Guest Column | October 16, 2018

Check Out These Exciting AI Developments

By Anthony Coggine


Automation and artificial intelligence have become one of the greatest technologies to emerge out of the industry in recent times. In the coming years, there will be a pitch to change course and create a more automated world for everyone. In the year coming up, we will see a myriad of innovations take root and use artificial intelligence in new and exciting ways.

The combination of automation and artificial intelligence is simple as they go together hand in hand. These technologies have both been around for a number of years but recently has seen an elevated development response.

As a matter of fact, the involvement in the technology industry has increased rampantly and has shown no signs of slowing down.

There is a new technology that uses automation or artificial intelligence on the market every other day and businesses are rising and falling trying to develop the next power technology.

These advancements in the industry have caused a massive swell in the rise of development and integration. We will see a new round of the technology and will be able to place exactly where we are on the artificial intelligence timetable. In this article, we will cover some of the largest and most impactful developments coming out in the year.

Automation Is Putting The Customer First

Though the technology seems to be so high concept its practical application can be found in the most common of businesses. Companies like Panera Bread and McDonald's make use of artificial intelligence and automation to speed up wait times and increase the productivity of their staff.

As a result, the efficiency at both of these establishments have skyrocketed and other companies have taken note. Wendy's has announced that they will create an entirely automated store. If this experiment is successful then it will mean incredible things are on the way and its implications will be far-reaching and potentially life-changing. This is to say that this technology will completely revolutionize how we order our food at our favorite establishments and how we shop.

Massive Companies Are Jumping On Board

Big box retailers, along with other stores, are also getting involved in the artificial intelligence game. The self-checkout lines will expand and the efficiency of the software will increase as well. This all boils down to the idea that customers are the first priority of any business and that innovation should always seek to increase the customer’s happiness. We can find these digitally as well in the chatbot space as artificial intelligence impacts how we get technical support.

Truly, this works for support of any kind as many top companies use artificial intelligence to speed along the customer support problem. Now, a customer can get great support and easy answers from a chatbot that is loaded with all of the information the company can give. This makes customer support cheaper to provide and better to experience.

As the technology expands into other spheres we also will see innovations in customer interaction exceed far beyond terminals and check-out lines. With the Amazon store unveiling just earlier this year we have seen a fully autonomous store work magic. If this is successful throughout the year then by the end of 2018 we may see an entirely new vision of retail shopping emerge.

Business Efficiency Is Skyrocketing

Business sales all over the world will be heavily impacted by the growth and development of artificial intelligence, automation and blockchain technologies augmented by AI. Automation has been a part of business processes for over a century and has continually developed in this space.

The true blue innovation in business will be the integration of artificial intelligence on a broader scale throughout a corporation. We now have technology that allows server maintenance and email configuration to be run automatically off of a principal device. This alleviates the need for massive staffs and long overnights. The use of personal assistance for all employees also will alleviate the pain of scheduling and remembering calls.


All these artificial intelligence developments will be used to create a more efficient workplace that leaves employees unburdened by menial everyday tasks.

As the employee’s efficiency increases so do the qualities of the product or service that they are providing. Ultimately, artificial intelligence and automation in the workplace are primarily concerned with providing a more efficient way to work and in a better way. The full integration of these technologies in our lives and the lives of our businesses will create a more efficient and more dynamic world.

We will see a new evolution of artificial intelligence as it finally becomes part of a bigger picture. These technologies will revolutionize the world and this year will be an incredible foot forward for the technology industry.

About The Author

Anthony Coggine is a HR professional turned business analyst. He has spent more than 5 years as a recruitment consultant in a variety of industries, primarily focused on consumer technology and research. You may connect with him on Twitter.