Case Study

Whirl Wet Dust Collector For Breading Line


Fishery Products International, a division of ConAgra, chooses Tri-Mer.

A 5000 cfm Wet Scrubber was Engineered by Tri-Mer for Fishery Products International.

The application is a breading line where excess breading is blown off before baking, creating dust which would otherwise settle on piping and other surfaces. In applications such as this, the Whirl Wet scrubber contributes greatly to maintaining a clean environment.

One key factor in favor of Whirl Wet was the successful use of WW technology by Pierce Foods, division of ConAgra Poultry, which also uses hygroscopic breading products. The high humidity washdown environment of both facilities would quickly blind dry filters, rendering them useless. By contrast, Whirl Wet is uniquely well-suited to these industrial food applications.

Fishery Products specializes in the harvesting and primary processing of groundfish and shellfish, and the secondary processing of value-added seafood. It is the largest seafood company in Canada.