Case Study

Wet Dust Collection for Aluminum

Wet Dust Collection for Aluminum

A facility equipment contractor specified Tri-Mer’s aluminum dust collectors for a new manufacturing plant. The systems specified were Model Ms, with the manual particulate disposal option.

Tri-Mer manufactures the Whirl Wet in capacities ranging from 425 cfm to 52,500 cfm; the wet scrubbers selected for this application are each 4200 cfm.

The systems are solid 1" polypropylene, a robust thermoplastic with a long track record of continuous service in challenging environments. The Whirl Wet is also manufactured in other engineered plastics, as well as mild steel and stainless steel.

Tri-Mer Whirl Wets are 99%+ efficient over a wide range of micron sizes. They are self-cleaning, and have no internal moving parts to wear or replace; a fixed-position, dual opposed blade system generates the energy needed to intensely mix the particulate and water. Systems use very little water and only require water make-up to compensate for evaporation.