News | June 24, 2022

WuXi STA Opens Another High-Potency API Plant In Changzhou China

WuXi STA, a WuXi AppTec company, has opened another high-potency API (HPAPI) plant at its Changzhou site (Jiangsu, China). The new plant is added to meet the growing demand for high-potency API process R&D and manufacturing services.

The new HP plant consists of reactors from 250 L to 3,000 L, prep-HPLC systems, a 10 m2 tray lyophilizer, as well as flow chemistry and milling technologies. The new plant adopts advanced isolation technologies with the capability to handle potent compounds with Occupational Exposure Limit (OEL) as low as 10 ng/m3.

Currently, WuXi STA has two sites located in Shanghai Jinshan and Changzhou, China to support the process development and manufacture of high-potency active pharmaceutical ingredients. These two facilities are equipped with multiple HP process R&D and analytical labs, kilo labs, and three plants along with various process technologies such as prep-HPLC, milling, flow chemistry etc., providing customers a dual supply chain to meet their HPAPI needs from preclinical to commercial. In addition to HP API, WuXi STA's Changzhou site is capable of handling the process development and manufacturing services for linkers, oligonucleotides, and peptides, providing a unique "one-stop" flexible and efficient solution to companies developing therapies made of various complex conjugate modalities.

As an industry-leading CRDMO service provider, WuXi STA is committed to continuously adding new capabilities and capacities to our global network to support our global partners by accelerating more innovative therapies to patients worldwide.

About WuXi STA
WuXi STA (, a subsidiary of WuXi AppTec (, is a leading pharmaceutical development and manufacturing capability and technology platform company serving the life sciences industry, with global operations. As a premier contract development and manufacturing organization, WuXi STA offers its worldwide partners efficient, flexible and high-quality solutions for integrated chemical, manufacturing and controls (CMC) from preclinical to commercial uses, including the development and manufacturing of small molecule, oligonucleotide, peptide and various complex chemical conjugate.

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Source: STA Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.