Plex Quality Management System (QMS) From Rockwell Automation


Take Control of Product Quality by Error-Proofing Production Operations

Nothing is more important than product quality. As it becomes more complex to manage quality and stay current on compliance in today’s world, efforts to reduce cost and increase transparency make it challenging to sustain high quality levels.

When manual processes and homegrown systems fall short, Plex Quality Management System (QMS) can help you take the guesswork out of quality management and error-proof your production operation. Plex QMS offers manufacturers increased quality visibility and real-time data capture to ensure repeatability, predictability, and compliance management.

Plex QMS makes it possible to digitally manage quality with accurate, real-time quality content aligned to industry and product requirements. And you gain increased operational excellence.

Key Capabilities: Drive Continuous Improvement

Manufacturers like you are starting to recognize the value of a digital quality management solution that can drive predictable and repeatable product quality. With Plex QMS, not only can you meet standards and regulations, but you can keep up with changes to ensure compliance and drive continuous quality improvement, made possible by:

  • Documented control, process instructions, policies, procedures and record retention
  • Inherent error-proofing that automatically stops production if the quality is out of specs
  • Integrated system and workflow for regulatory compliance
  • Proactive alerting and statistical process control (SPC)
  • Digital quality document authoring
  • Digital check sheets
  • Deviation tracking
  • Gauge management
  • Supplier quality management
  • Single quality repository and dashboards

What Problems Does Plex QMS Solve?

If your quality management is like many manufacturers, you are dealing with manual processes and spreadsheet-based quality control with no governing process. With increasing product complexity on one hand and continuous efforts to reduce cost on the other, the challenge to maintain quality continues to grow. With Plex QMS, you can tackle some of these most common quality challenges:

  1. Poorly Integrated Quality. It’s near impossible to gain the visibility needed to measure and ensure quality using disconnected systems and processes. This means the risk of recalls rises, customer risk increases, and costs can soar.
  2. Unmanageable Document Control. Paper-driven document management quickly leads to outdated information and loss of control. This results in high costs of compliance, but can also lead to the loss of certifications or worse, customers.
  3. Can’t Identify Root Cause of Problems. Product recalls are on the rise, yet many manufacturers still struggle to store and track the data necessary to rapidly react to recalls and protect their reputation.

Inability to Keep Up with Changing Regulations. It seems that every few weeks there are new regulations and guidelines. It can be next to impossible to implement the changes in an analog environment before you have another risk on your hands.