Networked Scanners


  • Alzheimer’s Disease Clinical Trial Expertise

    Our tradition of excellence is centered on Alzheimer’s Disease, with our unparalleled experience in this indication (including related dementias) allowing us not only to understand the complexities associated with evaluating patients with various phenotypes, but also to implement specific design features through the use of strategies to mitigate the risks and challenges in the Alzheimer’s field.

  • 6.0 – 12.0 GHz, 25 Watt Linear Power RF Amplifier: Model 4124

    Ophir RF offers the Model 4124 power amplifier system for applications operating from 6 to 12 GHz. The amplifier delivers a saturated output power of 25 W with a gain of over 43 dB.

  • Godwin NC150S Dri-Prime® Pump

    The Godwin Dri-Prime® NC150S pump is an extremely powerful, yet compact pump with flow capabilities to 1,770 US GPM (403 m³/hr). It also features Flygt N-technology with its innovative self-cleaning impeller.

  • Mold Making

    Xcentric’s mold making system is a proprietary process focused on achieving maximum efficiency in every phase of mold design, analysis, production, try-out, and injection molding production executed by a highly skilled team using state of the art equipment. This allows for a quick conversion of 3D part data into high quality injection molded components in the resins that customers specify in volumes from dozens to hundreds of thousands.

  • IoT Endpoint Lifecycle Management

    Best-in-class services designed to simplify and accelerate IoT solution adoption.


  • Omnichannel And The Future Of Stores

    Customers have come to expect a unified shopping experience across all channels forcing stores to connect the dots between their in-store and online operations. While not all omnichannel features are one-size-fits-all, BOPIS is an option shoppers are coming to expect from retailers. According to a survey from Internet Retailer and BizRate, 53% of shoppers plan to increase their use of buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS) this year and by not giving your customers the choice, retailers could be losing sales.

  • Five Reasons To Consider Outsourcing Analytical Testing

    Leveraging external experts for analytical input provides a cost-effective route to the latest instrumentation, robust and precise measurement, and reliable data interpretation. 

  • Eco-Focused Winery Reuses Wastewater And Saves Space With TITAN MBR™

    Recognized as authorities of bio-dynamic farming techniques and sustainable winemaking in France, family owners of a particular Sonoma County winery sought to utilize eco-friendly practices also in their California vineyards. After purchasing the winery in 2004, the family ownership began overhauling their vineyards and overall winery operation to revitalize every aspect of the winery, from soil to wine making. 

  • Conversion From Gas To Liquid Disinfection Yields Significant Improved Water Quality And Cost Savings

    In 2006, the Greenwood, South Carolina Commissioners of Public Works became only the fourth U.S. water utility ever to receive Phase IV “Excellence in Water Treatment” recognition from the Partnership for Safe Water. Phase IV is the highest possible level of performance that can be achieved in the Partnership program and signifies optimized plant performance.

  • Cartridge Dust Collector For Sandblasting

    A company specializing in onsite sandblasting chose a Tri-flow cartridge dust collector for its high efficiency (99.99%+) on particles that range from submicron to 5+ microns.

  • Nucleus ROI Case Study: Salesforce And Superior Pool Spa And Leisure

    Superior needed help coordinating its field service dispatchers and mobile workers for more than 150 customers a day. Nucleus examined the cost vs. benefits in choosing Field Service Lightning to optimize its operations. See how they transformed business with case resolution time reduced from two weeks to 1.6 days — and achieved 157% ROI.

  • Vacuum Primed Pump Stations Vs. Self-Priming Pumping Stations

    Both Smith & Loveless Vacuum Primed Pump Stations and competing self-priming stations are able to prime themselves by pulling water into the pump volute. However, the vacuum prime design of S&L EVERLAST™ Wet Well Mounted Pump Stations and Recessed Wet Well Mounted Pump Stations offer better performance, maintainability and reliability compared to self-priming competitors. Click to read some of the reasons why the Smith & Loveless pump station and its vacuum prime pump are superior.

  • Medical University Finds Solution To Track Participant Remuneration

    Concern ensued across the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) research faculty and staff when they received notice that departments would need to somehow track and sum all their petty cash, Walmart and Target gift cards, VISA cards and checks issued through Accounts Payable (as there was no institutional research policy standardizing a single type of remuneration payment for clinical research participants). A fellow academic medical school recommended ClinCard by Greenphire which ended up being the perfect solution.

  • How ConnectWise Manage™ Revolutionized The Way We Work

    Connections for Business, a South Florida IT service provider, was spending unnecessary money on labor and overhead. Without a business management platform to assist in developing their systems and processes, that job fell on the team, and the team only. Billing was inaccurate and taking 40-50 hours a month to complete.

  • Process Development For Scaled-up hESC/hiPSC Manufacturing

    A manufacturer faced a challenge to scale up, close and optimize a suspension-based manufacturing workflow for pluripotent stem cells (PSCs). An optimized 14-day manufacturing workflow which produces >1010, cells was developed in < 12 months to create the desired outcomes.

  • Advancements In Broadband Amplifiers

    The basic amplifier design and mode of operation have remained relatively unchanged until recently. This white paper discusses recent advancements in amplifier design that provide flexibility and efficiency, creating a new class of “smart amplifiers.” 

  • Best-of-Breed vs. ERP For Field Service

    Field service organizations have two broad choices in field service management software — best-of-breed solutions or add-on models from their ERP or CRM vendors. ERP options promise ease of integration, but  best-of-breed FSM solutions offer advantages in terms of long-term cost, functionality, and integration.