Case Study

Duni Wipes Out Manual Work With MediusFlow

Field Service Automation

Duni manufactures and distributes innovative tabletop concepts, creative packaging and take-away solutions for professionals and consumers in more than 40 countries across the globe. The company processes approximately 100,000 invoices per year through MediusFlow’s AP automation solution connected to SAP.

MediusFlow AP Automation In A Shared Service Center Set-Up

The accounts payable function at Duni is managed by Duni EFF – a shared service center based in Poland. Since 2011, Duni EFF has been working with external customers supporting various financial operations processes. With 60 employees speaking at least 15 different languages, EFF is a powerful hub with specialists in accounting, process improvements, project management and IT.

Duni EFF had already been using MediusFlow for many years supporting the AP processes of their external customers before selecting the tool for the mother company.

MediusFlow offers far more automation capabilities than our previous AP solution. We have been able to simplify our process and remove most manual steps, notably in relation to posting invoices in SAP. This is all automated now.” – Łukasz Gauza, AP Team Leader, Duni EFF

Optimization Is The Key To Greater Automation Of AP

The team at Duni works proactively with optimizing the configuration of MediusFlow to increase automation of the AP process. MediusFlow allows for a flexible setup of business rules and tolerance levels to enable automatic matching of invoices against purchase orders and goods receipts. Configurations can be set up on group, company or supplier level to perfectly meet the specific needs of Duni.

The flexible configuration in MediusFlow allows us to optimize settings and drive higher automation rates. And since we get access to process KPIs within the tool we can easily measure and track the results of our optimization efforts.”

Continuous Improvements Toward Higher Touchless Invoice Processing

As a true cloud solution, MediusFlow releases updates and new functionality to the entire customer community regularly. This way, Duni knows they always have access to the latest and greatest version of the ever-evolving AP automation solution.

We use MediusFlow’s roadmap voting tool to suggest and vote for new functionality in the solution. This way, we can take part in future developments that will help improve our processes even more.”

The AP team at Duni EFF works actively to increase automation and touchless invoice processing, especially for the companies of the group with a high degree of complex PO invoices. And the hard work pays off – at the go-live with MediusFlow one company achieved 32 percent touchless processing, but after only 2 months the touchless ratio was raised to an impressive 70 percent.

The work doesn’t end with go-live. That’s the starting point for process improvements. And MediusFlow provides us with the KPIs and tools we need to identify issues, solve them and drive more automation across the entire process.”

Extending Efficiency Gains To Processes Outside AP

In addition to AP automation, Duni also leverages the Document Approval module within MediusFlow. This solution can help streamline and digitize manual, paper or email-based approval processes and drive further efficiencies throughout the organization. Thanks to Document Approval, Duni has been able to achieve tremendous time savings and increased control of processes such as new vendor requests, vendor change requests and payment approvals.

With MediusFlow’s Document Approval functionality we have replaced a lot of emails going back and forth within the organization. But most importantly, we now have much better transparency and internal control of these processes. And when there’s an audit, we just give the auditors access to MediusFlow and we’re done.”  – Łukasz Gauza, AP Team Leader, Duni EFF