Mailroom Scanners


  • Pharmaceutical Water Activity Analyzer: FMS

    LIGHTHOUSE’s FMS-Water Activity Analyzer measures the water activity (% RH) of drug product samples.

  • Spelling Inspection Software For Pharmaceutical / Medical Device Packaging / Labeling

    Perform complete spellchecks of all copy directly in your artwork files including PDF, Adobe Illustrator, Word, and webpages in pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing.

  • Filter Media & Cartridges

    Meissner filters for critical applications are constructed with absolute-rated filtration media. All components are thermally bonded without adhesives or hot-melts. These filter cartridges deliver high flow rates with low pressure drops. They withstand repeated sterilizations and sanitizations, while providing extremely low extractables and high dirt-holding capacity. Our graded-density polypropylene microfiber filters are distinguished by their absolute particulate ratings, which are maintained even under the most severe process conditions. Fully automated production gives Meissner filter cartridges the most uniform, consistent construction and performance available anywhere.

  • X36 Series Bulk Flow X-Ray Inspection System

    Designed for loose bulk-flow food products, the X36 Series Bulk x-ray system offers outstanding contaminant detection before further value is added to the product, saving costs.

  • Shortpass Filter Series

    Schneider Optics offers a series of shortpass filters impressed with steep slopes and high transmission at stable cut-on wavelengths. Optimized for infinity, these filters are suited for applications with long working distances like in traffic or surveillance. They can also be used in metrology, 3D measurement, inspection, and automotive applications.


  • Manufacturer Finds Solution For Transporting HPAPI Product with Containment

    A client was in need of a containment enclosure for an analytical weighing and solution-preparation operation involving Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (HPAPI) in powder form. Their goal was to transfer product from an enclosure to another enclosure. read how Flow Sciences used a recently developed containment device and augmented to fit the specific needs of the client.

  • Choosing The Right Route To Low-Power Cellular IoT: User Guide To Simplifying LTE-M/NB-IoT Design Projects

    Cellular transformation is underway in the medical and industrial space with the push for low-power cellular networks such as LTE CAT-M1 and NB-IoT. These technologies are unleashing a new wave of IoT devices that drastically reduce cost and operate for years on a single battery. But that’s just the start. Combining low-power cellular with Bluetooth 5 offers two best-in-class wireless technologies to bridge local sensors, phones, people, gateways, and the cloud into one seamless extension.

  • Scaling A Solid Tumor Study

    A mid-sized multinational biopharmaceutical company opted to internalize the study management and execution of their Phase Ib/II multicenter oncology program. As a result of positive treatment outcomes, patients continued in the trial for significantly longer than originally projected, creating a large data backlog that required source document verification. Read how strategies were deployed to obtain data currency and obtain management oversight to meet the program's expansion.

  • The Importance Of Automation And Checkweighing For A Cured Mean Manufacturer

    Splendid Foods S.A.U. is a company specialized in the production of high-quality cured sausages. The need to provide its customers with the highest possible quality has always been an absolute priority for Splenid Foods. The introduction of the automated checkweighing systems played a key role in process optimization and set the quality to a new high.

  • Nucleus ROI Case Study: Salesforce And Superior Pool Spa And Leisure

    Superior needed help coordinating its field service dispatchers and mobile workers for more than 150 customers a day. Nucleus examined the cost vs. benefits in choosing Field Service Lightning to optimize its operations. See how they transformed business with case resolution time reduced from two weeks to 1.6 days — and achieved 157% ROI.

  • Use Predictive Analytics To Drive Field Service Excellence

    An explosion of new technologies is changing how service organizations operate. Increasing adoption and use of connected devices provide service leaders with insights such as product utilization and service needs. Coupled with predictive analytics, companies can use these insights to become more proactive in service delivery — a necessity to excel in today’s marketplace.

  • Tank Shark® Active Tank Mixing Proven To Be Superior To Dedicated Tank Inlet/Outlet Design

    San Jose Water Company (SJWC) provides drinking water for over a million people in the greater San Jose Metropolitan region and is a recognized leader in drinking water treatment and distribution system water quality management. With over 90 water storage facilities in service, planned maintenance and rehabilitation of capital assets is a key component of SJWC’s CIP program.

  • Strategies For Developing Xilinx’s Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC

    New RFSoC technologies add RF-class analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog data converters to Xilinx’s family of FPGAs. This white paper looks at current trends in data converters and signal processing to better understand the capabilities of RFSoC and how to best use the technology.

  • Vacuum Primed Pump Stations Vs. Self-Priming Pumping Stations

    Both Smith & Loveless Vacuum Primed Pump Stations and competing self-priming stations are able to prime themselves by pulling water into the pump volute. However, the vacuum prime design of S&L EVERLAST™ Wet Well Mounted Pump Stations and Recessed Wet Well Mounted Pump Stations offer better performance, maintainability and reliability compared to self-priming competitors. Click to read some of the reasons why the Smith & Loveless pump station and its vacuum prime pump are superior.

  • Press Coffee Delivers A Personalized Experience With Mobile Ordering And Wireless Printers

    SpeedETab and Epson TM-m30 wireless printers deliver a personalized mobile ordering experience with big brand benefits.

  • Long-Term Performance And Boron Rejection Of LG SWRO Membranes In Malta Desalination Plants

    Malta is an archipelago of three islands situated in the Mediterranean Sea, around fifty miles south of Sicily. There are no rivers of any significance on the islands, and the sparse annual rainfall is only about 500 mm. In order to bridge the gap between supply and demand, Malta has long ago started desalination of seawater. The technologies were initially based on evaporation. In 1981 the Government decided to invest in RO desalination capacity.