News | December 20, 2016

Virtosoftware Releases A Major Upgrade Of Virto Kanban Board For Office 365 And Sharepoint On-Premises

Los Angeles, CA /PRNewswire/ - Using Kanban Board for task management is an excellent way to working on SharePoint integrated projects with effective team collaboration. If you want to visualize your team work and implement Scrum / Agile methodology to your SharePoint environment, Virto Kanban board is the solution you need.

An intuitive, extremely customizable interface and a wide range of features made SharePoint Kanban one of the most popular Virto solutions for efficient business productivity.

Virto Kanban uses any SharePoint task lists or custom lists in SharePoint 2016/2013/2010 or Office 365. The flexible settings allow you to meet almost any SharePoint project demand and display your project flow on a single board.

Select colors for tasks and markers.
SharePoint Kanban allows you to assign colors for distinct task types and apply markers for overdue tasks or any other custom conditions.

Drag & drop tasks within columns and swimlanes.
Move SharePoint tasks within columns and swimlanes that can represent project stages, issue priority or distinguish sub-processes of a project. Any other statuses for swimlanes and columns can be used according your project demands.

Apply view and condition filters.
Display tasks with custom view filters to track with a single glance any project details.

Collect statistics with graphic charts and total count of hours.
With SharePoint Kanban Board, you will be always informed how many hours were spent to complete a project stage and how many tasks are assigned to each user. Statistics are displayed as color-coded charts and diagrams.

Assign task management permissions and task watchers.
You can delegate to certain users the rights to edit tasks on SharePoint Kanban Board and assign task watchers who will receive notifications about any task changes.

Visit to explore all other features of SharePoint Kanban and learn more about effective collaboration and processes automation in SharePoint with Virto solutions.

Virtosoftware is a professional team who designs and builds innovative SharePoint web parts and Office 365 add-ins. Over 6,000 international corporations, including Fortune 100 companies, rely on Virto SharePoint solutions to enhance their work space. Virtosoftware's high quality products and services, as well as experience and competence are confirmed by achievement of the Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Status for ISV solutions.

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