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  • With many of the blockbuster biologic drugs of the ’90s are coming off of patent, companies are racing to provide a clinically similar alternative to these pioneering products. Like any biologic drug, they require care and attentiveness throughout the manufacturing process. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain aseptic conditions throughout the production process of these drug products.

  • The SPIRALIFT® SR Septage Receiving Station is a complete solution for the clean and organized receiving and processing of septage. This complete system along with the Hauler Station control reduces the demand on your system as well as on your personnel.

  • Process stability, high efficiency and customizable features are crucial issues related to glass packaging manufacturing. Our ampoule forming line perfectly matches these needs, guaranteeing the highest performance thanks to cutting-edge capabilities, such as its automatic inspection system and electric rotational oven, which provides higher product handling stability.

  • The SUPER SHREDDER® in-line disintegrator reduces a variety of liquid borne solids with a unique, low headloss design.

  • The production and handling of highly potent sterile APIs within a multi-purpose designed plant are becoming more and more prevalent within the pharmaceutical industry.


  • Camera System Gives Tunneling Machines New Sights

    In this case study, high resolution cameras are mounted in the cutter head of a tunnel boring machine to enable structural analysis and geological documentation of the drilling surface.

  • Spice Is A Variety Of Life

    The goal of Fuchs Group in Lower Saxony, Germany, with its precious spices and spice mixtures, is to help turn a meal into a genuine culinary event. The company cannot afford any bottlenecks or disruptions in the compressed air supply. When it was time to replace the obsolete compressors from another manufacturer due to increasingly frequent breakdowns and problems, the obvious choice was the Coburg-based system provider KAESER.

  • Upstream Viral Safety: A Holistic Approach To Mitigating Contamination Risks

    The safety of biologics from adventitious agents requires a multilayered strategy of controlled manufacturing processes and risk mitigation to prevent contamination. 

  • Instrumentation Calibration As A Service

    One reality cutting across the entire range of processing plants and industries is the need for timely and proper instrument calibration. Instrument vendors with the right technical experience, established laboratories, and local, nationwide, or even worldwide reach can make the difference for this crucial task.

  • Durable Solutions For Large Volume Vinegar Clarification And Stabilization

    High in acid content, vinegar (especially white vinegar) is self-preserving with an almost indefinite shelf life. However, with consumer expectation for a clear product, vinegar is clarified after acetic fermentation to remove suspended solids including Acetobacter and other microorganisms. In this chemically aggressive application, these modules suffer from operational limits that may dramatically reduce service life, therefore increasing operating cost. A solution with exceptional mechanical strength, thermal and chemical stability provided a reliable and durable solution that could withstand long-term exposure to acetic acid.

  • Major Pork Producer Saves Project Money With S&L Pump Station

    When a major pork producer sought cost-effective pumping solutions to one of its Kansas facilities’ wastewater system, the search led to an installation of a Smith & Loveless above-grade pump station.

  • From Liability To Asset: A TMF Rescue

    The company had acquired a promising compound with data from 14 clinical trials, including a critical phase III study. During NDA preparations, they discovered that the Trial Master File for these studies was scattered across hundreds of boxes of paper and several hard drives. The document experts at Phlexglobal quickly scoped the project and were convinced they could deliver an inspection-ready TMF in the time allowed – which was fast running out.

  • Braving The Complexities Of Immuno-Oncology Trials

    Immuno-oncology trials are increasing in prevalence and, for many reasons, are much more complex than standard clinical trials. Learn how partnering with an experienced central lab can alleviate these challenges, create efficiencies, and save researchers time and expense.

  • Bulk Flow X-ray Inspection: Providing Protection For High-Value, Unpackaged Food Production

    With nuts, seeds, dried fruits and dozens of other fresh, bulk food products are fetching sky-high prices of late due to demand and supply issues growers and producers need reliable ways to maximize production while eliminating contaminants. Gone are days of error prone human inspection or wasteful processes such as discarding partially clean products to avoid further inspection costs.

  • Frozen Vegetable Supplier Exceeds Effluent Requirements With MBBR

    A frozen vegetable company was the premier supplier of individually quick-frozen onions, potatoes, roasted potatoes and vegetable blends to large food service companies. At their processing facility, a significant barrier to growth was faced due to an aging wastewater treatment system, which could not treat the anticipated flows that a plant expansion and production increase would generate. 

  • Drew’s LLC Installs Eriez Liquid Metal Detectors To Detect Any Metal Contaminants During Processing

    To remain competitive in the demanding and highly-scrutinized food industry, Drew’s achieved certification from the Safe Quality Food Institute in meeting the SQF 2000 Code of Food Safety. With the two Eriez Metal Detectors in place, Drew’s has double protection against any sort of metal particulate reaching customers.

  • Metal Detection System Helps Nuts ‘N More Deliver Contaminant-Free High Protein Spreads

    Nuts ‘N More has taken the initiative to install high level operational procedures and technologically innovative equipment specifically to comply with rigid food safety guidelines. An important part of the company’s quality push is the use of an Eriez Xtreme® Metal Detector Conveyor System, which inspects every jar produced at Nuts ‘N More for metal contamination.