• Streamline data, maximize efficiencies, tighten up costs, and reach end goals faster using Medrio’s powerful and intuitive EDC tool.

  • The R&S NGU source measure units (SMU) are perfect for challenging applications thanks to their extremely high accuracy and fast load recovery time.

  • Single-Use System

    The UniFuge® Pilot uses a gamma-irradiated, single-use module to eliminate cleaning needs. It is designed for primary clarification of mammalian cell cultures (e.g., CHO cells), and harvesting (including washing and concentrating) stem cells and other types of cells for biotechnology and pharmaceutical applications.

    • Bowl capacity: 1.8 L
    • Flow rate from 1-4 L/min (higher flow rates may be achieved, based on application)
    • Small bench top footprint: 61 cm wide x 99 cm deep x 117 cm high (24” x 39” x 117”)
    • Easy to handle: Total weight ~ 291kg (640 lbs) - Easily movable with stainless steel casters leveling on skid with vibration isolators
    • Gamma-irradiated single-use modules
    • Scale processes up with the U2k® or down with the UFMini®
  • Re-introducing Johnston Pump. Products built with quality, not only as a core design feature, but a brand identity.