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  • Delivering on the promise of cell and gene therapy

    Germfree is a leader in creating mobile and modular facilities specifically for cell and gene therapy (CGT) manufacturing. As CGT sits at the crossroads of medical research and pharmaceutical development, it demands highly specialized cleanroom designs. These designs must focus on efficient workflows, strict separation procedures, and rigorous aseptic processing to ensure the best results. Despite the quick growth and logistical challenges in the CGT field, Germfree’s mobile solutions effectively tackle these issues. They enable distributed manufacturing, ease the collection of patient cells, and help make CGT treatments accessible globally.

  • ​Critical environments for aseptic processing and filling

    Aseptic processing is a vital aspect of sterile pharmaceutical manufacturing that requires stringent environmental controls, specialized equipment, and well-trained personnel. The equipment used in aseptic processing is designed for easy cleaning and sterilization. Commonly used devices include laminar flow hoods, isolators, filling machines, and sterile filtration systems. These systems work together to provide a controlled, contamination-free environment for drug production.

  • Discover why more life science teams are using OpenClinica Unite™ to automate source data acquisition from patient medical record systems to clinical trial research databases and case report forms.

  • "We support our customers from the initial stages of development to the manufacturing of commercial quantities of APIs, intermediates thereof, and pharmaceutical intermediates."

  • Explore the benefits of the Lentiviral vector (LVV) expansion to our AGCellerate program, designed to deliver GMP material for clinical trials in an accelerated timeline.