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  • Power-Up Phase Determinism Using Multichip Synchronization Features In Integrated Wideband DACs And ADCs

    A successful MCS process has been demonstrated using four Analog Devices’ AD9081 MxFETM ICs as the backbone of the subarray. This work is pertinent to any multichannel system present in any phased array radar, electronic warfare, instrumentation, or 5G platform.

  • Aseptic Process Sampling Risk Mitigation – A Regulatory Perspective

    This whitepaper provides a summary of regulatory guidelines for sampling, describes traditional methods and their limitations, and explores the advantages of aseptic, single-use to align with regulatory guidelines.

  • Intro To High Containment For Lyophilization Processes

    This white paper explores the advantages and disadvantages of lyophilization as well as lyophilizer solution examples and containment designs.

  • Sanasa Reduces Maintenance With 24/7 Remote Access To iFIX SCADA System

    Sanasa is the company responsible for water supply and sewage services in the municipality of Campinas in Brazil. Sanasa uses iFIX HMI/SCADA from GE Digital for supervisory control and works with GE Digital partner, Aquarius Software. For remote access, Sanasa employs iFIX in conjunction with Microsoft's remote access solution, Remote Desktop Services (RDS), formerly called Terminal Services (TS). This combination facilitated the use of the supervision system, from operators to system administrators.

  • The Selection & Use Of Sludge Muncher Grinders & Wastewater Munchers

    Sludge grinders are inline processors that play an important role in the successful operation of wastewater treatment plants by reducing oversized solids that can causing jamming and damage to pumps and process equipment. Franklin Miller grinders are known for their heavy-duty capabilities and innovative designs with models available for a variety of application requirements.

  • Track And Trace Solution Supports Packaging Specialist

    Protection against counterfeit products is becoming more and more important to international pharmaceutical companies. Datamatrix stations allow August Faller KG to offer their customers a wide range of track & trace and serialization services.

  • 8 Ways Osmolality Tests Improve Cell & Gene Process Dev, Manufacturing

    Challenges remain to be solved in making cell and gene therapies accessible to larger patient populations. Cell and gene therapy development can benefit from emerging and novel uses for osmolality testing in advanced therapy production.

  • More Than Just A Payments Partner - The White Glove Solution

    The Client is a software, technology, and business communications company that engineers dependable business solutions backed by human touch. This eCommerce software provider began as a SaaS company and has since expanded to include five lines of business: IT solutions, software solutions, business communications, website services, and security solutions.

  • Upstream Viral Safety: A Holistic Approach To Mitigating Contamination Risks

    The safety of biologics from adventitious agents requires a multilayered strategy of controlled manufacturing processes and risk mitigation to prevent contamination. 

  • TASKMASTER® Grinder Contributes to BioFuel Production

    The Meadowbrook Dairy in El Mirage, California is part of a growing alternative energy initiative -the production of energy from renewable sources. In this example, the renewable source is manure provided by the dairy’s 2000 cows. Each day, 20,000 gallons of manure are collected, deposited and processed in an anaerobic digester. Methane is released which fuels a turbine that generates electricity. Enough power is generated to meet most of the daily needs of the 159 acre dairy.

  • Advanced Control Technology For Laser Material Processing

    Simple, fast, accurate, and flexible control in laser materials processing; how to make it easier for system integrators to design and build advanced systems for a new age of laser applications.

  • Case Study: Electric Vehicle Manufacturing And Precision Metrology

    Ford Motor Company is an American multi-national automaker that recently announced a plan to invest US$22 billion through 2025 in the electrification of their mobility products.