World's First Cloud AI Handheld Raman Spectrometer: XI™

World’s First Cloud AI Handheld Raman Spectrometer: XI™

CloudMinds offers XI™ - the world’s first cloud-based Raman spectrometer with 785nm laser excitation. The handheld device is allows the user to stay connected anywhere and anytime via full integration with a Data A1 smartphone device to maintain consistent WiFi/Bluetooth and 4G LTE connections. It is connected to a cloud-based data platform for quick analysis, and features a spectral library expansion with ensured security.

The XI Raman spectrometer comprises the Data Ai mobile phone and Raman spectrometer module for an ultra-compact size and high light throughput. The A1 phone operates as a fully functioning smart phone with the ability to connect to the cloud platform via cellular, even when WiFi is not available. The spectrometer is features fully automated software and intuitive interface for ease of use.

Additional XI key features include:

  • Ruggedized for field application
  • Proprietary optical design for maximum sensitivity
  • Smart control, automated setting for optimized s/n ratio
  • Proprietary deep learning AI algorithm

For more in-depth features and specifications on the XI Raman handheld spectrometer, download the datasheet.