News | May 4, 2007

XML Content Management: XyEnterprise's Contenta To Integrate with Idiom WorldServer

XyEnterprise,one of the leading developer of awardwinning XML content management and multi-channel delivery solutions, and Idiom Technologies,Inc. (Idiom), the leading independent supplier of SaaS and on-premise server-based globalization management systems (GMS), recently announced the companies are jointly developing a software extension that lets XyEnterprise customers easily integrate their Contenta XML content management solution with the Idiom WorldServer GMS solution. Customers will be able to combine these best-of-breed solutions into an end-to-end platform for content creation, management, translation and delivery. The software extension will support either SaaS or onpremise editions of Idiom WorldServer.

By integrating the Contenta and WorldServer solutions, customers will have full editorial, workflow, translation and publishing capabilities based on reusable content components. It will allow authors, editors and publishers to identify precisely which content components have changed and the impact these changes have across products that share this content. By translating only changed content components, the time and cost associated with localizing content will be dramatically reduced, and the quality, integrity and accuracy of the data will be significantly enhanced.

"Our partnership with Idiom will enable us to deliver a powerful solution that provides organizations with a comprehensive solution from original content creation through multilingual content delivery," said XyEnterprise president and CEO, Kevin Duffy. "By implementing best-of-breed GMS-CMS solutions together, our customers can dramatically reduce their translation costs and bring their products to a global market in a much more efficient and timely manner."

The integrated solution will enable:

  • Automatic tracking of all language variants for any content component or documents in the Contenta and WorldServer solutions
  • Real-time information and version control on work-in-process at every step in the workflow
  • Storage and management of approved data in all languages for multi-channel delivery

"Today, our industry is undergoing exciting changes, driven by standards-based solutions like XyEnterprise's XML content management platform, that further streamline the globalization of content and enable translation vendors and translators to more efficiently do their day-to-day jobs," said Eric Silberstein, CTO, founder and chairman of Idiom Technologies. "Our collaboration with XyEnterprise and Idiom to Introduce Content Globalization Solution

best-of-breed partners like XyEnterprise reinforces our commitment to ensure customers are not held captive to one solution, but instead have an expanding range of choices."

XyEnterprise will be a featured sponsor and speaker at the Idiom WorldSummit 2007 User Conference in San Diego, California.

About XyEnterprise
XyEnterprise helps simplify and expedite the automated creation and delivery of content across theenterprise. Named one of KMWorld's "100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management" for the second consecutive year, we offer configurable and scalable XML content management and publishing solutions that maximize content reusability and repurposing. Our unmatched XML expertise, the result of hundreds of successful deployments, is built upon a 20-year heritage of partnership with our customers. XyEnterprise's content management and delivery solutions have been implemented by companies in publishing, financial services, government, manufacturing, high tech and aerospace/defense. The company's headquarters is in Wakefield, Massachusetts, with locations throughout North America, Europe, Pacific Rim and Latin America. For additional information, please contact XyEnterprise at 781.756.4400 you can visit

About Idiom
Idiom Technologies optimizes the globalization supply chain by aligning global enterprises, language service providers and translators. Award-winning WorldServer software solutions expand market reach and accelerate multilingual communication with a proven platform for automating translation and localization processes.

Idiom works with global organizations including Adobe, Autodesk, Continental Airlines, eBay and Travelocity to cost-effectively translate global websites and applications, streamline software localization and delivery, and speed time-to-market for international product documentation. Idiom also partners with consulting firms, systems integrators and technology vendors to help customers achieve high-quality results and maximize existing enterprise infrastructure. Idiom is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, with offices throughout North America and in Europe. To learn more please visit or call +1 781-464-6000.

SOURCE: XyEnterprise