News Feature | September 10, 2015

Matter Centric Collaboration Roadmap Focus On Security

Katie Wike

By Katie Wike, contributing writer

iManage announces a platform which will include user-based innovations and promises a next generation approach to work product management solutions.

The work product management solution company iManage has announced its vision and roadmap to what they call the next generation of Matter Centric Collaboration (MCC). According to the company, the software platform includes best practices for helping professionals manage their work “with greater productivity, agility, and service.”

“Professionals today have a new relationship to technology, using it in more ways and with ever increasing expectations of how it should enable their work,” said Neil Araujo, CEO of iManage. “To design a user experience to meet these expectations, we have engaged dozens of professionals to study how they interact with our products. We will continue to lead the market by delivering a user experience unlike any other, created from the ground up around the needs of the new professional.”

Over the next two years, new features will be introduced to users including new interfaces and higher quality integration with other devices. Additionally, new types of training will be available for the software, specifically geared toward busy professionals.

“The changes are exciting,” said Vic Peterson, CIO for Stinson Leonard Street LLP, an iManage customer. “Introducing analytics into Work Product Management, for example, has the potential to turn information from our core systems into actionable insights delivered to attorneys and available for legal process improvements.”