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  • GeoSpray geopolymer is a fiber-reinforced mortar that looks and feels like Portland cement, but with higher performance properties. Unlike other cementitious liners, the unique GeoSpray mortar chemistry provides superior flexural and compressive strength, as well as ultra-low porosity and high self-bonding which eliminates cold joints.

  • Your next cleanroom is more akin to a piece of equipment than a room. Operational efficiencies, compliant flow of materials and personnel, and lifecycle considerations should dictate the selection of your cleanroom partner. AES designers have been engineering functional cleanroom facilities for over three decades, guaranteeing the performance of each and every facility. Our in-house designers work as a team with our cleanroom construction personnel to engineer a cost-effective project while maximizing performance, value, and constructability. The greatest value is realized when AES is integrated into the design team at the start of the project. Early project integration with the AES experts helps the infrastructure team decide what support and cleanroom solutions the clean space requires. Early participation by AES saves design costs, expedites schedule, and eliminates a duplication of services.

  • Qosina offers industry leading sterile disconnects for simple, quick sterile disconnection of your single-use systems. Our sterile disconnect product line enables sterile disconnections from tubing 1/4 inch (6.4mm) to 1/2 inch (12.7mm) ID and connected sets feature a protective thumb latch to prevent accidental disconnections.

  • Despite incredible therapeutic innovations, the process for manufacturing them is stuck in the past. Apprentice helps life science manufacturers make the transition to a new way of operating with a flexible, cloud-based manufacturing execution system.

  • The QPA9831 is a Hybrid Push Pull amplifier module. The part employs GaAs MESFET, GaAs pHEMT and GaN HEMT die and is operated from 45 MHz to 1218 MHz. It provides excellent linearity and superior return loss performance with low noise and optimal reliability.


  • The Rise Of The Clinical Research Network: Using Technology To Connect Sites And Sponsors

    Explore how an integrated approach to the clinical research industry’s technology landscape can remove friction, improve access, save time, and better serve patients.

  • Simplified 400-Gbps Cabling Deployment Solutions With Cisco Nexus 3000 Series Switches

    With the ever-expanding bandwidth needs that virtualization and cloud technologies have applied to the data center network, staying ahead of the curve is extremely important to maintain a competitive advantage. This document introduces products from Cisco and Panduit that address the associated needs. This document also maps the logical designs to the physical layout and displays those products deployed within the data center network.

  • The Secret To Customer Experience? Focus On Your Employees

    Smart organizations know that creating an employee experience that drives a positive customer experience is key to succeeding in a competitive marketplace. In a world of social media, apps, and viral communication, delivering superior customer service has never been more crucial to your business. With technology, the complaints of unhappy customers aren’t limited to a single manager or supervisor. Instead, a bad customer experience can be communicated and spread worldwide in a single click. 

  • The TASKMASTER® TITAN® Saves Time And Worries

    The Roseland, NJ pump station is one of the largest high-flow stations feeding into the Caldwell Wastewater Treatment Plant. The pump station originally used a trash rack in the channel coming into the station. This arrangement made it necessary for a worker to climb down into the confined space once a day to access and empty the trash rack manually. This was a very time-consuming process and was expensive for the station to keep up with such frequent manual maintenance.

  • Advanced Clinical Achieves A Strategic Advantage With Veeva Vault eTMF

    Contract research organization Advanced Clinical leverages Veeva Vault eTMF to run faster, higher-quality trials for study partners.

  • Advanced Formulation Development By Design: Holistic Drug Production

    Drug substance/drug product biomanufacturing complexity is increasing. Solving challenges calls for innovative mindsets, advanced technology, and proficient and complementary expertise.

  • A New Approach To Cell Sorter Safety

    Cell sorting continues to be a powerful contributor in the quest to improve human health, allowing researchers to make timely advancements in drug and vaccine development. However when cell sorters are run at high pressures, they can produce aerosols with high particulate content as well as extremely small particles. While several newer sorters include systems to address this concern they continue to resemble an ad hoc solution with manual operation of air-handling controls and poor access for service manipulation, which can lead to inconsistent results and an unsafe environment. In this paper we review a cell-sorter with a design to solve these problems.

  • How To Increase Your Likelihood Of Scientific Publication

    Writing a scientific manuscript involves considerable planning and organization to boost your chances of publication in a peer-reviewed journal. Here, we show you how to develop a thorough plan to present research logically and how to avoid the common pitfalls of authorship so you can overcome the chances of rejection for publication.

  • Not Everyone Loves Surprises: Know Your ADC’s CQAs

    Combatting the challenges of developing and manufacturing antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) requires robust product characterization throughout all phases of development.

  • Successful Control Strategies – Part 1

    With a complete picture of the parameters that control each step during manufacturing, chemists can monitor and control individual reactions to optimize the overall production process.

  • How Actigraphy Is Clearing Operational Barriers To Decentralized Trials

    In this white paper, explore why sponsors are turning to proven systems for collecting real-world data to support their DCTs.

  • Effects Of Mobility On mmWave Beamforming In Dynamic, Urban Environments

    In 5G and 6G, mmWaves promise new, high bandwidth frequency bands, but propagation losses and fast fading pose challenges. Learn how massive MIMO beamforming at mitigates mmWave propagation challenges using Wireless InSite and its mmWave hybrid beamformer.