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  • The Ultra Pilot Lyophilizer combines the power and efficiency of an SP VirTis freeze dryer and a compact size to create a customizable device perfect for enhancing your workflow.

  • Cultured cells and cell products destined for cell and gene therapy or other clinical cGMP applications must meet the highest standards for manufacturing quality, safety, performance, consistency, and efficiency. InVitria has carefully optimized its animal-free, serum-free, chemically defined media formulations for clinically and industrially significant cultured cell lines. The OptiPEAK Complete product line takes the guesswork out of transitioning quickly and painlessly to serum-reduced or serum-free cell culture for your RUO or cGMP needs.

  • Terracon is now offering turnkey, highly configurable, advanced-technology, magnetic-drive plastic mixing systems for a variety of FDA- and GMP-compliant pharmaceutical applications. The systems combine Metenova AB’s Zero-g technology with Terracon’s 40+ years of expertise in providing application-specific mixing technology.

  • Tyvek® gives the premium microbial barrier protection for sterilized medical instruments and pharmaceuticals. Apart from protecting the medical devices and pharmaceutical products from physical damages, medical and pharmaceutical packages also should provide an effective microbial barrier and help to maintain the sterility of the products. Bacteria and viruses with sizes varying from 0.002 to 100 microns are a constant threat to pharmaceuticals and medical devices which in turn can be hazardous to the patients.

  • The digital revolution is here, so time for your freeze dryer to join it! The SP VirTis AdVantage Pro combines a small footprint with large capabilities and the latest in digital technology.