High-Volume Scanners


  • As life science companies turn to digital strategies and convert from manual paper to digital processes, they need expertise in design and implementation to ensure continuous improvement.

  • Capture bright images – fast!

    Do you sometimes feel like you are fishing in the dark because you are looking for fluorescence signals that are increasingly faint and weak? Brightness and high resolution images are a must in modern developmental biology and research.

    Leica Microsystems has developed the M205 FA  fluorescence stereo microscopes to enable you to detect transgenic expression like GFP and mCherry in early stages, allowing you to select the right sample to successfully base your studies on.

  • With superior quality, excellent performance, and regulatory compliance, Applied Biosystems TaqPath master mixes are designed to deliver confidence and performance for even your most demanding applications. With over 15 years of technology leadership in real-time PCR, we are committed to providing clinical laboratories with trusted, versatile, and innovative tools for molecular diagnostic development and testing.

  • Germfree’s bioGO® Mobile Biocontainment Laboratories offer the ideal solution for providing surge capacity for laboratory services during periods of emergency. By utilizing a fully equipped/turnkey Mobile Biocontainment Laboratory, facilities are able to rapidly increase their volume without sacrificing capabilities. Each mobile facility is engineered and constructed to meet or exceed relevant CDC NIH BMBL 5th Edition and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for BSL2, 2+, or 3 laboratories.

  • RoSS.KSET | Protecting Small Single-Use Bags

    Scale-down to one single drop of drug substance! RoSS.KSET offers the protection for drug substances between 1 ml to 250 ml. For anything above, RoSS can protect one or multiple small single use bags in one shell.


  • Digital Endpoint Resource Guide: Heart Failure

    Unearth the ways actigraphy can objectively measure treatment effects on a variable that drives patient outcomes and prepare trials to better align with the FDA’s position on patient-centric drug development.

  • Streamlining And Standardizing Cell And Gene Therapies From Process To Product

    Cell and gene therapies are transforming the lives of patients with various rare genetic diseases and more common conditions such as cancer. However, the rapid pace of scientific progress has overwhelmed supply infrastructure, creating pressures to scale manufacturing, increase capacity and meet a wide range of deliverable requirements.

  • Patient Insights Informed Consent Engagement

    By incorporating the patient viewpoint throughout the informed consent process, discover how this technical solution enhanced the overall patient experience within clinical research operations.

  • How COVID-19 Is Making Operationalizing Gene Therapy Trials Even Tougher – And How We Handled It

    The global pandemic has exacerbated the operational challenges intrinsic to gene therapy at the site level, the project team level, and the sponsor level. To ensure that studies continue to move forward, strategies need to be considered not only for operational efficiency and patient centricity but also as contingency planning in the case of a subsequent wave or quarantine. Here we continue our case study of a rescue Phase 1/2 gene therapy trial involving localized administration of gene therapy using specialized equipment with a look at the operational challenges of these trials during COVID-19.

  • How A Top Pharma Increased Regulatory Speed And Consistency With Business Process Automation

    Discover how PhlexRIM’s preconfigured business process automation helped the company rapidly build streamlined regulatory workflows and lifecycles aligned with their internal processes – increasing the efficiency and consistency of regulatory operations.

  • Clinical Trial Recruitment

    Gain insight into why study sponsors are motivated to find solutions that optimize enrollment of the right patients from the beginning, and minimize patient dropout after enrollment. 

  • Asset Utilization (OEE) Monitoring

    Increased visibility into unproductive process time is necessary to reduce inefficiencies. With the ability to increase production opportunities when reducing waiting times, overall profitability can also increase. 

  • A New Approach To Characterizing Crystalline Structure

    Learn how the accuracy (melting temperature and heat of fusion) and utility of Differential Scanning Calorimetry data is greatly diminished for materials that undergo Apparent Melting and much more.

  • Camuzzi Gas: Planning And Mobilization Of Field Service Activities

    Camuzzi Gas Pampeana S.A. and Camuzzi Gas del Sur S.A. form the largest supplier of natural gas in Argentina, covering around 45% of the country, i.e. a 3,100 km wide area. The companies serve 2.5 million clients and manage 10,000 km of gas pipelines as well as a 50.000 km long gas supply network.

  • Implementing An Integrated Quality System To Support Business Growth

    A multinational pharmaceutical company with world-wide commercial operations provides contract manufacturing, product development and clinical services to third-party customers. Geographically-dispersed and disconnected business units demanded virtual collaborations that were not easy to support, and many processes throughout the company were manual and disconnected, hindering productivity and collaboration. The company implemented a solution to enable them to deliver high quality, compliant products in an efficient manner.

  • Findlay Township Utility Saves Money And Manpower With Proactive Xylem Technology

    Learn about the acoustic monitoring application that identifies water leaks efficiently. 

  • Direct-From-Patient Data Capture With eCOA

    Learn how an eCOA tool can provide patients a chance to be heard while giving sponsors quantitative and qualitative data to track the efficacy of a treatment.