Mailroom Scanners


  • The CE20-0240 is a next generation broadband 2GHz to 40GHz, 20dB directional coupler from the Marki Elite Series. Conductive paint is applied to all Elite Series products to reduce EMI/RFI leakage and susceptibility. 

  • With superior quality, excellent performance, and regulatory compliance, Applied Biosystems TaqPath master mixes are designed to deliver confidence and performance for even your most demanding applications. With over 15 years of technology leadership in real-time PCR, we are committed to providing clinical laboratories with trusted, versatile, and innovative tools for molecular diagnostic development and testing.

  • The AMP2055DB-750-100LC Solid State Broadband Amplifier is a rack-integrated powerhouse. Covering 2.0-6.0GHz, produces 1000W minimum output, 1500W Typical.

  • The new XR75 DualX X-Ray system can detect contaminants as small as 0.4mm and significantly improves detection of low-density or soft contaminants, such as bones in poultry and products with overlapping pieces in a pack or bag such as fries, frozen vegetables and chicken nuggets, among other food products.

  • KRYTAR’s MLDD two-way power divider, model 6005265-TV, offers high performance over the broadband ultra-broadband frequency range of 0.5 to 26.5 GHz in a compact, lightweight package.


  • Advanced Control Technology For Laser Material Processing

    Simple, fast, accurate, and flexible control in laser materials processing; how to make it easier for system integrators to design and build advanced systems for a new age of laser applications.

  • Vision And Paperless Ops Make Northeast Scientific A MedTech Industry Leader

    Managing all the documentation for the many devices Northeast Scientific remanufactured was complex and prone to errors. A modern manufacturing execution system allowed them to manage documentation by eliminating paper.

  • What Is A "Smart" Amplifier?

    Recent advancements in amplifier design provide substantial improvements in terms of both flexibility and efficiency, creating a new class of "smart amplifiers."

  • Material Selection For Medical Device Manufacturability

    Choosing the right material in the earliest stages of research & development can make all the difference in beating your competitors to market and avoid increased project costs, development delays and manufacturing setbacks.

  • Accelerating Results For Healthcare Brands Through Advocacy, Materials Science Expertise And Integrated Packaging Capabilities

    Any change to packaging design for an approved pharmaceutical product is a time consuming, detail-orientated effort, even with small brand-driven changes––so when governments update packaging regulations on a larger scale, a company’s entire product line could be impacted, creating change management projects for sometimes hundreds of items. When Health Canada introduced amendments to the existing Food and Drug Regulations for non-prescription, over-the-counter (OTC) drug products in 2014, pharmaceutical organizations selling products in the Canadian marketplace knew they had a significant challenge to overcome

  • Cybersecurity In Medical Device Development

    Security now needs a seat at the medical device design table, accompanied by its own list of requirements. Here are resources to identify specific areas to focus cybersecurity efforts throughout the product’s life cycle.

  • The Rise Of Integrated Data In Medical Devices

    Utilizing big data in an efficient and meaningful manner requires up-front planning and investment. Having a solid integrated data plan enables innovation, guides regulatory pathways, and maximizes commercialization opportunities..

  • Scanning Performance Of Air Bearings

    In this technical note, we will discuss several aspects of scanning performance: how it is specified and measured, what performance level is achievable, what can impact the performance, and why air bearings provide superior scanning performance.

  • Consistent Measuring Technology Ensures The Quality Of Medical Lasers

    Over the past several years, the fields of aesthetic medicine, surgery and cosmetics have been revolutionized by laser technology. With the development of their innovative laser systems, Asclepion Laser Technologies contributes greatly to patient well-being and faster healing.

  • Providing Superior And Secure Care With RFID Technology

    Hospitals and healthcare providers are going well beyond the basics of patient care these days. Years ago, hospitals took good care of patients by providing the best quality medical care they could. Today, they’re tasked with that and so much more.

  • From Liability To Asset: A TMF Rescue

    The company had acquired a promising compound with data from 14 clinical trials, including a critical phase III study. During NDA preparations, they discovered that the Trial Master File for these studies was scattered across hundreds of boxes of paper and several hard drives. The document experts at Phlexglobal quickly scoped the project and were convinced they could deliver an inspection-ready TMF in the time allowed – which was fast running out.

  • Targeting Once Inaccessible Phospho-Proteins With RePlex

    Vividion Therapeutics is a small molecule company harnessing its expertise in target biology, chemistry, and mass spectrometry to transform the future of human health. They were frustrated with their process when monitoring quantitative phospho-protein changes as it was notoriously problematic and slow. By transferring their assays over to Simple Western™ with Jess™ combined with Jess’ RePlex™ module they are able to increase throughput and improve the accuracy of his phospho-protein quantification.