Accounts Payable / Remittance Processing


  • Wideband Signal Record And Playback System: IQC91000A

    Bird offers the new IQC91000A Record and Playback System designed for recording modern waveforms for demanding mission requirements in electronic defense systems, and isolating anomalies that occur during system integration and real-world validation testing. The IQC91000A continuously records 90 minutes of 1000 MHz waveforms with its 12 bit fidelity, ensuring the capture of transient and unexpected events.

  • Drug Manufacturing Cleanroom Facilities

    In the spectrum of pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, injectable product manufacturing facilities represent the most sophisticated and challenging to design, build, qualify and operate, particularly when products manufactured in these facilities are rendered sterile when complete, ready to inject directly into a human. For this reason, very careful consideration must be made when developing such a facility.

  • Pharmaceutical Checkweigher

    Protect consumers and brand reputation  with the Thermo Scientific Global VersaWeigh Checkweigher. This versatile, scalable system is  easy-to-use and maintain.. The fixed-height Global VersaWeigh is ideal for products up to 1.5 kilograms (3.3 pounds).

  • Enigma3m

    The Enigma3m correlating noise loggers utilise 3G / GPRS communications to provide remote location of leaks in water distribution networks. Enigma3m is deployed in underground chambers and requires no costly above  ground technology.

  • Process And BioProcess Engineering Services: Cell And Gene Drug Manufacturing

    Knowing the technology, industry trends, regulatory environment and manufacturing processes enables our process/bioprocess engineers to identify opportunities to streamline production and maximize efficiency.


  • Duni Wipes Out Manual Work With MediusFlow

    Duni manufactures and distributes innovative tabletop concepts, creative packaging and take-away solutions for professionals and consumers in more than 40 countries across the globe. The company processes approximately 100,000 invoices per year through MediusFlow’s AP automation solution connected to SAP.

  • Shifting The Biomanufacturing Paradigm: Intensifying Upstream Processes

    Demand for mAbs creates pressure to accelerate development, improve flexibility, and reduce costs while sustaining or improving drugs.This paper explores upstream strategies to increase protein titers, which can translate into higher throughput, improved flexibility, and compressed timelines.

  • How To Easily Scale-Up Mixing Systems

    When selecting mixing systems, foresight for scale-up is important for long-term success. A quick shift between systems can be the difference between economical success and a financial disaster.

  • Keeping Your Additive Manufacturing Laser In Spec

    Additive manufacturing allows for the manufacturing of more customized parts, using more specialized materials, and will eventually create a more localized, rapid, and agile distribution network than what have been used to. Among hundreds of variables that are associated with an additive manufacturing process are the many variables associated with the laser that is used within the system. This white paper discusses important laser performance characteristics, how to measure them, and how to keep the laser in spec.

  • Digital Manufacturing Of Biologics

    In addition to an explanation of digital manufacturing, this paper covers how it can improve the productivity and robustness of existing processes and facilities. 

  • Replacing Traditional Bar Screens At North Carolina Wastewater Treatment Plant Improves Employee Safety And Reduces Maintenance

    The Water and Sewer Authority of Cabarrus County (WSACC) serves selected water and sewer needs for five jurisdictions in south-central North Carolina — Cabarrus County, Concord, Kannapolis, Harrisburg and Mount Pleasant — providing wholesale wastewater transportation and treatment and reservoir management.

  • Industry Trends Changing Sterile Filtration

    To help meet the needs of both large- and small-scale operations, suppliers of sterilizing-grade filters have developed new products and technologies to help meet the needs of today’s biomanufacturing processes. Industry trends toward intensified processing and increased implementation of single-use systems are changing approaches to sterile filtration and bioburden control in biomanufacturing processes.

  • Heat Exchanger Monitoring And End-Of-Cycle Prediction

    Predicting end-of-cycle (EOC) for a heat exchanger due to fouling is a constant challenge faced by refineries. Proactively predicting when a heat exchanger needs to be cleaned enables risk-based maintenance planning and optimization of processing rates, operating costs, and maintenance costs. Read more to learn how utilitzing the Seeq Formula Tool to monitor heat exchanger performance in the place of time-consuming spreadsheets will eliminate weeks of work for engineers, freeing them up to perform other valuable company tasks.

  • No Page Left Behind

    West Coast service bureau ViaTRON processes three million pages per week for clients primarily in state government, higher education, and entertainment – such as movie studios and casinos. Services range from scanning to Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and beyond.

  • Bulk Drug Substance Logistics – Primary Packaging

    There are currently many options of primary packages on how to transport the drug substance from A to B. This paper explains the benefits and shortcomings of a few of those options.

  • IoT Innovations For Alleviating IT/OT Convergence Challenges

    Many organizations – especially those in industries such as industrial, healthcare, and fleet, to name a few – rely on two primary technology groups and systems to execute business operations: information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT).

  • Solid Dose Manufacturer Installs Serialization Efforts For Compliance

    Artesan Pharma demonstrates how an effective program of serialization, i.e. the traceability of medicines, can successfully be put into practice in today's pharmaceutical industry.