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  • Our experienced validation team will document the consistency, quality, and accuracy of your systems, methods, and processes. We understand the different validation requirements for GMP, GLP, and GCP systems and the best ways to ensure compliance with FDA, EMA, and other global regulations.

  • The new Cellvento® 4CHO-C Cloning Medium has been developed to provide a chemically defined media solution for cell line development. This specially formulated medium accelerates clone isolation, reduces the risk of variability in protein quality, and ensures consistent performance. Because it is chemically defined, it reduces lot to lot variations caused by undefined hydrolysates.

  • The MM1-0626H is a passive double balanced MMIC mixer.  It features excellent conversion loss, superior isolations and spurious performance across a broad bandwidth, in a highly miniaturized form factor. 

  • As life science companies turn to digital strategies and convert from manual paper to digital processes, they need expertise in design and implementation to ensure continuous improvement.

  • The Future of Precision Medicine: Radiopharmaceutical Preparation for Targeted Diagnostics and Treatment

    Safer and More Effective Radiopharmaceutical Production With Germfree's Advanced Cleanrooms and Equipment Solutions

    Radiopharmaceuticals are drugs that contain radioactive isotopes and are used as diagnostic and therapeutic agents. Due to the hazardous nature of radioisotopes, lead shielded aseptic processing equipment is required for their production and handling. These cleanrooms have specific requirements such as HEPA exhaust and biosecurity features to prevent contamination and protect workers.

    Germfree’s expertise in designing facilities and equipment for complex critical environments ensures compliant radiopharmaceutical preparation and production at varying scales. Radiopharmaceuticals play a crucial role in advanced therapies, including nuclear medicine and cancer treatment, and are a rapidly growing sector of the biopharmaceutical industry.