Field Service Automation Duni Wipes Out Manual Work With MediusFlow

Duni manufactures and distributes innovative tabletop concepts, creative packaging and take-away solutions for professionals and consumers in more than 40 countries across the globe. The company processes approximately 100,000 invoices per year through MediusFlow’s AP automation solution connected to SAP.

  • The 3 Keys To Developing A Sustainable Supply Chain

    Creating sustainable supply chains is no longer a choice. It’s necessary in today’s world, where climate change, environmental disruptions, and human rights issues are real risks to smooth (and ethical) supply chain management. Waste must be reduced and, in most cases, it must be reduced significantly.

  • How To Grow Your Startup The Smart Way

    Scaling your startup can be extremely exciting. However, it also can be a nerve-wracking process if you aren’t prepared for growth or experienced with scaling a product or service.

  • Dealing With Data Storage And Management In A Suboptimal Environment

    When you think about the mechanics involved in high-density storage systems, it becomes clear not every data storage system has the same level of reliability. We’re talking about incredibly small distances of less than the diameter of a human hair between the rotating disk and the heads that imprint data onto them. That doesn’t leave much room for error. And, when you consider that some storage solutions must operate in a less than ideal data center environment there are more factors to negotiate.


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  • Rapid Data Migration Solution Provides Instant-On Automation For Business Documents

    BIS, creator of Grooper, the leading software platform for discovering and transforming unstructured data into actionable information, announces a new program assisting enterprise organizations and business process outsourcing providers who are struggling to maintain daily operations by providing secured end-to-end data migration from documents


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