YPrime IRT+

YPrime IRT

YPrime’s IRT+ goes beyond traditional IRT capabilities of patient randomization and drug supply management with control and a real-time view into critical functions and flows of a clinical trial - involving patient interactions, site activities and clinical supply management.

Customizable and configurable functionality is built directly to specifications in an agile, iterative development process that compresses traditional timelines. Through system design recommendations and ongoing support throughout your clinical trial. YPrime’s experienced IRT project managers can help avoid known pitfalls and scenarios with potential unintended consequences. Our project managers are trained in best practices to communicate risk, report on timelines, and manage scope.  

IRT+ is a uniquely powerful tool to simplify clinical trial management:

  • System configurability that accommodates post-release changes in hours not days, eliminating cost and providing flexibility 
  • Full patient management from enrollment and randomization to completion
  • Clinical supplies forecasting and demand planning helps maximize cost savings
  • End-to-end drug accountability with configurable workflows streamlines clinical supply management
  • Pooled material management across multiple clinical studies reduces the expense of drug packaging
  • Self-service portal that supports real-time analytics and adhoc reporting delivers customized data
  • Our early phase solutions provide the ability to manage complex Phase I studies without the unneeded features required in Phase II-III trials.
  • Add-on engagement tools allows for easier communication with patients and sites

During system development, clients are involved every step of the way, resulting in an efficient delivery with no surprises at the user acceptance testing stage. IRT+ provides the precision needed to advance to the next development milestone.

Flexibility and Speed

  • Configurability offers advantages when protocol amendments threaten study timelines. Modular components can be quickly updated, based on the needs of the new protocol. Cycle time to go into production is much shorter because the modules are pre-validated.
  • Configurability is valuable for adaptive trial designs with open-ended protocols. Users can update dose scheming from patient-to-patient and visit-to-visit. What’s more, functionality is controlled by the end user, eliminating the need for helpdesk involvement or change orders.

Quality Assured

YPrime’s standards are exacting and stringent. Our teams follow clearly documented quality control procedures to ensure consistent and accurate results. We retain experienced staff who are accessible and ready to help throughout the implementation and maintenance of all projects.