alaris and Go Systems has enabled the council to become more agile to get best value out of its investment and re-engineer workflows to drive productivity.

  • Packaging The Future Of Healthcare

    The traditional purpose of healthcare packaging is to preserve and protect products, ensuring safety and efficacy for the patient or consumer. Packaging has also been the longstanding conduit between brands, manufacturers and products, and the patients and consumers who use those products – ultimately providing a key communications channel for brand messaging and usage instructions. In this paper we explore four key trends that drive how and when packaging creates value for patient and consumer well-being.

  • FSP Future View: The Functional Service Provider Model In 2025

    The current Covid-19 crisis is driving R&D innovation in unprecedented ways, casting a glaring light on the need for greater speed, interoperability, and deployment of technologies such as remote data capture and artificial intelligence. The rapid growth of functional service provider (FSP) outsourcing is evidence of the model’s ability to meet the challenge flexibly and cost-effectively. This article shares Parexel’s view of change drivers, essential infrastructure components, and advancing FSP capabilities over the next five years.

  • Serialization: Optimizing, Planning And Implementation

    Increased globalization in the supply chain for prescription drugs has also increased the distribution of counterfeit drugs. Product serialization enables manufacturers and distributors to protect consumers from potentially harmful counterfeit and stolen drug products by improving supply chain tracking, visibility and management.

  • Embedded ID Scanners Help Credit Union Crack Down On Identity Fraud

    As one of the largest Arizona-based credit unions with $3.8 billion in assets and more than 3000.00 members at 47 locations, Desert Schools FCU needed a solid solution to help prevent fraudulent transactions and improve member service while conserving valuable space at the teller window.

  • Process Effects On Drug Product Quality In Pharmaceutical Manufacturing—A Validated Measurement Process

    This whitepaper discusses the importance of understanding how critical process parameters can impact a product’s critical quality attributes, and how a systematic approach with validated SPR assays can help in this respect.

  • How To Avoid Last Minute CMC Roadblocks To Approval

    Problems can arise when sponsors face balancing available budget and time resources between clinical and chemistry, manufacturing, and controls (CMC) needs. Because of their high-profile importance in development, clinical needs get the emphasis, while the many CMC needs and risks may seem less critical. This is a brief overview of the CMC information required by regulatory authorities and highlights why planning and budgeting for key CMC considerations early in the development process are essential for success.

  • Accelerating SCTU’s Digital Transformation And Supporting Its COVID-19 Studies With Unified Platform

    Southampton Clinical Trials Unit was using largely manual and paper-based processes to run its studies that required multiple touchpoints and logins. As the IT support provided by the University was not specialized in clinical trials software, the SCTU team decided to move to a Software as a Service (SaaS) model to help streamline their clinical trials on a unified platform.

  • Advanced Clinical Achieves A Strategic Advantage With Veeva Vault eTMF

    Contract research organization Advanced Clinical leverages Veeva Vault eTMF to run faster, higher-quality trials for study partners.

  • When Is Intelligent Healthcare Packaging The Right Choice

    When packaging engineers and brand managers imagine what they can achieve with the help of new packaging technologies, it’s difficult to know where to start since the potential use cases, goals and outcomes of product packaging have grown so significantly. What’s more, the technology itself can be confusing. This article is intended to help those involved in the conceptualization and development of healthcare packaging understand the capabilities of packaging technologies and determine the best choices for their products, as well as for patients and consumers.

  • Trimble’s System Of Action™ Offers Real-Time Operational Awareness

    Escondido, California, has been on a growth trajectory, having tripled the typical rate of development in the past few years.