Case Study

Wet Dust Collection For A Pug Mill


A Whirl Wet 4200 cfm Whirl Wet industrial dust collection system was chosen to capture particulate from a pug mill used by the Public Works Department to make road base. The Whirl Wet is ideally suited to this application: it efficiently captures 99% of particulate 10.0 microns in size and 98% of particles 5.0 microns in size, while using very little water.

The system specified is a 4200 cfm Model H. It was manufactured from solid polypropylene, a strong, resilient material that is flexible and fatigue-resistant. It features a timed drain-down system for simplest removal of collected material, one of 3 disposal alternatives offered for the Whirl Wet.

The Whirl Wet industrial dust collection system has a long, successful track record, with more than 5700 units in use worldwide, in applications ranging from mining to metalworking, food processing to leather tanning.