Desktop Scanners


  • The Thermo Scientific Versa Rx checkweigher provides superior quality to meet the most demanding performance standards.

  • VERIFi™ smart monitoring hub
    The VERIFi™ smart monitoring hub is a first-of-its-kind technology provided with the ChargePoint® range of valves. The Hub ensures the safer and contamination-free handling of API and other formulation ingredients, offering the highest levels of operator protection and product quality.

  • Your next cleanroom is more akin to a piece of equipment than a room. Operational efficiencies, compliant flow of materials and personnel, and lifecycle considerations should dictate the selection of your cleanroom partner. AES designers have been engineering functional cleanroom facilities for over three decades, guaranteeing the performance of each and every facility. Our in-house designers work as a team with our cleanroom construction personnel to engineer a cost-effective project while maximizing performance, value, and constructability. The greatest value is realized when AES is integrated into the design team at the start of the project. Early project integration with the AES experts helps the infrastructure team decide what support and cleanroom solutions the clean space requires. Early participation by AES saves design costs, expedites schedule, and eliminates a duplication of services.

  • The new XR75 DualX X-Ray system can detect contaminants as small as 0.4mm and significantly improves detection of low-density or soft contaminants, such as bones in poultry and products with overlapping pieces in a pack or bag such as fries, frozen vegetables and chicken nuggets, among other food products.

  • CCRM's 40,000 sq-ft PD and cGMP manufacturing facilities are staffed with 120+ scientists, engineers, operators and support functions, with plans to grow the team by late 2020 to support increasing industry demand. We have experience in manufacturing for global clinical trials, and can provide both small-scale autologous and large-scale (200 L) allogeneic batches, as well as have scalable workflows. Our team can perform complex and highly customized manufacturing runs (CAR-T, T-cell, iPSC, NK, MSC, LVV, AAV).


  • Great Basin College Helps Veterans Continue Education With TWAIN-Compliant Scanner From Kodak Alaris

    Great Basin College (GBC) enriches people's lives by providing student-centered, post-secondary education to rural Nevada. GBC offers associate and baccalaureate level instruction in both career and technical education. About 3,800 students are enrolled online from across the country and at campuses across 86,500 square miles, two time zones, and ten of Nevada's largest counties.

  • Supporting Environmental, Health & Safety (Eh&S) Programs Through Asset And Maintenance Management

    Environmental incidents, occupational illnesses and injuries are preventable through proper training, engineering controls and management controls. Best-in-Class CMMS/EAM solutions support reliability and maintenance process improvement by providing historical data, helping control maintenance processes and functioning as a tool for implementing improvement, and to be effective, maintenance organizations need quick access to critical information to perform tasks effectively, efficiently, and safely.

  • Tunnel Protects Chicago Neighborhood From Flooding

    A Chicago stormwater diversion tunnel designed to correct a chronic flooding problem that has plagued the city’s Albany Park neighborhood over the past decade has been recognized for its effectiveness and ingenuity.

  • Improving Asset Reliability To Move Toward Best-in-Class

    Unscheduled asset downtime results in lower production efficiency and higher maintenance costs, directly impacting profitability. In the chemical industry, unscheduled downtime can also incur the costs of wasted product that must be disposed of when a production process halts and cannot be completed. Aberdeen Group has identified the following Key Performance.
    Indicators (KPIs) of Best-in-Class companies:

  • Extrusion- Spheronization, Engineered For Today’s Controlled Release Forms

    Synchronizing and controlling API delivery, extrusion-spheronization offers pharmaceutical companies a robust technique to manufacture today’s most complex therapeutics. With the right capabilities, this well-understood process stands ready to help lead the development and manufacturing of both today’s and tomorrow’s complex OSD therapeutics.

  • Liquid Handling Solutions For Bulk Drug Substance Management

    How modern containment technologies optimize and streamline bulk drug substance management workflows while ensuring substance integrity and safety.

  • CRO Leverages Partnership With Integrated Central IBC To Initiate Sites In COVID-19 Vaccine Research

    The COVID-19 pandemic forced a CRO to reimagine what was possible as it became clear traditional timelines would not be sufficient to move the new COVID vaccines through clinical trials and to the public at warp speed. Working with Advarra, they were able accelerate review times so the COVID vaccine trial sites could progress through site selection, IRB/IBC submission, approval, drug shipment, and complete site initiation visits in record time.

  • Alnylam Puts Sites And Patients First With IQVIA Technologies Investigator Site Portal

    When Alnylam Pharmaceuticals began development of medicines for rare diseases with few or no treatment options, the company’s leaders knew they needed to design clinical trials that kept patient well-being and disease burden at the forefront. As Alnylam’s first clinical program began in 2014, the study team saw emerging site-facing technologies as a foundation for those trusted relationships, starting with a purpose-built communication channel and easy-to-use study conduct tools to support a complex protocol.

  • Practical Considerations Of A Successful RBQM Implementation

    Advances in technology, such as electronic capture and storage of study data and documentation, have accommodated the growing reliance on RBQM for clinical trials. With any new technology, there are questions about implementation and best practices.

  • Phase Stability, Loss Stability, And Shielding Effectiveness

    This white paper addresses phase stability, loss stability, and shielding effectiveness in cable assemblies exceeding 20 feet. Stability and shielding effectiveness behavior in such assemblies are not well documented due to low demand for such assembly types and the lack of standardized test procedures. 

  • Fast And Effective Digital Transformation

    We identify common challenges when deploying traditional customized solutions, contrast that with the benefits of an out-of-the-box approach, and cover the critical role of change management. 

  • Amplifier Classification A vs. AB

    Amplifiers are designed in many ways. One distinction is how the amplification devices are biased. They can be biased in different ways that affect performance and efficiency. This is called the Class of operation. Class A, B, or AB are commonly used and referred to in specifications for high power RF & Microwave amplifiers. This paper discusses the differences between the different classifications and what it means with respect to performance.