Wideband Signal Analyzer: RSA7100 Series

Tektronix - RSA7100A

The RSA7100 series wideband signal analyzers offer real-time spectrum analysis up to 800 MHz bandwidth, enabling researchers in communications, radar, and electronic warfare to create next-gen designs.

Product Features

  • Unlike other “Real-Time” spectrum analyzers, the full line of Tektronix Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers is capable of simultaneously displaying frequency, time, and modulation domain displays, so you can analyze and measure RF signals faster.
  • IQFlowTM streaming to various hardware interfaces, plus a software API, provide the speed and flexibility you need to perform real-time DSP algorithms
  • Ideal for use as a drop-in system for RF capture, record, and playback with 2+ hours of RAID memory

Download the product datasheets for additional information about the RSA7100A and RSA7100B models.