High-Volume Scanners


  • Buffer management solutions that reduce costs and expand possibilities.

    Buffers play a significant role in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. They represent the major component by number and overall volume used in biopharma downstream processing steps. Buffer preparation makes up a substantial portion of a facility’s footprint and overall cost, labor requirements, and equipment.

  • Leverage our technical expertise as well as our comprehensive facilities and equipment for robust support of your project's chemical synthesis requirements.

  • Move fluids across a street or sidewalk with ease.

  • Protein A chromatography resin for efficient separation of bispecific antibodies, Fab, scFv, and VHH that contain the VH3 sequence family.

  • inSeption’s Clinical Operations and Project Management subject matter experts are integrated into the client’s project team, thus ensuring a more streamlined approach to providing the required support and/or recommending ways to achieve new efficiencies.