Accounts Payable / Remittance Processing


  • For even smaller batches, the gloveless microBatch working cell is the perfect solution. The setup allows fast installation/validation as well as 100% in-process check weighing. A fully integrated machine and Isolator unit are key to ensure quality and output.

  • The out-of-specification (OOS) product in the MasterControl Quality Management System (QMS) allows for seamless compliance.

  • The Model 125S1G6C is a solid-state, Class A design, self-contained, aircooled, broadband power amplifier designed for applications where instantaneous bandwidth, high gain, and linearity are required.

  • IsoClear A™ and IsoClear B™ adsorbents are highly selective for the removal of isoagglutinin antibodies, enabling cost effective and efficient reduction of isoagglutinin titre for plasma and plasma derived products.

  • As a leading crystal grower with decades of electro-optic device design experience, G&H manufactures a comprehensive range of Pockels cells for applications. To complement these, we have developed a range of high quality pockels cell drivers including our Q-series Q-switch drivers and R-series regenerative amplifier drivers.