Case Study

Wet Dust Collection For Brick Crushing


Hanson Brick is North America’s largest brick manufacturer, with a capacity of more than 1.7 billion bricks. It also is the region’s only kiln-fired face brick manufacturer.

Material mined for Hanson’s facility is shale and sand, in an 80/20 mix. To collect dusts from clay powder colorant blending, as well as dusts from spreading machines and dryers, the company purchased a Whirl Wet dust collector manufactured by Tri-Mer Corp.

The dust collector is a 7,000 cfm, Whirl Wet MCD unit. “MCD” is “modular conveyor dragout,” a method of managing collected material from the dust collector that is proprietary to Tri-Mer. It allows uninterrupted dust collector operation, even during maintenance.

Brick manufacturing, and brick crushing are both applications for the Whirl Wet dust collector.

The Whirl Wet dust collector is widely used by manufacturers of tilestone and brick, for the collection of particulate and dusts, and for overspray in glazing operations.