• Form+ is a recipe management system designed to eliminate waste, ensure consistent and repeatable batches, and provide full traceability to ensure compliance with regulations. The system provides operator guidance for the weighing and dispensing of ingredients and chemicals according to the defined recipe structure. Build process workflows to ensure perfect batches with easy operator usability.

  • Get from kickoff to first batch-run in days, not months.

    Accelerate process design without any code
    Put power in the hands of your team. With intuitive, no-code procedure and recipe authoring designed for process scientists and process engineers, your teams can configure Tempo without code.

  • Power. Potential. Productivity.

    STELLARIS 5 is a completely re-imagined confocal microscope platform.

    STELLARIS confocal microscopes can be combined with all Leica modalities, including FLIM, STED, DLS, and CRS. With the STELLARIS confocal platform, we have re-imagined confocal microscopy to get you closer to the truth.

    • Power to see more
    • Potential to discover more
    • Productivity to do more
  • We support our corporate sponsors by providing both assessment and processing of SUSARS as per local and country requirements. We provide reliable reporting of adverse events, unbiased signal detection, and potential mitigation and risk management plans, based on any findings as requested. 

  • 194.4 mL max rotor capacity 150,000 max RPM 1,019,000 x g Security and tracking Remote monitoring and control On-screen rotor library