News | August 7, 2007

WCM Solution: Percussion Software's Rhythmyx WCM Solution Selected By The Motley Fool To Drive Global, Multi-Channel Presence

Percussion Software, the developer of Web Content Management (WCM) software for multi-channel, customer-centric applications, recently announced that leading investment and financial advisory services company, The Motley Fool, has selected Percussion's Rhythmyx WCM solution to drive its global, multi-channel Web presence. The Motley Fool has helped millions of people grow their wealth and achieve financial independence across a wide variety of online and offline media channels.

The key reasons The Motley Fool chose Rhythmyx included multi-channel support, quick time-to-market, flexible, modular technology and ease-of-use.

Rhythmyx will manage The Motley Fool's high volume of content, including newsletters, Web sites, e-mails, RSS feed and syndicated output to Yahoo!, MSN, AOL and other finance sites.

"Our business is content creation and we needed a trusted technology partner for Content Management, one with a scalable solution to meet our business needs now and as our needs grow over time," said David Forrest, Vice President of "Percussion's Rhythmyx WCM solution provides a flexible platform that will meet our multi-channel needs while simplifying the work of both our editorial users and technical staff. We were also impressed by Percussion's people - they are passionate about Content Management and care about product quality."

"We're very pleased to welcome The Motley Fool to the growing list of global brands that are managing their customer-centric content with Rhythmyx," said Percussion CEO Barry Reynolds. "Rhythmyx will enable The Motley Fool to rapidly change content, enhance their ability to innovate and maintain leadership in the dynamic investment and financial information market, and present their high volume of content consistently across multiple, high-traffic channels."

Delivery channels Rhythmyx will support include:

  • a.. Newsletters - The Motley Fool creates 10 monthly newsletters, available in print and also online in premium sites accessible by subscribers. All content for the newsletters will be handled by Rhythmyx. The newsletters deliver important, time-sensitive financial information and are often updated weekly with fresh news and analysis.
  • a.. Web - The Motley Fool's staff prepares 1,500 original financial stories each month, all of which will be managed with Rhythmyx, and made available on the company's award-winning websites and the UK subsidiary, Fool UK (
  • a.. News e-mails - Rhythmyx will interface with The Motley Fool's e-mail server to deliver tens of millions of emails each month. These include daily and weekly news digests such as the popular FoolWatch Weekly, an HTML listing of top stories from the week.
  • a.. Syndicated output - Content created by The Motley Fool's editorial staff will be fed from Rhythmyx via XML to a variety of financial sites, including Yahoo Finance, MSN Money, AOL Money and
  • a.. RSS Feed - The Motley Fool's RSS feed is a headline rollup pushed to consumers as the news breaks. Whenever an editorial story is completed - 80 to 100 times each day - the RSS feed will be updated with content managed in Rhythmyx.

Rhythmyx's Active Delivery capabilities will ensure that The Motley Fool's content is delivered consistently to multiple channels (such as newsletters, Web, RSS feed, etc.) via industry-standard XML. By de-coupling the Content Management System from the various delivery targets, Rhythmyx supports those channels in use today, and simplifies the addition of new channels in the future. The Motley Fool's editorial staff also will make extensive use of Rhythmyx's workflow capabilities. Overall, the company expects to see cost savings, since Rhythmyx will reduce the amount of time in-house IT staff must spend maintaining the WCM system.

About The Motley Fool
A worldwide investment and financial advisory services company, The Motley Fool has helped millions of people grow their wealth and achieve financial independence across a wide variety of online and offline media channels including: its award-winning website at; eight best-selling Simon & Schuster and self-published books; a nationally syndicated weekly newspaper column carried by more than 200 publications; a nationally syndicated PBS television special; and the company's award-winning UK subsidiary, Fool UK (

About Percussion Software
Percussion Software's family of practical software solutions enables customers to maximize both the value and quality of their enterprise content. The company's flagship product, Rhythmyx 6.5, is an enterprise-ready Web Content Management (WCM) system for creating customer-centric business applications. Rhythmyx 6.5 enables organizations to achieve a higher return-on-content by delivering dynamic, frequently changing content to customers. Based on open standards, it provides organizations with a robust platform that allows customer-centric content to interoperate with other enterprise content, regardless of repository or ECM system. With Rhythmyx, content can be easily managed across multiple sites, multiple channels and multiple lines of business in order to ensure consistency of brand and customer experience.

Percussion's portfolio of customers includes Fortune 1000 as well as other global, industry and public sector leaders, including Armstrong World Industries,, BC Hydro,, Churchill Downs, Edmund Optics,, ING Direct, Kohl's, Tivo, Princess Cruises, Midway Games, Network World, Tate Museum, U.S. Departments of State, Health & Human Services and Justice,, The Washington Post, DLA Piper, Alliance & Leicester, British Library, NSPCC, University of London and the Naval Post Graduate School.

Founded in 1994, Percussion Software is self-funded and profitable. More information can be found on the Web at


SOURCE: Percussion Software