YPrime eCOA Platform For Patient Data Collection


YPrime’s eCOA platform offers a combination of quality, speed and flexibility with the ability to support the unique needs of sponsors, sites and patient users. Design and functionality that drives better data quality, efficiency gains, faster decisions, less administrative burden, more project control and great user experiences – add up for big impact.

Quality by Design and Delivery

Quality starts with thoughtful design and continues through the delivery lifecycle, infrastructure and end user support. We spend as much effort considering patient data acquisition and flow from the perspective of each user role as we do on product design and architecture. Our eCOA platform delivers near real-time data at every opportunity to drive quality and informed decisions:

  • Efficient data transfer that doesn’t interfere with the user experience, ensuring timely review.
  • Using our instant data correction tool, data changes are quickly cycled through review and approval, and the whole process can be completed in minutes.
  • Real-time inventory management through YPrime’s study portal provides granular control of devices, minimizing risk.
  • Intelligent sync ensures all site-based devices stay consistent, allowing site users to switch devices without the risk of missing or duplicating data.
  • Fit-for-purpose device manufacturing strategy provides security control, optimizes performance and longevity, and ensures global coverage.
  • Data analytics and trending features provide quick insight into information that matters most.
  • Global helpdesk teams provide 24/7/365 site and patient support for quick resolution.

Advanced Management Features for Sponsors

  • An intuitive study portal provides ease of use and project control through:
    • Patient enrollment and management
    • Visibility into data and device inventory
    • At-a-glance analytics and trends
    • Quick and easy data change management
    • Self-configured reporting
  • Remote device support capabilities provide robust risk management coverage, in the event of device loss or theft.

Site -Friendly Features

  • Data sync eliminates the need to restrict patients to specific devices
  • Single sign on allows site users to manage projects with one set of credentials
  • A global helpdesk is always available to support site users

Better Patient Engagement and Compliance

  • Slim and light handheld devices fit with patients’ active lifestyles
  • Web back-up diary ensures no data interruptions in the event of device loss
  • A global helpdesk is always available to support patient users
  • Reminders, alerts and an intuitive user experience promote engagement, compliance and retention