High-Volume Scanners


  • Canon offers a variety of brushless, coreless, and ironcore DC motors that are custom manufactured to achieve the exact speed, power, and currents required for OEM applications. These motors are supplied with attached gears, pinions, pulleys, lead wires, and conductors in order to reduce OEM labor and material costs.

  • Nordson MEDICAL is a pioneer and innovator in the design, development, and manufacturing of medical tubing, with decades of experience. We have the broadest, most versatile medical tubing line in the industry. From simple medical tubing to complex, tight-tolerance extruded tubing in a wide range of materials including polyimide tubing, we can meet your needs.

  • The out-of-specification (OOS) product in the MasterControl Quality Management System (QMS) allows for seamless compliance.

  • Thanks to its consolidated experience as a glass forming machine manufacturer, we produce easy-to-use machines that offer high-speed production, fewer rejects and mechanically resistant, cosmetic-compliant cartridges and dual-chamber cartridges. Stevanato Group engineers its cartridge lines with an emphasis on all forming phases including glass tube feeding, the glass forming process, transport, annealing, and packing. Two thirds of the total global volume of cartridges used in the treatment of diabetes is manufactured with our equipment.

  • Cryoport Systems is proud to announce the launch of new models of Standard Volume Dry Vapor Shippers — CXST1 and CXCB1.


  • Tekton Research Experiences A 'No Findings' FDA Inspection

    As COVID-19 increased its impact on research collaboration and monitoring in 2020, Tekton Research’s desire to move to full remote monitoring intensified. The research site soon realized there was a need for a remote source document monitoring solution --– one that would enable the upload, management and sharing of source documents with monitors and sponsors without redacting sensitive patient information.

  • Bypass System At Onondaga County Pump Station Enables Completion Of Vital Upgrades

    When the West Side sewage pump station in Onondaga County, New York, prepared to undergo its first major upgrade in over 30 years, the project required a bypass system to move a peak flow of 30 million gallons per day (MGD). C.O. Falter Construction was named the bypass contractor for the project and worked with Xylem to design and install a temporary system to convey the full amount of flow.

  • Innovative Recruitment And Retention Strategies For Phase III Rare Cardiovascular Disease Study

    A Phase III, placebo-controlled, double blind, randomized clinical study of pulsed inhaled nitric oxide targeting rare cardiovascular disease was facing challenges. A partnership helped them solve their issues with patient recruitment, organizational effectiveness and regional patient expertise.

  • Gas Utility Reduces Inspection Times By 50% Using Mobile App

    Challenged to meet regulatory requirements, a natural gas distribution utility was able to replace slow and unreliable paper data collection processes with a mobile data collection app. The new digital workflow included data capture via bar code saved significant time in getting accurate data into the utility’s digital network as-builting process.

  • Eliminate Drug Discovery Errors Before They Happen – Why Picking The Correct Binding Technology Is Critical To Success

    Starting with the right tool is crucial in saving you time and money in the drug development process. This binding technologies toolbox covers Temperature Related Intensity Change (TRIC), Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR), Differential Scanning Fluorimetry (DSF), and Isothermal Titration Calorimetry (ITC).

  • AI-Assisted Indexing Improves TMF Management

    The timely and accurate filing and indexing of documents for the Trial Master File is one of the most significant compliance challenges facing organizations today. In this case study, learn how Phlexglobal’s advanced machine learning technologies reduced a pharmaceutical company’s document processing time by 16% while maintaining 98% accuracy.

  • Providing Pumping & Control Equipment To Reduce Force Main Pressure

    HRSD, the regional wastewater treatment utility in southeast Virginia, had been experiencing high pressures in their Williamsburg area force main network during wet weather events.

  • LiDAR: Measuring The Measurement System Is Essential

    This white paper discusses the importance of precisely measuring LiDAR parameters and its impact on the performance and construction of LiDAR systems.

  • Qorvo Helps Xiaomi Reap Full Potential Of Wi-Fi 6

    As a leader in RF technologies, Qorvo offers unique insights on Wi-Fi 6 router solutions. Xiaomi’s recently launched AX1800 Wi-Fi 6 router used Qorvo technology strength to the fullest. As Xiaomi designed its latest router, they partnered with Qorvo to leverage our RF technology and Wi-Fi 6 expertise to overcome some key challenges.

  • Digitalizing Cell And Gene Therapy Manufacturing

    MES solutions can remove paper from the manufacturing floor once and for all — while boosting operational efficiency and saving costs.

  • Streamlining And Standardizing Cell And Gene Therapies From Process To Product

    Cell and gene therapies are transforming the lives of patients with various rare genetic diseases and more common conditions such as cancer. However, the rapid pace of scientific progress has overwhelmed supply infrastructure, creating pressures to scale manufacturing, increase capacity and meet a wide range of deliverable requirements.

  • Effects Of Mobility On mmWave Beamforming In Dynamic, Urban Environments

    In 5G and 6G, mmWaves promise new, high bandwidth frequency bands, but propagation losses and fast fading pose challenges. Learn how massive MIMO beamforming at mitigates mmWave propagation challenges using Wireless InSite and its mmWave hybrid beamformer.