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  • Terminal Giant Vopak Mobilizes Workforce, Increases Employee Efficiency By 50% With Low-code Platform

    At Vopak, one of the world’s largest tank terminal operators for the oil and gas industry, a real cloud revolution is underway. In a nutshell: exit the less flexible JD Edwards ERP system and enter all the benefits of standardized SaaS and customized PaaS. The company is using OutSystems to build large mission-critical applications to support their core processes, enabling the company to mobilize their workforce and use real-time insights in logistics and driving a productivity increase in the terminal.

  • Tekton Research Experiences A 'No Findings' FDA Inspection

    As COVID-19 increased its impact on research collaboration and monitoring in 2020, Tekton Research’s desire to move to full remote monitoring intensified. The research site soon realized there was a need for a remote source document monitoring solution --– one that would enable the upload, management and sharing of source documents with monitors and sponsors without redacting sensitive patient information.

  • O-RAN Next-Generation Fronthaul Conformance Testing

    The O-RAN Alliance brings together mobile network operators, equipment manufacturers, device makers, and chipset suppliers to create standards and recommendations for an open radio access network (RAN). Building a more cost-effective, agile RAN requires openness. Open interfaces are essential to enable small-scale vendors to introduce their own services quickly and facilitate multi-vendor deployments and a more competitive supplier ecosystem. 

  • Dual-Lane Checkweigher Provides High-Throughput Tube Line Automation Inspection

    Teligent produces a diverse range of generic prescription topical and injectable pharmaceuticals. To automate inspection on their high-throughput tube line, they turned to a checkweigher with a two-lane configuration that matches their dual-lane filler.

  • Using Software Systems To Drive A Successful CPV Program

    An area of life sciences that has recently received significant attention around data, its integrity, and its management processes, is manufacturing. This article covers bio/pharma manufacturing process information management systems, with insights on how purpose-built systems incorporated into your continued process verification (CPV) program helps meet FDA requirements and protect your business.

  • The Use Of Cell-Free Synthesis In The Future Of Modern Medicine

    Cell-free synthesis systems are well suited to manufacture at the point of treatment, yet there are several challenges transitioning to this more efficient model for the future of medicine.

  • Accelerating SCTU’s Digital Transformation And Supporting Its COVID-19 Studies With Unified Platform

    Southampton Clinical Trials Unit was using largely manual and paper-based processes to run its studies that required multiple touchpoints and logins. As the IT support provided by the University was not specialized in clinical trials software, the SCTU team decided to move to a Software as a Service (SaaS) model to help streamline their clinical trials on a unified platform.

  • With Inventory In Constant Motion, YAK MAT Leverages OutSystems To Simplify Processes

    Access mat supplier YAK MAT needed a new ERP to track their vast inventory that’s spread across multiple supply yards and always on the move. OutSystems allowed them to build a customized ERP with all the integration and automation features they needed, and now, suppliers, customers, and the business are enjoying increased efficiency.

  • Improved Reliability Through Wireless Monitoring And Control

    Redundancy in electrical power components and cooling backups are the core of reliability for data centers. If an electrical or cooling component fails, it is critical that the backup takes over without human intervention and without complications. The minimum risk of repair of the failed part is dependent on an aggressive, maintainable installation that employs breakers, valves and other isolation strategies. Another critical element of reliability is capacity and the ability to conduct high density monitoring.

  • Harnessing The Power Of GIS To Improve Customer Service

    The COVID-19 pandemic has rewritten the way businesses and organizations operate and serve their customers, and utility districts are no exception. White House Utility District (WHUD), Tennessee's largest water and wastewater provider in terms of geographic area served, is a case in point.

  • How Sponsors Can Ovecome The Growing Challenges In Clinical Trial Budgeting And Negotiation

    This paper seeks to explore the most crucial obstacles to successful budget design and negotiation in light of the current complexity experienced across the clinical trial universe. It highlights how technology can streamline these traditionally manual, time-consuming workflows, increase transparency and predictability, and deliver more current, and accurate data for an optimized study start-up.

  • The Evolution Of The Modern Medical Monitor

    How to identify, hire, and empower a modern medical monitor to help your next study proceed toward submission more productively, and with greater data integrity, than ever before.