News | June 13, 2017

VisualVault Expands Partner Program To Professional Employment Organizations

VisualVault Partner Program focuses on scalability and additional revenue streams for PEOs.

Tempe, AZ (PRWEB) - VisualVault, a Business Process Automation (BPA)/ Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software company, is continuing to expand the reach of its Global Partner Program to include Professional Employment Organizations (PEOs).

“VisualVault’s core strength is business process automation of critical business services,” stated Steve Leichtman, CEO for VisualVault. “Our cloud based, SaaS solutions are a perfect partnership opportunity for PEOs as they scale for growth in this very competitive and rapidly expanding market.” Leichtman continues, “Our discussions with PEO executives yield consistent themes that revolve around the need to create efficiencies for their clients and themselves in order to maintain an appropriate ratio of internal staff to worksite employees. VisualVault can play a big part in addressing that need.”

VisualVault’s robust cloud-based solution, defined by Intelligent Forms (iForms), workflow automation, and ECM components, enables PEOs to automate key processes such as onboarding of new employees, change of status, performance management and other key human resources functions that are a vital part of efficient operations and employee engagement. Partnering with VisualVault allows these PEOs to offer additional services to the clients; increasing revenue streams and providing the ability to evolve quickly to meet new client demands.

“This is a new program that has already generated a lot of interest and positive feedback from PEOs,” stated David Donahue, VisualVault’s Director of Channel Sales for Human Resources. “PEOs welcome any tools to assist in the continuation of superior, proactive services, that automate information management processes for their clients and allow them to scale operations while minimizing overhead.”

About VisualVault
Founded in 2009, VisualVault is a private, Arizona-based, Business Process Automation (BPA)/Enterprise Content Management (ECM) company specializing in the automation of data and document intensive processes at an enterprise level. The VisualVault® platform is a cloud-based application that includes Intelligent Forms (i-Forms) which automate and validate both structured and unstructured data. These i-Forms streamline manual data entry and workflow routing processes to boost overall productivity and accelerate positive business results.

VisualVault enables its clients to search and present content in a contextual manner configured for their specific business requirements, improving adoption through flexibility and ease of use. VisualVault's integrated platform standardizes user data so it may be accessed, viewed and used across an enterprise providing users with live dashboards for end-to-end reporting, analysis and decision making. VisualVault’s mission is transforming our client’s processes quickly and cost-effectively, without replacing expensive core legacy systems, by streamlining their data and document intensive processes with our uniquely configured software that is delivered as a service.


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