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  1. The Value Of The Mail Center

    In most companies, the mail center operates somewhat invisibly. Mail arrives at a facility and is dispersed to employees, but most people outside of the mailroom don’t know or understand what happens in between — or the waste that may occur in the mail delivery process and the value they could be getting from their mailroom.

  2. Postal Evolution: The Digital Mailroom

    A significant amount of our correspondence – both personal and business – is now digital. We send signed contracts and other documents via e-mail, cloud-based file services (like Dropbox), and other types of secure document sharing apps. Birthday cards and party invitations have been supplanted by e-vites and Facebook messages. While this has led to an overall drop in mail volume, a significant amount of paper mail still has to be sorted and distributed via corporate mailrooms.

  3. Transitioning To A Paper-Light Office Benefits More Than The Environment

    With brands increasingly expected to engage in eco-friendly practices, business leaders are searching for ways to demonstrate their environmental stewardship. Adopting new document management strategies in pursuit of a paper-light office (can any office truly be paperless?) is one way that they can begin reaching that goal.

  4. Postal Evolution: From Horses To The Digital Age

    There is increasing buzz around the transition to a digital mailroom, and many organizations are struggling to figure out how to manage this transformation and what the benefits are. It’s important to remember, though, that the way we manage mail, and the role mail plays in our lives and our businesses, has been continuously evolving for thousands of years.

  5. SPRINTURF: Laying The Groundwork For Improved Visibility, Time, And Cost Savings

    SPRINTURF (www.sprinturf.com) specializes in the manufacture and installation of artificial turf surfaces. Founded in the 1990s and acquired by Integrated Turf Solutions (ITS) in 2010, SPRINTURF has installed more than 1,800 turf systems for leading sports programs, colleges, and professional athletic teams across North America and abroad.

  6. Enterprise Content Management For Manufacturing

    Manufacturing enterprises are complex, and manufacturers must operate as lean as possible to drive profits, revenue and growth. Between changing regulations and an intricate, global supply chain, you need solutions that are flexible, easy to manage and offer visibility and control over the information that drives your business and applications.

  7. Digital Mailroom Can Solve Returned-Mail Woes

    For a corporate mailroom, standard incoming mail is a snap to handle, particularly if there is some level of automation in place. Mail can be quickly sorted, scanned, and distributed to the correct department.

  8. Four Considerations for Choosing an In-house Document Capture Solution

    In the quest for greater operational efficiency, many organizations recognize the need to optimize document scanning and capture workflows within their operations. However, before selecting a capture hardware or software solution, it is important to understand your current workflows to avoid the common mistake of selecting technology and then trying to fit your workflow to it.  Your workflow processes should align with the desired outcomes for speed and cost reductions in conjunction with selecting the best technology to further those goals.

  9. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, & Pattern Recognition Help Indict Seven In Workers Compensation Case Involving $98 Million Being Fraudulently Billed

    On June 6, 2016, Riverside County District Attorney, Michael Hestrin, announced that seven people were indicted for insurance fraud and conspiracy for one of the largest workers’ compensation (healthcare) fraud investigations in the County. In two separate but related grand jury indictments, a result of a joint investigation by the Riverside County District Attorney's Office and the California Department of Insurance, $98 million was fraudulently billed, resulting in $12.4 million being paid by 18 insurance companies allegedly defrauded in this scheme. But that was no easy feat until smartC™ was introduced as one of the tools to help the prosecution.

  10. Mortgage Lender Accelerates The Loan Approval Process Providing Improved Self-Service Automation Features

    A top ten mortgage lender in the United States has been providing loans across the country for nearly 40 years. In an effort to speed and simplify the loan approval process, a practice that is traditionally long and cumbersome, the mortgage provider enlisted mobile technology to allow for self-service automation. With the customer in control and able to provide information at their convenience, the loan process is shortened and simplified, allowing the organization to serve more customers than if they were to utilize only traditional processing methods.