High-Volume Scanners


  • The patented PFL Powderflex provides continuous and precise dosing of small to medium quantities of powder, whether the requirement is for controlled charging of powders into continuous production processes or for predetermined precision dosing.

  • The P-911KNMV from PI features a space-saving parallel-kinematic design, producing a low overall height of less than 90 mm and a diameter of only 100 mm. The NEXLINE® piezo stepping motor drives and integrated incremental sensors ensure a position resolution down to 0.1 µm in the linear axes.

  • AST’s ASEPTiCell® is a flexible fill/finish systems that can efficiently process medium-sized clinical and commercial batches while meeting all cGMP requirements for cleanliness and sterility.

  • Make remote work easier with secure file access, sharing and collaboration.

  • Sponsors and CROs continue to face extreme challenges and high risks in the design and execution of clinical trials in support of new CNS therapies. WCG has built a global cohort of expert clinicians, proprietary cognitive assessments, targeted interventions, and supporting technology to reduce the risk of trial failure for the most complex and subjective indications.


  • Set For The Future—San Juan Water Implements Esri's ArcGIS Utility Network And Cityworks Computer Maintenance Management System

    San Juan Water District (SJWD) has used ArcGIS Utility Network as a foundation for the organization's computer maintenance management system (CMMS) implementation, which uses Cityworks. The Utility Network and the CMMS work from one centralized database for water distribution. The field crews can access the latest information and use the networking analysis capabilities for outage events via tablets in the field or a web browser in the office. The integration of these systems has improved reporting and inspection workflows while providing a single, authoritative source of truth. 

  • X-Ray Inspection Provides Additional Quality For Snack Food Manufacturer

    Nut manufacturer finds a solution that allows them to detect contaminants in products packaged in aluminum foil and provides ease and flexibility in changing product types.

  • Technologies To Meet Smaller Footprint And Stringent Nitrogen And Phosphorous Requirements

    The Buxahatchee Wastewater Treatment Plant in Calera, Alabama was built in 1960. It upgraded in 1985 to a 0.75 MGD capacity extended aeration system with integrated clarifier and traveling aeration bridge for nitrification.

  • Complete Buyer's Guide To The Modern Electronic Trial Master File (eTMF)

    Implementing an eTMF is critical for Sponsors and CROs that want to reduce burden, increase study capacity, and enable more trials. However, many organizations are not equipped with a modern solution to realize the full benefit and future proof operations. This guide serves as an in-depth overview of how a modern eTMF solution can impact your organization and the steps you can take to prepare.

  • Clinical Trial Recruitment

    Gain insight into why study sponsors are motivated to find solutions that optimize enrollment of the right patients from the beginning, and minimize patient dropout after enrollment. 

  • Leveraging A Central IRB Office To Improve Turnaround Times And Consistency

    With over 100 sites in the Academic and Community Center Research United (ACCRU) research network, utilizing a central IRB office was essential to increase review consistency and turnaround times.

  • High Resolution, Non-Contact Surface Metrology For Freeform Optics In Digital Immersive Displays

    Freeform optical surface shapes have evolved from an intriguing optical design concept to a practical necessity for applications ranging from space and defense to consumer electronics. The demand for freeform solutions is no more strongly felt than in the development of digital immersive displays for augmented and mixed reality, where the combination of exceptionally high performance combines with ergonomic constraints of wearable interactive technologies.

  • Hamad International Airport Reduces Leaks By 60%

    The airport had to deal with a large volume of non-registered water in its extensive water distribution networks. In the light of this situation, the implementation of Idrica’s services and technology managed to boost efficiency in the facilities. The results included a 60% reduction in the number of leaks and a 20% drop in maintenance costs.

  • Meeting Quality Standards With Multiple Global Manufacturing Locations

    With 66 global locations from Kansas to Krakow, Fagron needed a way to ensure each facility could stay in compliance with the regulations of every market they serve. The variety of processing by regulating authorities based on the country led to inconsistent processes. By implementing a software solution the team has reduced over 450 hours per year spent on preparing paper-based training materials, saving more than 500 sheets of paper per week at those sites.

  • Mitigating COVID-19 Risks In A Complex, Fast-Moving Pain Program

    A cutting-edge biotech was running a program with three active, concurrent, pain studies across 25 sites and 218 patients, with interim database locks scheduled during the summer of 2020 and final database lock deadlines looming close behind. The COVID-19 pandemic put that all on the line.

  • Transforming Clinical Development

    To enable the completion of clinical trials as safely, efficiently and quickly as possible, PerkinElmer Informatics’ clinical solutions streamline clinical trial data visualization and analysis with real-time access to clinical data in all phases of clinical development.

  • Developing TIL Therapies: Sample Collection And Processing

    While it has been advanced over many years, the process of developing TIL therapies still suffers from certain challenges. This article attempts to lay bare some of these challenges and discuss how novel technological solutions can help overcome them.