Records Management


  • With 360water Plus, unlock unlimited access to online education. 

  • Flow Rate 1 CFM (28.3 LPM) - 3.5 CFM (100 LPM) / Channel Sizes 0.3 µm to 10 µm,(6) user selectable channels.

  • Delivering on the promise of cell and gene therapy through Germfree products and services.

    Germfree Laboratories offer advanced modular and mobile facilities, equipment, and comprehensive services for cell therapy manufacturing. Acknowledging the complexity of personalized treatments, Germfree’s adaptable solutions optimize production processes, ensuring aseptic conditions, scalability, and compliance with regulatory standards. This enables efficient, high-quality cell therapy delivery to patients in need, supporting manufacturers in overcoming industry challenges.

  • Compliant with ISO Method 7027-1 and perfect for membrane filtration applications, the TU5400sc employs a patented optical design that sees more of your sample than any other turbidimeter, delivering the best low level precision and sensitivity while minimizing variability between measurements.

  • Tool inspection, stocking and maintenance takes time and resources. Wilson Tool International offers the assistance you need to run efficiently and maintain accurate data.