White Paper

Visualizing The Future Of Field Service

Field Service Augmented Reality

Humans are predisposed to think about how amazing and different the future will be. Consider this: The Jetsons originally aired only one season in 1962, yet 50 years later it’s still enormously popular. Part of the reason for that is simple: it painted a fantastic version of the future that many of us found interesting.

It might be a little cliché to say that ‘the future is now,’ but certainly the rate of technological innovation has increased drastically even in the last 10 years. Moore’s Law, or the idea that overall processing power for a computer doubles every two years, is one of the drivers. But advancements in engineering, robotics, virtual reality, augmented reality, and more are creating some amazing business opportunities.

Field service is at the forefront of this intersection of ‘future technology’ and ‘potential for business growth.’ But what will it look like? Here are a few ideas.