Guest Column | June 26, 2015

ECM: Gearing Up For A Much Bigger Race

By John Mancini, CEO, AIIM


AIIM’s CEO John Mancini explains why Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is preparing for a new age.

Consumerization, cloud, mobile, and the Internet of Things (IoT) have all arrived at breakneck speed, signalling up the end of ECM as we know it — as organizations battle to cope with content overload in the triad that is made up of people, process, and technology. This gargantuan growth in Big Data will see a metamorphosis of ECM to cope with the new landscape that is being driven by connected devices. AIIM’s recent (Q2 2015) ECM Decisions Industry Watch revealed that in some ways, ECM is still alive and well. In more than two-thirds of organizations surveyed, ECC/DM (enterprise content collaboration/document management) is still seen as mission critical. In addition, 75 percent of organizations see ECM/RM (records management) as a key part of their information security strategy. But in the wake of mobile, analytics, cloud and collaborative technologies, organizations are beginning to view ECM in a very different way.

Of course there are still organizations that benefit from the more traditional ECM solutions that automate document-intensive processes. But the huge amount of data existing outside these structured processes, along with the dramatic change in the how, when and where knowledge workers do their jobs is having a dramatic impact on the technological vista. Even among the current users of ECM technology, 52 percent believe that within the next five years, ECM systems will be an undifferentiated part of the IT infrastructure as a whole.

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