Maintenance / Service


  • Take Control of Product Quality by Error-Proofing Production Operations

    Nothing is more important than product quality. As it becomes more complex to manage quality and stay current on compliance in today’s world, efforts to reduce cost and increase transparency make it challenging to sustain high quality levels.

    When manual processes and homegrown systems fall short, Plex Quality Management System (QMS) can help you take the guesswork out of quality management and error-proof your production operation. Plex QMS offers manufacturers increased quality visibility and real-time data capture to ensure repeatability, predictability, and compliance management.

    Plex QMS makes it possible to digitally manage quality with accurate, real-time quality content aligned to industry and product requirements. And you gain increased operational excellence.

  • As a viral vector CDMO, we deliver high-quality, cost-effective, and precise master cell banking and expansion and GMP viral vector manufacturing via transient transfection and producer cell lines to accelerate your product through clinical development and beyond.

  • The NuPower Xtender™ LS10S01 is a small, lightweight, and power-efficient bidirectional amplifier ideal for extending the communication range of half-duplex L- or S-band transceivers running constant-envelope or near-constant-envelope waveforms. 

  • Create rich digital work instructions for better test method execution.

  • Partnering with Nelson Labs Europe, Stevanato Group’s laboratories can supply the most advanced and comprehensive chemical characterization of the primary packaging to detect and mitigate the risk of chemical interaction with drugs. We can assist in E&L analysis providing a multi-analytical approach for the selection of the proper container closure systems at each stage of the drug development journey.


  • Global Biopharma Improves Scientific Data Processing

    A biopharma company that supports drug discovery activities had been using a legacy plug-in to Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet software for performing scientific data aggregation, analysis and presentation. While the legacy spreadsheet tool was flexible, it was also slow. With the amount of data growing year after year, scientists had come to accept the inevitability of some queries taking up to 3 hours to process. By implementing a faster, more purpose-built tool running BIOVIA Pipeline Pilot protocols in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets the company has much more than simple spreadsheet capabilities.

  • Optimizing Data Services For Digital Trials With A Clinical Data Cloud

    Learn how internal processes and comprehensive clinical data services for digital trials can be improved through the utilization of data clouds.

  • Evaluating Your Research Equipment's Cost of Ownership

    In this paper we review how lifespan, reliability, technical support, maintenance costs and workflow efficiency factor in to calculating the cost of ownership of your research equipment.

  • Expediting Early-Phase Development Of Small Molecules: An Integrated Approach

    Small molecule APIs and drug products are more complex and potent than ever. Explore key strategies for efficiently advancing small molecules from API to pre-clinical data and clinical supply.

  • Florida Orchard Deploys Autonomous Tractor For Precision Agriculture Research

    A large citrus grove in central Florida recently incorporated FreeWave Technologies’ industrial wireless M2M communications solutions in a study of autonomous tractors utilized for mowing operations.

  • Meta Biomed Accelerates Digital Transformation Improving Collaboration

    Learn how Meta Biomed implemented a solution to accelerate digital transformation, improve collaboration in a reliable, secure, and scalable cloud environment, and more. 

  • Advancing Decentralized Clinical Trials Through A Unified Approach To eCOA And Digital Health Technologies

    Digital health technologies (DHTs) combined with assessments of patient-reported outcomes (PROs) are on the rise. Read how uniting these two complementary mechanisms better informs how patients experience their disease and respond to treatment.

  • Democratizes Batch Data Management For AAV Gene Therapies And Accelerates CMO Collaboration

    Read the story of a leading clinical-stage biotechnology company developing gene therapy product candidates in the retinal, metabolic, and neurodegenerative therapeutic areas.

  • Implementing An Integrated Quality System To Support Business Growth

    A multinational pharmaceutical company with world-wide commercial operations provides contract manufacturing, product development and clinical services to third-party customers. Geographically-dispersed and disconnected business units demanded virtual collaborations that were not easy to support, and many processes throughout the company were manual and disconnected, hindering productivity and collaboration. The company implemented a solution to enable them to deliver high quality, compliant products in an efficient manner.

  • Photonic Array Device Assembly

    PI’s Fast Multichannel Photonic Alignment (FMPA) technology was introduced in 2016.  It quickly amassed prestigious honors like the R&D 100 Award and the Lightwave Innovations Award for its revolutionary ability to perform multiple alignment processes in parallel. Download the case study for the full story.

  • Rethink Custom Microscopes With OpenStand

    Prior Scientific is renowned for motorizing commercially available microscopes to maximize the generation of high-quality imaging data from a wide variety of optical systems. As imaging instruments become more diverse and specialized toward particular applications, Prior now offers the OpenStand®, a highly versatile imaging system development platform.

  • From Liability To Asset: A TMF Rescue

    The company had acquired a promising compound with data from 14 clinical trials, including a critical phase III study. During NDA preparations, they discovered that the Trial Master File for these studies was scattered across hundreds of boxes of paper and several hard drives. The document experts at Phlexglobal quickly scoped the project and were convinced they could deliver an inspection-ready TMF in the time allowed – which was fast running out.