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  • Our Regional Site Managers (RSMs) are recapturing the importance of building relationships with clinical sites. Our RSMs can act as a “one-stop shop” for all activities related to a clinical study site.

  • Managing an electronic trial master file (eTMF) is a complex and labor-intensive effort. Centralize and streamline your clinical activities with MasterControl eTMF software systems.

  • FLEXPOINT MVpulse laser module combines two criteria of machine vision: Bright light with output powers up to 100 mW and class 2 eye safety. High output and high contrast images allow for detailed processing. Bright light only needs to be available when the camera takes an image. The electronics match acquisition frequency and illumination pulses to each other, enable high output powers without the use of complex protective measures.

  • Bottles come in a wide array of sizes and configurations, reflective of their diverse use in the health sciences industry. Typically, they exhibit a screw top closure threaded onto the bottle mouth, though sealing properties ranges from elastomeric liners, to o-rings, to induction seals and reliance on plastic-to-plastic contact and compression. One specific trend is the increase in need to test sterile bulk containers or sterile API containers. As the industry continues to move toward outsourcing or even insourcing through a network of suppliers or sites, transport of sterile drug product or API is becoming increasingly common. These types of containers are traditionally challenging to test, but can be qualified prior to use or as a proof of concept using helium leak detection.

  • The Sentinel Clear PAPR offers state-of-the art respiratory protection for pharmaceutical personnel and other life science professionals.


  • How The Best-In-Class Use AR For Superior Service Management

    Technician turnover continues to create challenges across the Field Service Management industry, and organizations are scrambling to keep up. Best-in-Class organizations are embracing emerging technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) to help manage these new workforce pressures. This report explores Augmented Reality successes, and charts a path to success for those businesses ready to embrace an augmented future.

  • 8 Challenges Of Sales And Marketing Alignment

    As blatantly obvious as it sounds, Sales and Marketing alignment is beyond critical for any organization. According to the Aberdeen Group, 74% of best-in-class organizations have a strong relationship between Sales and Marketing. So why is such common knowledge often hard to act on – let alone perfect?

  • BV Dairy Unleashes Growth With Epicor ERP And DocStar

    Founded in 1958 as a family farm in England’s West Country, BV Dairy is now a thriving modern business. Each year, the company purchases 35 million liters of milk from dairy farms within a 25-mile radius of their production facility in Shaftesbury, Dorset and turns them into dairy products for food distribution and manufacturing firms. BV Dairy’s range includes their award-winning Dorset clotted cream, as well as yogurts, buttermilk, soft cheese, and mascarpone.

  • Advanced Control Technology For Laser Material Processing

    Simple, fast, accurate, and flexible control in laser materials processing; how to make it easier for system integrators to design and build advanced systems for a new age of laser applications.

  • Braving The Complexities Of Immuno-Oncology Trials

    Immuno-oncology trials are increasing in prevalence and, for many reasons, are much more complex than standard clinical trials. Learn how partnering with an experienced central lab can alleviate these challenges, create efficiencies and save researchers time and expense.

  • No Page Left Behind

    West Coast service bureau ViaTRON processes three million pages per week for clients primarily in state government, higher education, and entertainment – such as movie studios and casinos. Services range from scanning to Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and beyond.

  • Practical Considerations Of A Successful RBQM Implementation

    Advances in technology, such as electronic capture and storage of study data and documentation, have accommodated the growing reliance on RBQM for clinical trials. With any new technology, there are questions about implementation and best practices.

  • Optimization Of The Comparator Sourcing Supply Chain

    Developing a relationship with a U.S.-based sourcing and warehouse leader was a critical element in Client-Pharma’s commitment to providing the shortest possible sourcing and logistics supply chain for distributing comparator drugs to U.S. clinical trial sites.

  • Clinical Supply Optimization: Enhanced Service Model Saves Client Time On Supplies

    The Vice President of manufacturing for a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company faced an avalanche of work when a reorganization left him without a clinical supply manager. Planning to start 5 new clinical trials in 6 months while managing quality assurance, manufacturing, and supplies for new and ongoing studies, he turned to his Fisher Clinical Services account executive with a simple question: “How am I going to do all that?”

  • Pharmaceutical Company Quickly Transitions 28 SKUs To Comply With New Labeling Requirements

    A large multi-national pharmaceutical company needed assistance in complying with new Health Canada regulatory requirements for labeling over-the-counter (OTC) products. The project scope required bringing 28 SKUs that varied by dosage form, quantity, primary and secondary packaging, as well as therapeutic area – and each SKU had its own unique packaging demands and timeline to maintain an unaffected retail shelf presence - into compliance with PLL. Read how all 28 SKUs were delivered in accordance with the forecast timelines and the overall project was completed early.

  • Case Study: Reduced Risk, Spending, And Work In A Global Diabetes Trial

    And as one leading multi-national pharmaceutical company recently learned, managing ancillary materials can be a challenge every bit as complex as the trial itself.

  • Technology Adoption In Field Service: A 5-Step Best Practices Guide

    Service organizations that have a best-in-class service ecosystem do so by focusing on strategies that support upskilling their workforce such as mentoring, professional development, and technology investments to supplement technicians’ knowledge. This guide highlights steps organizations should embrace and execute to ensure the successful adoption of empowering technologies.