Mailroom Scanners


  • The Noisecom UFX7000B broadband AWGN noise generator has a powerful single board computer with flexible architecture used to create complex custom noise signals for advanced test systems. 

  • OSI Optoelectronics offers a family of X-ray and radiation silicon photodiode detectors for additional sensitivity in the X-ray region without the use of scintillator crystals or a screen. Their sensitivities range from 200 nm to 0.07 nm (6 eV to 17.6 keV) or 17.6 keV and above. Models are generally available with removable windows and can be vacuum compatible.

  • Ophir RF offers the Model 4124 power amplifier system for applications operating from 6 to 12 GHz. The amplifier delivers a saturated output power of 25 W with a gain of over 43 dB.

  • The SentinelPro is a class-leading dynamic image analyzer that is ideal for applications where particle shape, not just the particle size, may be critical information for predicting raw material quality and to maintain a high level of process control.

  • DEA Schedule II-V

    Ensuring that your clinical trial goes smoothly is our priority, particularly when controlled substances are involved. A large part of the complex support required for clinical trials using scheduled drugs is understanding and having the skill to navigate the regulations surrounding them.


  • Making AI Usable For Pharma and Biopharma

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is already making a huge contribution to the global economy, even though this development is still in its early stages. AI is a kind of turbo drive for the new digital technologies, because it enables machines to imitate human decision-making processes. This white paper explores how to use artificial intelligence to uncover hidden business value in the regulated pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

  • Gwinnett County Explores Benefits Of Digital Twins At Pump Station

    As a leader in the water industry, Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources (GCDWR) aims to provide superior water services at an excellent value. The multi-award-winning utility has been recognized both statewide and nationally for excellence in water production, wastewater treatment, infrastructure development, and customer satisfaction. GCDWR operates and maintains two water production facilities; three water reclamation facilities; more than 200 pump stations; and nearly 8,000 miles of water, sewer, and stormwater pipes that provide essential services to more than 900,000 people each day.

  • Beyond Cool: RFID Disentangles Cryopreservation Storage And Management

    A cryogenic storage facility can face many challenges while maintaining the correct temperatures for tissue samples for stem cell vials, live research material, and fertility specimens. Historically, samples were identified by handwritten or printed labels and more recently, bar coding. When material samples are stored at extremely low temperatures, vials are subject to intense frosting, making traditional identification difficult to read and document. Using a highly durable RFID tag designed for harsh environments with acceptable frequencies, Cryogatt Systems Ltd. worked with HID Global to develop an RFID tagging system to identify and deliver a detailed audit of cryogenically stored items quickly and accurately.

  • AI-Assisted Indexing Improves TMF Management

    The timely and accurate filing and indexing of documents for the Trial Master File is one of the most significant compliance challenges facing organizations today. In this case study, you can learn how Phlexglobal’s advanced machine learning technologies reduced a pharmaceutical company’s document processing time by 16% while maintaining 98% accuracy.

  • Advanced Formulation Development By Design In The Context Of Holistic Drug Production

    A trend in drug substance and drug product biomanufacturing is increasing therapeutic complexity. Solving complex challenges calls for innovative mindsets, technological advancement, and proficient and complementary expertise.

  • Validation Study In Adults With Lifestyle-Related Chronic Disease

    The Philips Health Band (PHB) is a wrist-worn activity and heart rate monitoring device. This study assessed the measurement performance of the PHB in adults at risk for lifestyle-related chronic disease such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes type 2 as well as adults with existing lifestyle-related chronic disease.

  • The TASKMASTER® TITAN® Saves Time And Worries

    The Roseland, NJ pump station is one of the largest high-flow stations feeding into the Caldwell Wastewater Treatment Plant. The pump station originally used a trash rack in the channel coming into the station. This arrangement made it necessary for a worker to climb down into the confined space once a day to access and empty the trash rack manually. This was a very time-consuming process and was expensive for the station to keep up with such frequent manual maintenance.

  • Controlling Dust In Grain Manufacturing Operations

    Aging dust filtration systems present safety and quality risks and low filtration efficiency. This case study shows how new dust collectors can maintain acceptable dust levels and reduce plant downtime.

  • The Importance Of Package Integrity To Shelf Life Of Products

    Pharma Tech Industries (PTI), a contract manufacturer and packer of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and personal care products, is focused on exceeding customers’ expectations. They rely on x-ray, metal detection systems and checkweighers to consistently achieve their high quality standards

  • Why The Future Of Work Depends On Workforce Management Efficiency

    The Future of Work, which Ardent Partners defines as work optimization via the transformation of business operations, talent usage, seamless and comprehensive workforce management solutions, and flexible enterprise thinking, dictates that businesses respond dynamically to real-time enterprise pressures and competitive challenges in order to thrive.

  • Featured Profiles In Brewery Wastewater Success

    Stories of real success with packaged pumping and wastewater treatment systems at breweries are explored, including for regulatory compliance and/or water reuse capabilities. Packaged pumping and treatment systems have helped hundreds of brewers meet their permits for local collection and/or direct surface discharge, while offering minimal land usage, superior ease of operation, and the cost-saving "green" benefits of water reuse capabilities.

  • Minimizing The Burden Of Clinical Trials On Children To Accelerate Pediatric Drug Development

    One of the major challenges in conducting clinical trials in children, especially in rare and orphan diseases, is the limited availability of patients and reluctance of many parents and caregivers to enroll their child in a trial with an experimental therapy. Read more about the FDA and EMA concept of pediatric extrapolation to minimize the number of children that need to participate in a clinical trial.