News | January 26, 2017

VisualVault Introduces Automated Provider Licensing/Certification Management For The Public Sector

VisualVault unveils an automated Licensing/Certification Provider Management solution for the public sector.

Tempe, AZ (PRWEB) - VisualVault, a SaaS-based Business Process Automation/Enterprise Content Management(ECM) software company, unveils an automated Licensing/Certification Provider Management solution for the public sector.

Consistent with VisualVault’s focus of automating high-value document and data-intensive processes for the public sector, this innovative solution enables state and local government agencies to quickly streamline all aspects related to service provider management processes. “VisualVault’s automated Provider Management solution enables clients to dramatically improve the delivery and quality of services to their constituents,” commented Steve Pendleton, Managing Director of VisualVault’s Public Sector Practice, “For the first time, agencies are able implement a solution quickly and cost effectively to automate these mission critical processes.”

In the public sector, departments face challenges at the front-end of interactions with service providers. Today the use of paper documents to launch an interaction with service providers requires department staff to manually key information into their systems. The manual entering of data is a remnant of older line of business (LOB) systems implemented prior to the use of digital forms. Using VisualVault’s Intelligent Forms solution (iForms) to virtually extend user screens for constituents to fill out documents, frontend processes are automated and result in the re-allocation of office resources, shortened processing times and improve accuracy.

“VisualVault’s Provider Management solution is a great example of how VisualVault is changing the licensing and services model in the Business Process Automation market. VisualVault leverages the economies of cloud based technology for the benefit of our public sector clients,” stated Steve Leichtman, CEO of VisualVault. “Our team focuses on creating technologically advanced solutions for those driving affordable innovation within their organizations.”

About VisualVault

Founded in 2009, VisualVault is a private, Arizona-based, Business Process Automation/Enterprise Content Management (ECM) company specializing in the automation of data and document intensive processes at an enterprise level. The VisualVault® platform is a cloud-based application that includes Intelligent Forms (i-Forms) which automate and validate both structured and unstructured data. These i-Forms streamline manual data entry and routing processes to boost overall productivity and accelerate business results.

VisualVault enables its clients to search and present content in a contextual manner configured for their specific business requirements, improving adoption through flexibility and ease of use. VisualVault's integrated platform standardizes user data so it may be accessed, viewed and used across an enterprise providing users with live dashboards for end-to-end reporting, analysis and decision making. VisualVault’s mission is transforming our client’s processes quickly and cost-effectively, without replacing expensive core legacy systems, by streamlining their data and document intensive processes with our uniquely configured software that is delivered as a service.

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