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  1. Simplify Your Document Management Playbook

    As the NFL prepares to kick off its regular season in September, fans are mulling over their favorite teams’ playoff chances, how well recently drafted rookies might perform, or perhaps whether the Philadelphia Eagles can repeat as Super Bowl Champions this season. Coaches, however, may be wondering if their newest players will grasp the nuances of their complex playbook.

  2. Oklahoma State University Maximizes Benefits Of Distributed Capture With Alaris S2070 Scanners

    Centralized scanning replaced. Yearly maintenance costs eliminated. Capture and information management improved.

  3. 5 Ways Your Sales Team Can Get More Out Of The Company’s CRM

    CRM platforms are already firmly ensconced within the sales technology and strategies of most small and midsized businesses. Sales teams have been using their CRMs for basic, day-to-day-functions -- such as managing customer information and tracking purchase history -- for decades. In that time, CRMs have faithfully served as a place to store data, log notes, and manage contacts.

  4. Digital Transformation: Revolutionizing Competitive Advantages

    Digital technologies are changing the face of business and administration as we know it. The constant evolution of the technology landscape and the widespread disruption that it causes means digital transformation is more relevant than ever. There is an ever-increasing pressure on businesses to remain competitive and meet customer expectations in the digital age, as well as for governments to enable transparency for its citizens. Most have already digitized at least some part of their workflows, be it through e-commerce, web- marketing efforts or the automation of repetitive tasks.

  5. The Ethics Of Responsible Document Management: How To Avoid Being A Non-Compliant Nightmare

    Regulatory compliance is a huge concern for companies in many industries, but the cost of failing in compliance efforts can be an even higher concern. Penalties, fines, loss of business, loss of client confidence, and even outright theft of confidential financial information can quickly add up and take a heavy toll on your business.

  6. Disorder In The Court: The Case For Document Scanning In The Legal, Insurance Industries

    Law firms and insurance companies are caught in the intersection of three common document management challenges – they process a high volume of documents; they are subject to stringent state and federal regulatory requirements; and they have to maintain their documents for retrieval for lengthy periods of time.

  7. Law Firm Quickly Transforms 7,000 Boxes Of Legal Documents To Digital Files

    Huge volume of records converted seamlessly via expertise of Data Repro Com Ltd. and information capture technology from Alaris.

  8. LU Saved $120,000 Annually By Overcoming Limitations In The Mailroom

    The current generation of students may rely heavily on paperless communication (text, social media, email), but a trail of physical mail still follows them as they apply for and attend college.

  9. Tight Budgets Challenge U.S. Counties; Technology Can Help

    Counties across the U.S. are struggling to work with increasingly shrinking budgets across all of their operations. According to the National Association of Counties (NACo), decreased funding is the top challenge most counties currently face. In some cases, these problems are the result of decreased state funding, a loss of revenue from property or sales taxes, or limits on the counties’ ability to raise revenue. In addition, the cost of mandated services continues to rise while revenues decline.

  10. 5 Signs Your Business Needs An Enterprise Content Management System

    These days, I find one of the biggest reasons companies invest in enterprise document management is because of the dreaded paper trail. Think invoices, contracts, receipts, and work orders. I could go on, but you get the idea. Now, as companies try to reduce their footprint, they think they have a solution to the problem as they acquire various applications for which to generate and store content