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  • For even smaller batches, the gloveless microBatch working cell is the perfect solution. The setup allows fast installation/validation as well as 100% in-process check weighing. A fully integrated machine and Isolator unit are key to ensure quality and output.

  • Access the future of AI microscopy

    Subjectivity of analysis and poor reproducibility are key hurdles to be overcome for biological image analysis. Standard segmentation can lead to sub-standard results and require substantial manual curation which is subject to human error.

  • Downstream bioprocessing steps have long held challenges for drug manufacturers, particularly the chromatography step for purification of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs).

    The complexity of traditional chromatography options as well as the high cost of the Protein A resin required have driven the search for a more flexible, cost-effective and convenient alternative.

  • Revolutionizing Global mRNA Production: Germfree's Innovative Cleanrooms Drive Manufacturing Success

    Cleanroom requirements for mRNA manufacturing encompass stringent particle control, temperature and humidity management, solvent management and robust contamination prevention strategies. Germfree’s advanced cleanroom solutions address these challenges, ensuring seamless equipment integration, process adaptability, and compliance with regulatory standards. Their tailored mobile and modular facilities support the emerging trend for localized vaccine production, empowering biopharmaceutical companies to harness the transformative potential of mRNA technology in a rapidly advancing field, and ultimately contributing to global immunization efforts.

  • The OLC049, OLC249, and OLC449 can be used for large satellite constellation applications that require optical isolation in radiation environments such as gamma, neutron, and proton radiation with a high CTR and low saturation VCE. Each optocoupler consists of an LED and N-P-N silicon phototransistor that is electrically isolated, but optically coupled inside a non-hermetic six-pin Leadless Chip Carrier (LCC) package.