News | June 15, 2011

ZL Technologies Delivers Its Massively Scalable, E-Discovery And Records Management Platform Through The Cloud

Expanded E-Discovery, Records Management, Compliance and Archiving for Email, Files, Sharepoint, and Social Media for On Premise or in the Cloud.

ZL Technologies Inc., the leader in archiving, records management, and e-discovery software for large enterprises, has expanded its flagship product Unified Archive (UA) as a software-as-a-service solution (SaaS) through a close partnership with SunGard Availability Services. ZL UA is an integrated suite of applications that delivers solutions for e-discovery, compliance, records management and storage optimization. With ZL UA, legal teams can manage their caseload, send and track litigation hold notices, preserve and collect potentially relevant documents without IT assistance, and search through the entire corpus of ESI, cull out irrelevant documents and even review and redact responsive documents for production, all from one technology platform.

Features unique to ZL UA:
ZL UA is unique because its SaaS architecture is identical to its award winning, in-house software solution, enabling hybrid, wholly cloud, or wholly on-premise deployments as needed and the ability to merge onsite to offsite as desired. ZL can also accommodate enterprise customers with special requirements and security needs through its private cloud options. By working with SunGard, ZL's Cloud Service instantly leverages the world's leading DR, availability and datacenter technologies to deliver its solution globally.

ZL UA's integrated platform is the culmination of over 12 years of in-house development. ZL's philosophy of centralized design and maintaining code control and competence across all major components of the solution is unique in the industry, enabling 100% digital chain of custody and 100% data accountability with full audit trails across the life of any record that passes through the system. This is possible only because all components of the ZL UA are seamlessly built together on the same platform and not cobbled together from a hodge podge of OEM'd or acquired technology pieces and codebases.

ZL's unified approach enables the ZL UA to achieve the highest performance and scalability numbers in the industry while simultaneously enabling customers to take advantage of cost effective off-the-shelf hardware, virtualization, global de-duplication, and open standard components. For example, ZL is able to ingest, index, reconcile, and categorize over 35MM records per 24 hours over a sustained period. One of ZL's production deployments contains over 4.5BB records (comprised of production files and emails, etc.) in a single consolidated repository and database, rather than hundreds of separate repositories and databases.

Moreover, using ZL's discovery engine, a standard keyword and proximity searches (including all stopwords) across this entire repository averages <15 seconds, with more complex searches across multiple fields completing in <90 seconds due to ZL's proprietary, highly scalable GRID architecture (GRIDPlatform = Globally Redundant, Integrated, and Distributed Platform), which has proven itself to be literally 1,000X faster than competitors. These performance benefits have been corroborated by an independent third-party competitive study by Instant Info Systems (IIS).

ZL's UA GRID architecture delivers an elastic virtual cloud capable of accommodating on demand requests such as large volume ingestions for discovery, data capture for newly acquired firms, large exports for discovery, migration between mail systems, versions, or legacy archiving solutions and responses to regulatory requirements. Other vendors claim GRID or GRID-like architectures for some of their components, but ZL's UA is the only solution architected from the ground up so that every component leverages GRID performance with zero single points-of-failure and a fully automated, self-healing system with redundancy across all components.

Another unique capability is ZL's UA complete virtualization support. All of ZL's software can run as a single server, even a single virtual server for maximum flexibility and ease of deployment. Most other solutions can virtualize only portions of their applications. ZL has the unique ability to virtualize the entire platform, in fact, since all of ZL UA exists as a single server architecture, IT admins only ever have to manage or replicate a single server, not six or more, as such, administration and management is dramatically simplified.

ZL also offers an Incorruptible Search Index, an incredibly powerful safety feature, saving time, money, and the threat of sanctions. This rings especially true for businesses that have ever experienced the disaster of a corrupted index while using competing solutions. ZL's search engine design and architecture eliminates the need for re-ingestion due to index corruption. Likened to RAID in storage, ZL's indices can be rebuilt from sub-indices without the need for re-ingestion. Ubiquitous reconciliation tasks provide rapid and automatic self-healing and correction.

ZL's UA supports emails and files from a variety of data sources including Exchange, Domino, Oracle Beehive, UNIX mail systems, SharePoint, Quickr, File Systems, Blackberry, Bloomberg, IM, social media, and a variety of legacy data types. ZL's UA offers support for over 1,000+ file formats can be archived, searched, and single instanced all within the same ZL UA deployment in their original file format. All of the unique features and capabilities of the ZL UA solution are available through any of our deployment modes: On-Premise, Cloud, and Hybrid.

About ZL Technologies
Established in 1999, ZL Technologies, Inc. (ZL) provides cutting-edge enterprise software solutions for e-mail and files archiving for regulatory compliance, litigation support, corporate governance, and storage management. ZL's Unified Archive, offers a single unified platform to provide all the above capabilities, while maintaining a single copy and a unified policy across the enterprise. With a proven track record and enterprise clients which include top global institutions in finance and industry, ZL has emerged as the specialized provider of large-scale email archiving for E-Discovery and compliance. For more information, visit

SOURCE: ZL Technologies, Inc. (ZL)