High-Volume Scanners


  • G-CON Building Services provides host facility project management solutions to pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical clients to simplify customer cleanroom projects and provide project completion in a more timely and cost-efficient manner.​

  • The ideal feeder for treatment of process water in produce and irrigation lines.

  • Accelerated GxP and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance without disrupting your existing workflows.

  • Stevanato Group uses proven technologies to develop customized solutions for the efficient sub-assembly and final assembly of your pharmaceutical and medical products. We blend our 30-year expertise and your needs in order to support you all the way from clinical trials to fully-automatic high volume production.

  • The Z20000 Series of stack rotary stepper motors are built to provide exceptionally high torque to size ratios.  This can-stack rotary stepper motor is a 20 mm rotary stepper motor with a holding torque of up to .65 oz-in (0.46 Ncm). 


  • Developing TIL Therapies: Sample Collection And Processing

    While it has been advanced over many years, the process of developing TIL therapies still suffers from certain challenges. This article attempts to lay bare some of these challenges and discuss how novel technological solutions can help overcome them.

  • Process Characterization: Ready For The FDA?

    Realizing the benefits of process characterization requires proper planning and application of a comprehensive process characterization strategy.

  • COVID-19 Vaccine Manufacturer Selects Innovative Cleanroom Insulation

    A closed-cell clean technology insulation product designed specifically for use in cleanrooms, increased long-term cost-effectiveness and helped eliminate risk within a manufacturer's facilities.

  • How Outsourcing Buffer Prep Enables A SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine

    As numerous therapeutic drug and vaccine candidates make their way through human clinical trials, companies are already planning for how to manufacture any successful molecule on a global scale.

  • Large NCI-Designated Hospital System Trains 400 End Users, Resulting In Increased Levels Of Efficiency And Consistency

    Learn how an eLearning solution was used to help overburdened trainers from a large National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated hospital system.

  • How To Drive Service And Innovation?

    Parking solution provider, Scheidt & Bachmann, achieves operational excellence with harmonized service management from ServiceNow.

  • Empowering Success With A Common Operational View

    The Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County (MAWC) in New Stanton, Pennsylvania, provides service to more than 130,000 water customers and approximately 27,000 sewer customers. MAWC maintains more than 2,400 miles of water mains, three water treatment plants and eleven wastewater treatment plants. Over the past four years, MAWC has integrated geographic information system (GIS) applications to enhance project workflows and integrate datasets. Previously, while reviewing its construction workflow process, MAWC was frustrated to learn that project status was not being effectively communicated between departments, causing serious delays in inspecting and activating new hydrants.  

  • Guidance For Remote Monitoring For Sponsors And CROs

    Guidance for implementing remote monitoring as a broad policy at the site level. In light of COVID-19, Veeva proposes that sites and sponsors take a risk-based approach to updating policies and study documents to include only critical elements needed in order to implement remote monitoring quickly while not introducing administrative burden on teams.

  • Save Space With Single-Use Bags, Secondary Packaging Solution

    Find out how a multinational biopharma company overcame a diminished shipping capacity challenge after switching to single-use bags to improve storage capacity at one of its production sites.

  • Direct-From-Patient Data Capture With eCOA

    Learn how an eCOA tool can provide patients a chance to be heard while giving sponsors quantitative and qualitative data to track the efficacy of a treatment.

  • How Important Is mmWave To 5G?

    For 5G to deliver high expectations, it must operate across wide contiguous frequency spectrum - only available at mmW frequencies. The frequency bands in the spectrum above 24 GHz can support large bandwidths and high data rates, ideal for increasing the capacity of wireless networks. Anokiwave offers the industry's most complete portfolio of Silicon ICs for mmW 5G and is the trusted choice of Tier-1 and -2 OEMs worldwide.

  • Abbottstown Retrofitted A Flow-Through System With An AquaSBR® System To Meet Stringent Effluent Requirements

    The Abbottstown-Paradise Joint Sewer Authority was incorporated in 1973 and utilized a continuous flow activated sludge system with an average daily design flow of 0.21 MGD. At that time the plant was only required to reduce total suspended solids (TSS) and effuent ammonia to required levels to serve the area population of about 2000. Due to urban growth and increased storm flow runoffs, the plant was in need of an expansion and upgrade by the late 1990s.