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  1. Sterling Energy: An Energized Approach To In-Field Communications And Customer Transactions

    Headquartered in Denver, Sterling Energy Company provides natural gas gathering, processing, infrastructure, and related services to oil and gas production companies throughout the Denver-Julesburg Basin. Since 2011, this has included ongoing investment in the infrastructure necessary to serve producer customers in a safe, responsible, and cost-efficient manner. “The marketplace for oil and gas infrastructure providers is extremely competitive,” said Chad Leavitt, chief financial officer, Sterling Energy.

  2. Information Transformation: Creating Process-Ready, Digital Output

    A versatile document capture platform should provide the tools to capture as much information as possible from the images and records.  It should also provide tools to organize this information in multiple ways, so that it’s as usable as possible in downstream processes.  These tools are only useful in the long run if they are really helping you maximize the power of paper being captured.

  3. Document Management Solutions Can Effectively Secure Sensitive Documents And Make It Easier To Control Access

    Document management has become more complex and subject to an expanding amount of regulatory requirements. Companies are handling and storing more information than ever, and the consequences for mishandling those documents continue to increase. Securing these documents requires a centralized and automated approach that ensures both efficiency and privacy. 

  4. Go Vertical To Meet Your Net New Customer Goals In 2018

    In this overcrowded, ultra-competitive market, you’d think you’d need a megaphone or bulletin-sized billboard to stand out. The truth is, small businesses can skip all those flashy gimmicks and still enjoy heaps of success simply by going vertical. Going vertical allows businesses to specialize in a niche market by offering products or services that meet the needs of a specific group or demographic. It’s a powerful strategy for strengthening marketing campaigns, meeting annual sales goals, and attracting new customers.

  5. New Year’s Resolution: When Setting Archive Policies, Don’t Forget Social Media

    While some companies may feel secure using non-enterprise social media tools without retaining social media content from their non-enterprise accounts, this is foolish, since such tools are unlikely to protect account access and content beyond the degree required to satisfy corporate security policies. Yet even though fewer than three in five organizations retain social media content from their enterprise accounts, these social platforms often contain important business information, just like corporate emails do.

  6. Locate, Extract, And Classify Data From Payments, Forms And Handwritten Documents

    Award-winning with research and development at its core, A2iA is a science and R&D driven Software Company who develops all of its technology in-house, with deep roots in artificial intelligence, machine learning and neural networks. We bring to market software toolkits that are dedicated to image analysis and data extraction from everyday checks and documents, and these SDKs are integrated into end-to-end partner applications, currently deployed in more than 42 countries around the world.

  7. Smarter Sorting Capabilities Enable Reuse Of Separator Sheets, Saving Costs And Time At Global BPO

    When you’re capturing millions upon millions of documents for global clients in healthcare, insurance, banking, finance, and other industries, you need world-class scanning technology to power your enterprise. For this business-process services provider, flawless performance and reliability are essential — as digital payments, claims processing, benefit administration, customer care, and distributed learning are just some of the services delivered.

  8. Change Management: Can You Afford To Do Nothing?

    One of the biggest obstacles to deploying new technology isn’t a technical problem at all, but rather, it is an organizational one – change management.

  9. Shred Days Are Not Good Days

    There are a number reasons organizations devote time and resource to internal governance standards around information management policies, especially in terms of the retention and disposition of data. The most compelling reason is to ensure regulatory compliance and legal preparedness. The next is budgetary — that is, making sure data that is deemed as not possessing long term value is disposed of so that IT resources are not consumed with "junk." By Bill Tolson, Vice President of Marketing, Archive360

  10. Digital Transformation’s Increasingly Important Role

    Catie Kolander, product marketing manager at Laserfiche specializing in the Laserfiche Digital Transformation Model and Laserfiche Cloud, recently took time to speak with ECM Connection about the digital workplace, what’s enabling it, and more.