Case Study

Vehicle Mount Terminal Improves Road Safety, Enabling Better Risk Management

Vehicle Mount Terminal

According to the report of Australian Traffic Safety Administration, about 30% of fatalities are related to fatigue. In the United States, commercial truck collisions due to fatigue cause more than a thousand deaths and 70 thousand injuries every year. Fatigue and drowsy driving are suspected to be one of the leading causes of road fatalities. In the mining industry, fatigue has led to large-scale accidents, causing multiple fatalities over the past hundred years. It is common for employees of the mining industry to work multiple consecutive long-hour shifts, and then drive long road trips to return home after suffering fatigue from work.

An Australian customer specializing in wearable device manufacturing came to us. We were collaborating to create a solution that used AMobile's vehicle mount terminal IoT-800 integrated with the customer's cap to fight fatigue for field operators working in mining, transport, and warehousing. The solution can monitor and display a driver's fatigue level from 2 to 4, including normal awake state, mild drowsiness & very drowsy. It can also send early- warning alerts in real time for better risk management and improved safety.

The IoT-800 vehicle mount terminal is a 3-in-one device integrated with 8" HD high brightness LCD screen, GPS navigation, and data transmission functionality via Bluetooth and 3G/4G, achieving high performance while remaining cost-effective. In addition, the device is powered by charging through the vehicle directly. Coming without battery makes the device more durable and sturdy, and helps with fatigue-fighting for the industries.