• FlexRake® FP-M: Full Penetration Coarse Screen (Millennial™ Platform)

    A front-clean, front-return, mechanically-cleaned bar screen technology. Utilizes stainless steel, rectangular true bars with 5/8 inch to 4 inch openings.

  • 5G Urban Small-Cell Analysis

    With a tremendous increase in the number of connected devices and mobile data demand predicted over the next decade, the wireless communications industry is exploring new technologies to accommodate 5G wireless data systems, including MIMO (multiple-input, multiple-output) technology and millimeter wave frequency bands.  One of the more complex environments for these technologies are urban small cells, where the prevalence of multipath and non-line-of-sight conditions leads to many challenges, particularly at higher frequencies.

  • OPTIMASS 3400 Coriolis Mass Flowmeter

    The OPTIMASS 3400 is a cost-effective Coriolis mass flowmeter for accurate flow measurement of liquids and gases in a variety of demanding low flow and dosing applications (from 0.3 kg/h or 0.01 lb/min upwards). The OPTIMASS 3400 features Entrained Gas Management (EGMTM) for liquid applications, providing reliable readings even in the event of gas entrainment of up to 100%. In this way, the Coriolis meter enables continuous and uninterrupted measurement of volume flow and mass, density and temperature –  even at very difficult process conditions with 2-phase flow.

  • Pharmaceutical Engineering And Construction Services

    For over twenty-five years, IPS has delivered fully integrated Engineering, Construction, Project Controls, Commissioning and Qualification services to the pharmaceutical industry. Our team imparts Knowledge, Skill and Passion to develop solutions that improve efficiency, productivity, financial performance and minimize overall cost and risk.

  • TaKaDu

    TaKaDu is a leading provider of Integrated Event Management solution, enabling water utilities to improve efficiency and make smarter decisions. Using advanced statistical and mathematical algorithms, TaKaDu harnesses utility data, translating it into actionable insights and transforming the way water networks operate. The solution offers a comprehensive decision-making platform that can be integrated across the utility from the analyst monitoring the network to the executive team considering long-term strategic investments.


  • A Successful DDC Implementation That Any Organization Should Aspire To

    Learn how a Phase I unit in Australia leverages Medrio DDC to reduce paper usage by 95% and monitoring visits by 50%. This case study provides holistic insight into DDC vendor selection, implementation, and results.

  • Fire Department Makes The Shift From Clunky Rugged Laptops To Rugged Mobile Tablets

    When the call comes in, there’s no time for fumbling. Firefighters need quick access to accurate information about an incident’s location and severity and the best way to get there. They also need to know about available water supply and whether nearby fire departments and EMS units are able to respond and assist. Once on scene, incident commanders need seamless ways to track personnel and equipment and manage resources. And after firefighters have returned to their station, administrators need to easily catalog and report incidents.

  • Comparing Continuous And Batch Processing In Downstream Purification

    Current state-of-the-art continuous manufacturing technologies are being developed and implemented to manufacture a wide variety of products including monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, and other biological modalities. Though upstream fed batch and perfusion bioreactors unit processes are relatively mature, downstream process unit operations are less mature. In this case study, Catalent compared the productivity of purifications running in batch versus continuous mode.

  • Retail Cash Loss: Addressing The Problem With Intelligent Technology

    Any business that accepts cash for transactions has come to expect that some percentage of it will vanish as a result of fraud, administrative errors and employee misdeeds. Inventory shrink, which includes cash loss, costs retailers an estimated $47 billion annually. It is so prevalent that retailers have a line item for it in their P&L statement.

  • Scaling The Advanced Therapy Supply Chain

    Treating castration resistant prostate cancer means that failure within the advanced therapy supply chain has a catastrophic impact on patients. This case study describes the use of dispersed storage and cold chain logistics, around a central manufacturing facility to create a cost efficient and robust supply chain.

  • Intelligently Streamline Claims Processing

    Advancements in technology are moving more quickly today than ever before, making it difficult for insurance organizations to keep up. As the industry evolves, it has become more apparent that insurers are only as good as the data utilized throughout their decision-making processes. Organizations must take a closer look at their internal operating workflows such as claims processing and embrace emerging technologies to streamline traditional workflows that can no longer adapt to the current or future consumer demands of the industry.

  • An Indexing Approach To ChemInformatics

    An index-based search to scientific computing applications while at the same time maintaining the benefits of hyper-scalability and ease of implementation.

  • Ensuring FDA Compliance: The Essential Guide To FDA 21 CFR Part 11

    FDA 21 CFR Part 11 allows Medical Device and Life Science organizations to use electronic records and signatures in place of paper. The regulation applies to all aspects of the research, clinical study, maintenance, manufacturing, and distribution of medical product.

  • IoT Innovations For Alleviating IT/OT Convergence Challenges

    Many organizations – especially those in industries such as industrial, healthcare, and fleet, to name a few – rely on two primary technology groups and systems to execute business operations: information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT).

  • ICH Q12 Updates: Increasing Efficiency Of Post-Approval Changes

    Through proper implementation of ICH Q12 tools and enablers, the industry could manage CMC changes effectively under a company’s pharma quality system with less need for oversight prior to implementation.

  • Solid Level Measurement In The Food And Beverage Industry

    How much product is in bulk storage systems? Many companies don't know because of inaccurate leveling instruments. Moden radar level instrumentation can help.

  • Pharma’s Digital Awakening: Research-Ready Health Information And AI To Reduce Cost And Deliver Better Treatments

    Digital innovations and their emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), advanced analytics, and cloud-based computing, are transforming industries and markets across the world as they offer novel ways to boost R&D, increase product quality and safety, and ultimately improve customer satisfaction.