High-Volume Scanners


  • Genvi® Solenoid Valve LGV Series

    The Lee Company introduces the genvi® LGV Series control valves, a new generation of versatile and innovative 3-port solenoid valves, offering high flow rates and low power in a miniature, 10mm package. Utilizing innovative manufacturing techniques, this family of valves is designed to offer application versatility and unmatched reliability at an economical price point.

  • 3D Optical Surface Profilers: Nexview NX2

    Zygo Corporation introduces the next generation of optical profiling instruments designed to precisely measure surface area topography quickly and with ease for enhanced productivity and versatility. The Nexview NX2 instrument is based on innovative and versatile non-contact optical technologies. Ideal applications include research, precision engineering, quality control, and advanced manufacturing.

  • P-Series Pneumatic Receivers

    The Coperion K-Tron P-Series Pneumatic Receivers are ideal for applications with a higher degree of sanitary requirements such as vacuum conveying of difficult flowing powders and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s).

  • Controlled Substances

    DEA Schedule II-V

    Ensuring that your clinical trial goes smoothly is our priority, particularly when controlled substances are involved. A large part of the complex support required for clinical trials using scheduled drugs is understanding and having the skill to navigate the regulations surrounding them.

  • Kits For LAL Testing Using The Kinetic-Chromogenic Method

    The LAL Test (Limulus amebocyte lysate) is a method of great importance for the determination of endotoxins of bacterial origin.

    At Fujifilm Wako, we manufacture kits to perform the kinetic-chromogenic LAL assay, which include all of the reagents necessary for bacterial endotoxins detection through a change in color development, and allow the customer to obtain accurate results in a short amount of time. To learn more about the principles of chromogenic detection in LAL testing we invite you to visit our blog.


  • Improving Gravimetric Feeder Performance

    How can I improve my screw feeder’s gravimetric performance? In order to get material to feed better volumetrically, understanding material characteristics of what we are trying to feed must be analyzed first.

  • Collegium Pharmaceutical’s Innovative Approach To Abuse Deterrence

    To address the ongoing public health crisis related to opioid abuse, Xtampza ER has been developed to resist the ability of abusers to tamper with the product and alter the route of administration.

  • Flood-Proof Irrigation Pump Station Simplifies Design, Construction And Maintenance

    Located in the centre of Tasmania, Australia, the Milford project comprises a river water extraction pumping station that harvests water to a holding dam for off-season irrigation use.

  • UV Treatment System Fills The Bill For Water Reuse

    Small city selects full-featured and low maintenance UV treatment for its water reuse system that easily complies with demanding California Title 22 Regulations.

  • Modular Bioprocessing Alleviates Drug Manufacturing Woes

    Building a bioprocessing facility is usually a complicated process and requires partnering with not only drug developers, but also many different experts in various industries.

  • Xylem Provides Pumping & Control Equipment To Reduce Force Main Pressure

    HRSD, the regional wastewater treatment utility that serves 18 cities and counties in southeast Virginia, had been experiencing high-pressures in their Williamsburg area force main network during wet weather events. These high pressure events caused operational trouble and, on occasion, resulted in SSOs in the collection system.

  • Next-Generation Purification Of Monoclonal Antibodies

    The biopharmaceutical industry is beginning to take the necessary measures to improve the efficiency of monoclonal antibodies. Learn more about how the adoption of single-use technologies is a key strategy for delivering higher productivity and enabling more flexible manufacturing processes.

  • How A CRO-EDC Partnership Got Results For Study Sponsors

    To deliver consistent results and ultimately create lasting relationships with sponsors, ARA needed fast and flexible eClinical tools. Medrio offered the ability to set up studies easily, collect data accurately, and make mid-study changes without study downtime saves their clients time and money - and increases the likelihood of repeat business and referrals.

  • Manufacturing Of Sterile Aqueous Suspensions: A Primer

    Sterile suspensions are particularly difficult to manufacture. This technical article covers factors for success, including particle size, vehicle formulation, and considerations for high-shear mixing. 

  • Replacement Vacuum Liquid Feeder For Poly Aluminum Chloride Ends Feed Reliability Problem For SWTP

    The Chief Operator for a surface water treatment plant (SWTP) reports that replacement of a troublesome vacuum liquid feeder for poly aluminum chloride (PACl), with a more advanced vacuum liquid feeder, ended the threat of a process upset for operations staff that was caused by the previous unit not being able to hold a constant feed rate. The ability to provide a consistent feed is needed as a key element in the plant pre-treatment process, which features turbidity reduction and clarification.

  • Diversify Your Business With Managed Cloud Backup

    As cloud storage becomes more affordable, organizations of all sizes are exploring new ways to meet their increased storage demands and streamline operations. This steady decline in cost and improvements in security have made cloud storage a viable alternative to traditional on-premises storage options.

  • BV Dairy Unleashes Growth With Epicor ERP And DocStar

    Founded in 1958 as a family farm in England’s West Country, BV Dairy is now a thriving modern business. Each year, the company purchases 35 million liters of milk from dairy farms within a 25-mile radius of their production facility in Shaftesbury, Dorset and turns them into dairy products for food distribution and manufacturing firms. BV Dairy’s range includes their award-winning Dorset clotted cream, as well as yogurts, buttermilk, soft cheese, and mascarpone.