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  • HAMMER uses the Method of Characteristics (MOC) – the benchmark standard for hydraulic transient flow analysis. The MOC computes results at intermediate points along the pipeline, accurately capturing critical outcomes (such as mid-pipe negative pressures) that could otherwise be overlooked.

  • Higher throughput, more comprehensive inspections and better-quality labels and product.

  • A passive, reusable temperature controlled shipper designed to fit your payload and performance requirements while reducing your shipping costs and carbon footprint.

  • The MLDD 2-way power divider 6005265-SQ offers high performance over the broadband ultra-broadband frequency range of 0.5 to 26.5 GHz in a compact, lightweight package.

  • Packaging is a brand’s best marketing vehicle, but it also has to perform under daily use. Designers must deal with environmental compliance, faster product cycles due to social media, and new levels of mechanical stress with online commerce on the rise. Our suite of package design and visualization capabilities enables designers to create consumer-preferred packages with structural integrity and the assurance of efficient and effective manufacture worldwide.


  • Use Of Maurice CE-SDS In ICH Q6B-Based Biosimilar Comparability Exercises

    The route to market for biosimilars places strong emphasis on the analytical and characterization techniques used to investigate the structure of the molecule and, importantly, side-by-side comparability. 

  • Service Managers’ Buyer’s Guide

    The past few decades have fundamentally redefined the boundaries, perception, and expectations of what service delivery means for the modern economy. The days of localized, disparate support have in many instances been superseded by a coherent, connected strategy, and even within those small support offerings, the options and expectations for how service would be scheduled, how parts would be allocated, and how service itself is delivered has only grown more complex.

  • Industrial Smart Components: What To Use When

    The objective of this paper is to provide an overview of the current standard industrial HID Global RFID tag portfolio and provide a guideline of the RFID tag family’s main propositions.

  • Advanced Control Technology For Laser Material Processing

    Simple, fast, accurate, and flexible control in laser materials processing; how to make it easier for system integrators to design and build advanced systems for a new age of laser applications.

  • Baluns Basics Primer: A Tutorial on Baluns, Balun Transformers, Magic-Ts, and 180° Hybrids

    Baluns have long been ubiquitous in low frequency audio, video, and antenna driving applications. The need for high speed, low noise data transfer has driven the advancement of the balun to higher frequencies and superior performance. 

  • Isolator Vs. Optocoupler Technology

    While optocouplers have been the dominant signal isolation solution for a long time, a new breed of higher-performance CMOS isolator solutions will ultimately out-mode the venerable optocoupler.

  • Brand Spirits Leader Digitizes Business Operations With The SIMATIC IT Suite

    Gruppo Campari closed 26 acquisitions in the spirits industry in the past two decades to become the world’s sixth player, with over 50 premium and super-premium brands. With each acquisition, Gruppo Campari needs to integrate new products, plants and assets into its operations management systems. By 2012 they realized there was no standard workflow for document authoring and validation, and information was shared via email or phone. Using Siemens technology, Gruppo Campari has created a unified repository for all product specifications and increased the efficiency of product development and manufacturing processes.

  • Full IND Program: Exceeding Requirements For Submission

    Follow a compound through a full cycle of IND development, from modifications to the synthetic route to formulation development and API manufacturing.

  • Targeting Once Inaccessible Phospho-Proteins With RePlex

    Vividion Therapeutics is a small molecule company harnessing its expertise in target biology, chemistry, and mass spectrometry to transform the future of human health. They were frustrated with their process when monitoring quantitative phospho-protein changes as it was notoriously problematic and slow. By transferring their assays over to Simple Western™ with Jess™ combined with Jess’ RePlex™ module they are able to increase throughput and improve the accuracy of his phospho-protein quantification.

  • Eliminating USP <88> In Vivo Animal Bioreactivity Testing For Polymer Characterization

    There has been growing awareness about the environmental and ethical implications of plastics used in bioprocessing. The time for a shift to well-studied, proven in vitro cytotoxicity testing is now.

  • Automatic Score-Based Treatment Path For Site Users

    A biopharmaceutical company had a Phase II study with 300 patients in 5 countries. At a key point in the study each patient’s treatment path depended on a score calculated from data collected over the previous period. Cmed was able to provide them with a solution that would enforce a workflow to ensure the accuracy of the data used in the score calculation.

  • Gwinnett County Explores Benefits Of Digital Twins At Pump Station

    As a leader in the water industry, Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources (GCDWR) aims to provide superior water services at an excellent value. The multi-award-winning utility has been recognized both statewide and nationally for excellence in water production, wastewater treatment, infrastructure development, and customer satisfaction. GCDWR operates and maintains two water production facilities; three water reclamation facilities; more than 200 pump stations; and nearly 8,000 miles of water, sewer, and stormwater pipes that provide essential services to more than 900,000 people each day.