• Pharmaceutical Facility Site Analysis & Master Planning Services

    Our cross functional teams of technical and subject matter experts, many of whom come from industry, have successfully collaborated with clients around the world to produce facility and site master plans identify the gaps between business needs and facility and site assets. Our proven five-step process of: aligning, collecting, analyzing, developing, and recommending achieves an outcome focused on the goals and objectives.

  • CryoVault™ Freeze & Thaw Platform

    CryoVault™ is a scalable, robust, completely single-use freeze and thaw platform for biopharmaceuticals.

  • 1000 Watts CW, 10 kHz To 400 MHz Solid State Amplifier

    AR’s 1000A400 is a solid state amplifier covering the 10 kHz to 400 MHz frequency range. When used with a sweep generator, it provides a minimum of 1000 watts of RF power. Like most of AR’s amplifiers, this model is ideal for applications that call for instantaneous bandwidth and high gain.

  • PSA Particle Size Analyzer

    Anton Paar’s PSA series incorporates fifty years of experience. The world's first laser diffraction particle size analyzer – the first-ever PSA – was invented in 1967. The three models PSA 990, PSA 1090, and PSA 1190 are designed to measure a wide range of particle sizes in liquid dispersions or dry powders.

  • Supply Chain Collaboration Software For Food Manufacturers

    As suppliers take on more responsibility in the creation of your products, a “one size fits all” approach to supplier integration is no longer viable. You must be able to digitally interact with all suppliers, even those who are geographically dispersed and outside your PLM environment.


  • Acquia Adopts ‘Predictable Revenue’ Strategy

    Acquia is a CMS platform for building, delivering, and optimizing digital experiences with agility and speed. The company provides cloud-based solutions for content, community and commerce across the world and its sales team spans four continents.

  • The Blended Workforce: People, AI, & Automation

    If you took a straw poll on automation in the workforce, two distinct sides would emerge.  Some would see the potential for artificial intelligence (AI) to transform industries, driving innovation and growth through smarter automation. Others would worry about its impact on the workforce, convinced that every process automated was another job lost. 

  • 5iron Implements An Automated, Multi-Tenant Security System To Expand Services

    5iron is an advanced managed security service provider focused on serving financial institutions. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, the company serves banks and credit unions throughout the United States with a variety of services, including secure e-mail protection, intrusion detection (IDS), security information and event management (SIEM), firewall, as well as advanced endpoint, all managed around the clock from the 5iron security operations center (SOC).

  • Increasing Patient Participation In Clinical Trials: Six Areas Of Focus From Patients And Advocates

    Meaningful collaboration between patients, sites, and sponsors can yield improved clinical trial outcomes. As part of that important collaboration, we see that effective patient input has the potential to increase patient participation rates in clinical trials. Incorporating patient insights into clinical trial design and execution is the first step.

  • How One Manufacturer Put Out The Fire On Its Burning ERP Platform

    C&C Power, Inc. identified that it was on a burning platform which was getting in the way of being able to make essential business changes. This is the story of how the company achieved a reduction in stock-outs by 25 percent thanks to real (not general) materials requirements planning (MRP) functionality, reduced the impact on processes associated with design changes after orders are released to manufacturing, and achieved faster order turn time and a hugely improved customer experience.

  • Healthcare’s Unique Challenge: Managing Employee Spend

    Healthcare facilities nationwide face increasing pressure to reduce costs across their organization. Providing patient care is the top priority. For that reason, healthcare executives take advantage of cost savings opportunities within administrative spend to reinvest in critical business areas. These reinvestment efforts enable them to provide better quality care.

  • COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Trials In Children: Challenges On The Horizon

    Vaccine clinical trials against COVID-19 in adults are leading the effort before studies begin in children. Adapting the accelerated activities in the adult vaccine programs to children will be inherently difficult as clinical trials will be needed to establish safety and efficacy. However, this goal is achievable with strategic, early planning to ensure ethical trial conduct.

  • How Food Companies Can Transform Data For Better Decision Making

    Business software should support the collection of more data, leading to a deeper understanding of the business. Unfortunately, the transition from collecting data to actionable insight is incredibly challenging.

  • SD-WAN In Action: How One MSP Improved Efficiency And Customer Satisfaction

    The Cloud has fundamentally changed how SMB and mid-sized enterprises think about their internet connection. Internet continuity is now a critical component to daily operations, employee productivity and customer experience. Yet these businesses still suffer daily frustrations like dropped VoIP calls, grainy video conferencing and unresponsive applications— all caused by underperforming internet connectivity. 

  • 5 Best Practices In Digital Training & Engagement For Firstline Workforces

    We know that traditional training methods don’t cut it for large mobile workforces, yet having a well- equipped field force is critical for success.

  • Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) Builds Multi-tenant Solution That Scales From Tiny MSPs To Large Enterprises

    CyFlare is a top 100 global managed security services provider (MSSP) based outside of Rochester, New York. The company wholesales managed security services to small and mid-sized VARs, MSPs and MSSPs, and brings value to its customers by delivering Security Operations Center (SOC) as-a-service functionality that’s comprehensive, cost-effective, and easy to deploy. CyFlare relies on Stellar Cyber’s Starlight solution as the core of its SOC-as-a-service offering.

  • Allogeneic T-Cell Therapies: Efficient Commercial Manufacturing Readiness Using “Manufacturing By Design” Methodology

    Contract development and manufacturing organizations need to play a critical role in the scale-up and industrialization of cellular therapies by providing customized  tools and processes. The Manufacturing by Design approach for addressing the industrialization of cell therapies allows for optimal production conditions.