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  • Proven design for mid-scale and large-scale solid phase oligosynthesis.

  • Versatile and Complete Sterile Filling Solutions
    SP offer a choice of machines and dispensing methods for liquid filling of oral and ophthalmic bottles, vials, syringes and cartridges. All offer the dependable sterility, accuracy and speed essential for the pharmaceutical sectors, whilst also meeting the highest quality and accuracy expectations of GMP and FDA regulations.

  • Our PPM team has significant experience in assisting owners with the development of clean, compliant facilities and processes for companies around the globe. We have the proven ability to develop the design concept, the construction plan/components, and procurement strategy. This ability coupled with a deep understanding of financial analytics required to make projects a reality help us to produce successful projects for our clients. Many of our PPM team members have previously sat in the end-user chair and now are able to assist other firms, like yourself.

  • NuWaves’ NuFilter™ 05LPLE-2500-SFSF-M01 is a low-cost, miniature, low-pass RF filter designed to reduce harmonics at the output of transmitters operating through S-Band. The miniature filter provides superior harmonic filtering, as demonstrated by the rejection levels of greater than 25 dB from 3.25 GHz to 5 GHz. This high-performance module accepts input power levels up to 50 W, with only a minimal 0.5 dB of insertion loss in the passband frequency range of DC to 2500 MHz.

  • The TruClean™ Wirecut brings automation and flexibility to the production of wirecut cookies and bars. Best-in-class weight control is achieved through die and filler block technology unique to Baker Perkins wirecuts.


  • MSP Saves $75k With Liongard

    Established in 2001, ES Consulting takes a holistic approach to serving its customers and helping them grow. This includes extensive industry expertise, adherence to best practices, and investing in its infrastructure to automate for greater efficiency. The nationally renowned MSP has been featured on Inc.’s lists of Best Workplaces and Top 5,000 fastest-growing privately held companies, and has become a mainstay on Channel Futures’ MSP 501 annual list of top managed service providers in the world.

  • Lower Valley Water District's Journey To Becoming Geospatially Driven

    By making the strategic decision to incorporate geographic information system (GIS) technology into multiple facets of this water utility’s business, they addressed challenges and improved workflow efficiencies to propel the organization ahead.

  • Implementing Remote Trial Management: Proven Approaches For A Quick And Effective Launch

    It has never been more critical to ensure flexibility in your clinical operations. Industry experts Penny Manasco and Michael Smyth discuss key considerations for effectively launching remote trial management for current or upcoming studies. Learn how to choose a vendor that can provide you with the right solution to not only ensure your clinical trials maintain accuracy and compliance as they go virtual, but also help you innovate your approach to clinical trial management.

  • Robust Field Guide To qPCR

    qPCR remains the gold standard for validation of microarray and next generation sequencing data and the method of choice for both clinical and basic research labs for a wide range of applications. However, there remains general concern about the production of data that truly reflects the tested experimental conditions. We have developed a comprehensive guide to performing the ultimate qPCR experiment. The following is a snapshot of the critical steps needed to achieve excellent results.

  • Ensuring Provider Education And Readiness For Using A Novel CAR T

    A client was launching a novel CAR T-cell therapy in rare hematologic malignancy and needed support to mount an effective launch by mapping the patient journey in this complex CAR T-cell therapy process, identifying the pain points for access to therapy and addressing the educational needs across stakeholders. We were able assist them with a successful launch by designing and implementing comprehensive site training and resources to ensure safe use and patient access.

  • Using Rapid Guide Screw (RGS) For Precision Motion In New Sample Digestion System Is A Smart Move

    New technologically advanced devices are constantly being developed for use in environmental laboratories. Generally speaking, their primary benefits lie in reduced analysis time, increased accuracy and greater reliability. A fully automated sample digestion system for mercury and metals sample preparation, DEENA helps alleviate the bulk of manual sample preparation while greatly reducing errors associated with sample handling. With less time devoted to sample preparation, laboratory personnel are free to perform other duties with the peace of mind that DEENA will provide consistent data in a clean, safe and timely fashion.

  • WEL Networks Deployed Unvired EAM Apps For SAP For Windows 10 Tablets To Improve Efficiency Of Field Service

    WEL Networks Ltd equipped its service staff with the Unvired Rounds & Work Orders App on Windows Tablets in order to view work orders from SAP and design service orders, perform inspections, attend to faults, etc.

  • All-Terrain Ductile Iron Pipe Delivers For Washington County, Utah

    With its red rock and steep cliffs and canyons, the terrain of Washington County, Utah, is breathtaking and is one of the most geologically diverse areas in the world. This location, however, also lends itself to drought. It is the driest county in the state, receiving only an estimated eight inches of rainfall a year in its major population centers. Compare this to other U.S. counties that receive an average of 39 inches of rainfall annually. 

  • Harnessing Data Can Drive Omnichannel Efficiency

    One retail fulfillment center needs to count pallets of merchandise stacked to the ceiling to meet the surge in online orders that has come during the pandemic. Another needs to keep workers socially distanced. And with more shopping moving online every day, all retailers need real-time updates on consumer habits that seem to be evolving rapidly.

  • Provo Benefits From Enhanced Connectivity Of Utility Network

    The Public Works Department at the City of Provo is responsible for delivering safe and reliable water, wastewater, and stormwater services to its more than 18,000 customers. Already utilizing Esri's ArcGIS Enterprise on the geometric network, Provo saw how upgrading to Esri's new ArcGIS Utility Network could greatly benefit the organization.

  • AI-Assisted Indexing Improves TMF Management

    The timely and accurate filing and indexing of documents for the Trial Master File is one of the most significant compliance challenges facing organizations today. In this case study, learn how Phlexglobal’s advanced machine learning technologies reduced a pharmaceutical company’s document processing time by 16% while maintaining 98% accuracy.

  • Robinson Tech Ditches StorageCraft, Takes Backup to New Level With Unitrends MSP

    In 2006, Robinson Tech was just Dan alone in a garage. Now, there are seven full-time staffers that interact with roughly 70 clients each month, with about 20 of them on full remote monitoring and management (RMM) contracts and the rest on break/fix support.